Monday Funnies!

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. . . and political truth memes.

And a tantalizing thought for the day . . . .


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8 responses to “Monday Funnies!

  1. Talk about hilarious . . . I love the four liberal birds, and the useless rulers, and Fauxcahontis. They are just all great.

  2. Every one of these is a winner! Thanks!

  3. Great ZINGERS one and all! I especially like the one with Macron, the Useless One!

  4. And not only that, but if it weren’t for Christians, we would STILL be practicing cannibalism and human sacrifice! Er, wait—we have corporations and NGO’s that do that now!

  5. The last one is hilarious!

  6. The last one’s my favorite too.

  7. I liked them all, but the last one was breath taking.


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