Monday is Ladies Night….

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At the gun range!  No charges for the ladies for lane fee, gun rental, eyes, ears, targets, etc.  Gotta pay for the ammo, of course.  Yet that’s a deal I can’t pass up!

Acquired a “new” gun that I had to check out.  Never fired a revolver before and was very excited to do so.  This little sucker had some serious kick!

My friend had not shot a firearm in quite a long time so we started her out with a 9 mm.  She had a really good time with this one!

After 50 rounds with the .38, I had to check out the 9 mm too!

Not my best target practice, yet my first one with shooting a new gun.  I’ll take it!

Ladies, take advantage of the specials at your local gun range.  Saves you money and it’s always a good time!

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  1. I think all us ladies need to know how to do this, and not be afraid of guns.

  2. We have a cool new gun range in my town. And there’s several outdoor places less than thirty miles north of me. We call it “goin’ on a redneck picnic”!

  3. love the range and revolvers but I can’t break myself from fanning
    the hammer cowboy style 🙂 Try some action shooting ,if you can.
    I found this film pretty inspiring :

  4. You read my mind! I’ve never had a gun in my life, but last week I went gun shopping! The only thing I know is which end the bullets come out. As of now, I’m thinking a 9mm, it felt the best in my hand. I don’t have the arm and hand strength I used to. Any suggestions from the old pros??

    • Moxie, 9 mm is good.My friend had no prob w/it. Not major kickback either. But you might want to fire a revolver. They don’t jam like semi’s do.
      Fire a couple models before you make a purchase for sure. Every person is different and only you can judge what feels best for you.

    • 9mm is fine…just avoid magnums and highpower (P+) loads.
      I like anything without a lot of ‘felt’ recoil … I even had a sweet little
      22 LR with a 2″ barrel but it was the most inaccurate pistol I ever
      shot. It was , however , very noisey and threw a muzzelblast that
      was impressive … probably an effective deterrent on the theory
      that ANY muzzle looks big especially when belching fire. I also had
      a target/match 22 that was more accurate than I was 🙂 and it was
      too awkward to carry but you’re on the right track if it feels good
      in the hand and you’re comfortable shooting it.
      As in most endeavors…if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong ….

    • Find a reputable gun store with a range that will ‘rent’ firearms and try out a bunch-they all operate just a little differently. Most will also offer a safety/training course-a VERY good idea for you newbies!!!
      Keep on until you find the one you like best and chances are you can even get the one you like in pink now! (Hey, it’s not my cup of tea but anything that’ll get ladies into the hobby is fine with me!)
      Good luck and have fun!

    • Ha, yeah, Terry, I heard that part was important…I think there are a few people locally who probably have several options for me to try before I buy as long as I sign up for a safety course afterwards. I like the idea of an automatic, but are they more likely to jam? What causes them to jam?

      • Moxie, because of the mechanics of a semi vs. revolver, a semi can jam much more easier than a revolver. The mechanism for feeding and exit (extracting) bullets between the two is very different. I’m not an expert by any means yet have now fired both types. I’ve never had a semi jam on me yet if I did, I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable trying to resolve the jam by myself. There might be a greater possibility of an accidental discharge w/a jam?
        Causes of jams in semis – not cleaning weapon, round doesn’t load properly, or shell gets jammed on exit.
        Suggest you go to a range with experts that allow you shoot a variety of weapons. Get to see how you load them, how they extract, work for your grip, etc. The staff at any reputable range should be more than happy to help you and provide you the training and skills to be comfortable with a purchase.
        Good luck!


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