Mommy deer can be lethal

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This video starts out bucolic, in a peaceful residential neighborhood in Cranbrook, B.C., Canada.
But you are forewarned: It will get nasty. Very nasty.

That dog should have been on a leash. The person who took and uploaded this video onto YouTube wrote that the dog, Star, got away after 23 seconds — which oddly enough, was not included in the video.
Why is that?
And why did the person continue videotaping, instead of try to stop the attack by throwing a stick or a stone at the deer?
Star was hurt but did recover.
When I see a mother deer with fawn on my walk, I give them a very wide berth.
I only wish human mothers are as fiercely protective of their babies as this doe. Alas, human mothers not only abort their fawn, they get the Supreme Court to gloss murder as “the right of privacy.”
H/t FOTM’s Miss May

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0 responses to “Mommy deer can be lethal

  1. They probably kept videotaping because it wasn’t their dog.

  2. That’s one dumb dog.
    There is no way anyone could have done anything, they were far from the camera.

  3. The amazing thing is that the dog just laid there and took an ass whipping ( and I thought dogs were supposed to be smarter than cats ) . And what did the cat do ; realized it was in a bad situation , said a.m.f. , and ran like hell . Which one is the dumb animal ?

  4. Ouch, poor doggie.

  5. That poor dog!
    If only our young women would behave like that momma deer when they are approached by Planned Parenthood.

  6. Wow, that was amazing! While I feel sorry for the dog, I understand Mama deer’s instinct to thwart any threat she perceived while retrieving her baby. I also wonder if the little one was alright: after its’ initial wobbling after Mama, it laid down again in the grass. I suppose it could also have seen the dog and flattened itself to try and blend in with the landscape. If so, Mama dispatched that issue PRONTO!

  7. City Folk just don’t have a clue, you get close you will get the same thing! As you should, for being stupid! Semper Fi.

  8. no deer would attack igor and if it did the result would be much different than the above video igor about 140 lbs of rumble tumble dynamite could probably kill the deer and he could probably do it by himself however i don’t think his mother or a third litter brother would allow that in such situations teamwork works best. and i have seen them work as a team oh so fast and there is some form of communication although it is not by barking in that when they land on their foe each will hit a different part of the body


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