Monday Funny: I ♥ you so much I bite you!

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These round-faced ginger Persians, Seamus and Angus, are brothers.
Watch how one lovingly grooms and licks his bro, interspersed with uncontrolled head biting. LOL


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0 responses to “Monday Funny: I ♥ you so much I bite you!

  1. So funny, the dude seems to have a split personality going on. Lol.

  2. And what about the cat vs the alligator in the next video? Is he a new definition of brave or just ignorant? From the camera angle the cat resembled my old Sgt Pepper, who was born a scrapper and warrior 24/7, forever. Maybe much of the fear inspired by alligators & crocs is that they are bullies, since they know very few critters are more lethal than they are!

  3. They’re adorable!! I’ve watched two of our cats do the same thing, except Riley chews Nico’s whiskers off!!😳

  4. Silly kitties 🙂

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this darling post. I guess you call those bites, “love bites.” Very cute!

  6. Love cats! Have two unrelated neutered/spayed felines who aren’t fond of each other but do occasionally groom. The session begins with sweet care but escalates to annoyance then a fight in varying degrees of intensity. One fight was so bad we rushed to see what all the screaming was about and found tufts of fur all over the room…no blood though so no vet required. At this moment, they are curled up next to each other as it is a chilly day here in Minnesota. Love those felines..those Persians are beautiful!

  7. It’s a cat thing… not always appreciated.

  8. This is exactly what my unrelated cat-boys Alex and Beans do. They just looooove each other.


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