Mom tells school 'my kid is done with homework'

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whiningAlthough her child may be in school from 8:15 am until 4:00 pm, I guarantee you that not all that time is spent on studying, testing, etc . There is lunch, recess, waiting until class begins (lining up for class, etc.), study periods (also known as free time for many), and social time.
But hey, way to teach your kid how to create a good rant on social media.
From King5: A mother, who says homework is stressing out her 10-year-old daughter, has told her school ‘my kid is done with homework.’
Blogger and author Bunmi Laditan, posted the letter and explanation on her Facebook page earlier this week.  Laditan says her daughter, Maya, has chest pains, wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about her school load and dreads school in general. 
Laditan was born in California, but now lives with her family in Quebec, Canada. She explains that she doesn’t blame the teachers, but says the system isn’t working out for her family or her child.
According to the post, Maya is in school from 8:15 a.m. until 4 p.m., then has 2-3 hours of homework every night.  “Is family time not important? Is time spent just being a child relaxing at home not important? Or should she become some kind of junior workaholic at 10 years old,” she writes. “Children need downtime after school the same way adults need downtime after work. They need to play with their siblings. They need to bond with their parents in a relaxed atmosphere.”
Laditan says if the school wants to punish her daughter for not doing homework, she’ll figure out how to homeschool her.
The Facebook post has hit home with other parents who agree with her “no homework” stance. It’s been shared more than 17,000 times and garnered nearly 7,000 comments.
Here’s the full Facebook post:
My kid is done with homework. I just sent an email to her school letting her know she’s all done. I said “drastically reduce” but I was trying to be polite because she’s finished.
My 10-year-old loves learning. She independently reads 10-12 chapter books a year and regularly researches topics that interest her (right now she’s writing a story about wolves). She takes coding classes, loves painting, and likes something called Roblox that I don’t fully understand. But over the past four years I’ve noticed her getting more and more stressed when it comes to school. And by stressed I mean chest pains, waking up early, and dreading school in general.
She’s in school from 8:15am-4pm daily so someone please explain to me why she should have 2-3 hours of homework to do every night? How does homework until 6:30, then dinner, then an hour to relax (or finish the homework) before bed make any sense at all?
Is family time not important? Is time spent just being a child relaxing at home not important? Or should she become some kind of junior workaholic at 10 years old?
Did you know that in Finland homework is banned? And that they have the highest rate of college bound students in all of Europe? Children do not need hours of homework time to succeed yet we act like sitting at a kitchen table after a full day at school somehow makes sense. It does not. IT DOES NOT. IT. DOES. NOT.
Children need downtime after school the same way adults need downtime after work. They need to play with their siblings. They need to bond with their parents in a relaxed atmosphere, not one where everyone is stressed about fractions because – SURPRISE- I’m not a teacher. Children need time to just enjoy their childhoods or is that just for the weekends (although we do homework on Sundays also).
My kid is all done with homework. If the school wants to punish her for it, then I guess I’ll have to figure out how to homeschool. I’m very nervous about it because although I work from home, I do work. I also have a 3-year-old who only goes to preschool two mornings a week. And a 7-year-old in second grade. I’ll have to hire a tutor to help me and will need to find a group of parents doing the same thing, but I have no choice at this point.
We all want our children to grow up and succeed in the world. While I believe in education, I don’t believe for one second that academics should consume a child’s life. I don’t care if she goes to Harvard one day. I just want her to be intelligent, well-rounded, kind, inspired, charitable, spiritual and have balance in her life. I want her to be mentally and emotionally healthy. I want her to know that work is not life, it’s part of life. Work will not fulfill you. It will not keep you warm- family, friends, community, giving back, and being a good person do that.
I suppose I’ll hear from her school tomorrow. We have some decisions to make. But going forward, this is a homework-free household and I don’t care who knows it. My kid needs to be a kid.

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0 responses to “Mom tells school 'my kid is done with homework'

  1. another millennial who thinks her kid is a “special snowflake”…figures

    • No…it’s about taking back time the school is stealing from families.

      • I’m no fan of public schools and their various practices of indoctrinating children to fit their agendas. I would not be surprised if public schools were intentionally giving children hours of homework to inundate their young minds with govt propaganda.
        With that said, seeing how much laditan likes to profit from being a mother, without actually working at being a mother, makes me question if her daughter’s homework is truly 2-3 hours a day….she has admitted to being “a domestic failure” and, to me, it is clear her priorities, as a parent, are not where they should be. A dirty home, kids focused on fun, fun, fun and no homework is not being responsible.
        “My 10-year-old loves learning. She independently reads 10-12 chapter books a year and regularly researches topics that interest her (right now she’s writing a story about wolves). She takes coding classes, loves painting, and likes something called Roblox that I don’t fully understand.”
        Maybe her daughter is doing too much of everything fun and getting burned out on what’s not fun. Her daughter seems to be a bright kid, but, it sounds like her interests might be too expanded.
        Homework should not come second to a child’s interests. I think it is important for parent(s) and child to learn to prioritize their responsibilities…it is a process.
        I am a huge proponent of homeschooling, but only if the parent(s) is fully involved: planning, organizing, grading, communicating, teaching, disciplining….otherwise, the only one who suffers is the child.
        I don’t think someone who calls herself “a domestic failure” would be terribly successful in everything involved with homeschooling, but, then again, I could be wrong.

  2. she glorifies keeping a messy home….she has time to blog and write books, but can’t keep her home clean for her family?…pathetic

  3. Does she ever think what those brats will do in the real world? Will they live with parents till parents die? Then what? They need a reality check on real life!

  4. They are stressed about fractions. Mom dislikes math? Kid Too? Reading between the lines…maybe she cannot help her kid with all the homework. Sounds stressed or overworked too. Where is daddy? Where is her support system? Just wondering. Three hours a night of homework seems like a lot for a ten year old though.

