Monday Funny!

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This is a Public Service Announcement, because FOTM cares about you and is ever devoted to helping you begin your week in the proper frame of mind.

Tranny Obama
Our freedoms are curtailed by the day, but we can still make fun of the alleged president.
We will not go quietly into the night!
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Monday Funny!

  1. FOTM, thanks to you, we are well cared for; however, we occasionally need some of Dr.’s Memory Bleach for the self-administered doses.

  2. Er. . . current resident of the White House is the term I use. I try not to use the”p” word when discussing “You know who”.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that THIS alleged president has MORE derogatory nicknames than ALL the real Presidents combined? Why IS that??

  4. Looks like the Princess is all gussied up for his date night with the First Beast.

  5. It’s Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son…..she has a new haircut of course, but other than that they are twins!

  6. Dr. E—you forgot the RAINBOW backdrop????????? FGS….Obama splashed it all over the White House on his BIG DAY……we must NOT neglect including it in his OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PORTRIAT!!!!!!

  7. According to the late Joan Rivers, Michelle, or as Barak calls her Michael, is a transvestite.


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