Monday Funny! High-strung cats

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More funny cats!

H/t maziel

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0 responses to “Monday Funny! High-strung cats

  1. Thanks for the belly-laughs! It’s not often we get to enjoy humor, especially nowadays.

  2. Thanks, I needed that. 😀

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this funny and cute post! These kitties must think we humans are crazy. They are so funny. I watched my kitty, Bernadette, play with a tiny little fuzzy mouse toy and she entertained me for at least a couple of hours. Another kitty, Poo-Poo Head, is absolutely frightened of our vacuum cleaner, and when my husband starts the vacuum, Poo-Poo runs and goes under the sheets and quilt in our bed and hides until the vacuum cleaner is shut off. What a riot! Thank God, thank God, thank God, for our wonderful pets.


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