Monday Funnies! Baltimore race riots

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H/t BirtherReport commenter FUBO
Baltimore looter1
Source of pics of Baltimore looters: Twitchy
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0 responses to “Monday Funnies! Baltimore race riots

  1. Reblogged this on My Bloggerdiok.

  2. Must be a bad case of the shits going on in Baltimore

  3. They must be mixing in Ex-Lax with the fluoride !

  4. They must be putting something in those pringles.

  5. Perfect commentary on liberal policies…

  6. Northerngirl

    These fools have no idea, nor do they care, how totally moronic they look carrying stolen toilet paper around the streets. Anyone with a half a brain knows that any “black social issue” is not what’s keeping these people up at night, it’s all about the chance to “shop” for free and then burn the store down or ruin it beyond recognition. And then they wonder why they have no stores in their neighborhoods. DUH!!!

  7. I just clicked on the results, thus far, for the poll, “I’m a cop in a Democrat city, and I voted for Obama. What should I do now?”:
    A. Resign – 2 votes
    B. Resign – 0 votes
    C. Resign – 1 vote
    D. Resign – 1 vote
    E. All of the above – 48 votes
    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!


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