Monday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes.

H/t Maziel & Big Lug


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5 responses to “Monday Funnies!

  1. David R(Canada)

    The picture of “Stonehenge” is actually a picture of Avebury stone circle.

  2. I find the one regarding getting to see the tax returns of politicians who have become Millionaires since taking office to be most compelling . . . but then I would suppose we would have to free up prison space to accommodate all of them.

  3. Great memes one and all. And the abortion slippery slope is absolutely spot-on. Yes: They will be coming for us when we’re on our death beds. Wait for it.

  4. along with the chronically ill, retards, quads, paras, the homeless, anybody that doesn’t go along and on and on and on. avoid the rush. stand up against it now. or get used to it.

  5. My favorite is Daylight Savings at Stonehenge. 😀


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