Monday Funnies! 2019 Plumber of the Year Award

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The awards season is upon us.

Last night, Hollyweirdos once again misused the Academy Awards as their political platform to trash President Trump’s immigration policy and, in so doing, display their utter contempt for the Deplorables — the 62.979 million Americans who’d voted for Trump in 2016.

See “Hollyweirdos use 2019 Oscars Awards to trash border wall and Trump’s immigration policy

You won’t find politics in the 2019 Plumber of the Year Award!

Here are the finalists:

And the winner of the 2019 Plumber of the Year Award goes to . . . .


H/t James B.


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14 responses to “Monday Funnies! 2019 Plumber of the Year Award

  1. Love it!

  2. Ha, ha, yes I even have one at my track built home, but I suppose some idiot carpenter was the culprit not the plumber. The TP dispenser is was not placed in front of the toilet but towards the middle/ back so that one has to twist around to reach it. Trying to reach the TP would be an excellent way to get a herniated disc if I didn’t already have one.

  3. Today with PEX and PVC anyone thinks they can be a plumber…. 3 simple rules… Hot is on the Left… Cold is on the Right and…. Shit does not go UP… I gotta say the traffic cone is original though. Now if it was funnelled into Pelosi and Schumer’s mouths it would be appropriate…

  4. We’ve all experienced one of those plumbers misshaps.

    • Alma . . . Thank Heavens I have never experience anything akin to these in any place I have lived . . . . but, when I was perhaps 21-22 years old, my boyfriend and I went to a place to shoot pool. When I entered the Ladies Room, the door to each of the stalls would not clear, or open past the toilet. It would only open about 7-8 inches. I kept trying, and trying, and my mind kept telling me “This just can’t be.” No one could possibly use the toilet because you could not even access it. I am ashamed of this, but it actually came to my mind that I should just tinkle in the sink, since at least I could not access the toilet–I was just afraid that someone would walk in on me, so I abandoned that idea. Honest to Heavens, by the time I got home, I felt as if my teeth were floating. Now, fifty years later, it seems rather funny, but at the time it certainly wasn’t. I suppose this was a pretty darn good way of cutting down on the expense of toilet paper.

  5. Uggh! Plumbers. Here five licensed plumbers, two Master plumbers, expect to make livings servicing 700 mostly retirees on a built-out island. They want $40K for a septic system!

    • Yes, matters have gone very strangely here in BC as well. In my father’s day (which was 60 years ago of course), plumbers usually supervised a septic field installer, which was a local backhoe firm w/a 5-ton single axle dump truck. Cost of labour, materials, trucking, backfill, etc. was under $2,000.

      In my day 25 years ago, I’d also supervise an excavating firm and the cost was $5-6000. We obtained a permit for that, however.

      10 years ago some genius in BC Environment Ministry decided we had to use “qualified installers” (same firms as before), except owners went back to school, took a course for 1 semester, got a certificate, and now could double their charges!

      So now it’s $20,000 for a small field, up to 40000+ for a large house w/a cottage. In 1953, my father & mother bought a beautiful Victorian townhouse on a double-wide lot in a decent neighbourhood in Chicago for $8,000….

  6. That traffic cone one is funny!

  7. Just too funny!

  8. The one stall is bound to make one that is moderately handicapped into severely handicapped.

  9. I don’t see anything in the article that would actually be the plumbers fault. Sorry you don’t have the slightest knowledge of who does what during construction.

    • Good grief, it’s a JOKE post.
      Lighten up.

      • Yeah, really. Any plumbers who would do such a sh*tty job installing a toilet or toilets like this should be driven out of the trade!

        Though I get the feeling some of these were “home jobs”.
        Our neighbors apparently don’t even try this, they just cut a hole in their trailer floor.

  10. These were all great! I loved the one that used the traffic cone, how ingenious! Thanks for the laughs!!
    I bet some of those plumbers used to work for Microsoft.


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