Monday funnies!

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0 responses to “Monday funnies!

  1. I like the “how to become a pirate” tutorial.

    • Yeppers, takes me back to my early days of trap shooting, age 12, w/a friend and his dad. One learns VERY quicklty to hold that stock right hard on one’s shoulder, or else!
      Ya might say this is a photo of “an easy one stop and one shot lesson”…..

    • “I like the ‘how to become a pirate’ tutorial.”
      I did too, but I’m becoming so cranky and curmudgeonly in my old age that the first thought I had was “Oh swell, another liberal showing off her vast expertise in the firearms that she thinks the rest of us are not qualified to own”.

  2. I hate to admit it, but I know a guy who hasn’t a clue as to how to hold a rifle, much less a pistol. He shot one of my semi-auto pistols and I thought for sure, he was going to end up shooting himself in the head!

  3. I liked the Pirate one,but my favorite is the USS Barack Obama one. SO fitting.

  4. Nothing here but snowflakes.


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