    • maybe it’s 3 hours because they can’t figure it out…that mom doesn’t sound too sharp. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom pulled the same “homework” tactic with her when she was a kid.

  5. This woman is the low-achiever opposite of the tiger mom.

  6. There’s long been a plan to keep children from the influence of their parents. Part of this plan was to force women to leave their homes and work long hours just like their husbands – a bonus for the nwo as a mom’s work can’t be taxed and the nwo needs to tax all labor. With feminism saying women should be more like men (how is that feminism? isn’t it the opposite?) and have a “career”, added to the government taking over the education of children from the mothers and you end up with Dewey, meaning the children spend less and less time with their parents, and what time they do spend with their parents is spent not talking to their parents but doing homework or after school activities. All one has to do is read John Dewey and you’ll understand the reason why government has control of education.

    • Josh . . . . . You have pointed out the very things that few people consider. Thank you for your excellent contribution.

    • Shannon Brown

      Best comment here!!!! If this mother would look into who really is controlling the school systems everywhere she would shut down her fakebook account and start homeschooling her children! This is the most SATANIC SYSTEM OF ALL SECOND TO THE GOVERNMENT’S GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD. This is the Truth. I have spent 8 long painful agonizing heart wrenching research on this UNESCO owned educational system (almost lost my family over it when I confronted the morons who allow this) they wanted me in jail ? It is sickening that we have allowed our children to be innocently targeted by these Satanist. Parents, read scripture and God will make the way for you and your children to see through this great deception they call education. And for the Love of God do not send your children to liberal colleges.

  7. I agree with Josh. Isnt it funny , on a site like this , where we constantly read out how TPTB are determined to control and degrade us, we learn about their social conditioning and their attempts to control the narrative. They have our children for 12 years ,during the formative years of their lives. And how do the majority come out ? After 12 years at school…we tell them you have to go to College if you want a “good ” job. ..because , effectively…at school, under their directorship and following their curriculum, our kids come out relatively uninformed and poorly educated. Here’s a tip for some of the readers who think they may be somewhat “enlightened”. If it comes from, or is under the control of “The Government” then there is a very high chance is is corrupt, flawed, deceptive or downright evil.

  8. Or she could homeschool?

    • The mother states in the article that if the school punishes her daughter for not doing homework she will explore homeschooling.

  9. Young snowflake in training.

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  11. Screw Homework. I never took books home. any homework I was asigned got done in the next class after it was assigned on in the class before it was due. I have hated public education since I was exposed to it. I’m now 61 yrs old retired and living well enough. I don’t trust anything the government is in charge of. I’ve said for years that mom bneing shoved into work was because of the gov’ts insatible thirst for tax revenue. We need vouchers. we need school chioce and we need the federal gov’t OUT of the education business.

  12. I agree a lot with Josh. We witnessed the meltdown of our granddaughter. The school was sending home an additional 3 hours of homework every night, not the work they didn’t get done at school. They were being programmed to think their parents were too stupid to help. 4 adults that majored in math were stymied and she made the comment we were too dumb to understand. We were floored, but realized those were not her words, this was the common core programming.
    The math was above first grade level and it was disappointing to see what was happening to a once vibrant little girl. The following year they transferred her to another school and it was like living with a whole different person.
    Sadly, some of the younger college kids we are now seeing are victims of this common core and the annilation of independence and survival. They truly can’t think for themselves and their last eight years have been of vast programming and propaganda.

    • With that much take-home work, they could be learning a useful trade. But, no, it’s how to think “right” (well, Left… or, actually, not at all).

  13. When I was growing up, I don’t ever remember 2-3 hours of homework a night. Even my adult children, who are 33 and 28 respectively, did not have that much homework. I remember coming home from school, watching TV, playing with friends, or doing assigned chores until dinnertime. After dinner was done, I’d do my homework and still had time to watch TV before I went to bed. Wednesday nights were traditionally set aside for church activities. Teachers knew and respected that and usually did not assign homework on Wednesdays. Rarely was homework assigned over the weekend.
    What are the teachers doing all day if they have to assign 2-3 hours of homework? The kids are already in school around 8 hours a day. When do they play? When do they spend time with their family? When do they ‘shut down’ and relax? It is a radically different world today than when I was growing up. This is not about raising a special snowflake. It’s about letting a child be a child and taking back family time that the school steals away.

  14. Last year, our then five-year-old grandson, was in kindergarten, which is now a full day class, versus the half-day class of decades ago [when we attended]. We pick him up from school – and he’s with us until Daddy or Mommy get here after work to take him home. I was actually quite shocked at the amount of homework that came home with him every day. It was kindergarten, not high-school! And, no, I did not think that it was right. A small child, in his very first year of school, spending from 7:35A to 2:20P at school, five days a week, bringing home at least an hour, usually more, of homework! We’d let him have a snack, then some “down time” [ride his bike, take a swim – weather permitting, of course, play on his iPad, whatever], before opening up the bag to attack homework. It started out fine, but after the first couple of months or so, it became a bit of a struggle. Yes, it got done. There was no option, and between his parents and us, we weren’t going to be sending a note to the school saying “We are done with homework.”
    This year, the now six-year-old grandson is in a new school – a charter school for 1st grade. What a huge difference! He is learning a whole lot more [reading “chapter books” far beyond a level that we ever read at the same age], interested in the subjects being covered – wanting to know more, questioning the why’s, etc., can’t wait to start working on each new “PBL” [project based learning – don’t necessarily agree with the premise, but do not entirely disagree] project, and he doesn’t have an hour or more of homework every night!
    A big part of the difference is that last year, it was memorization. This year, it is real learning! I was very seriously considering “home schooling” after the challenges of that first year – in kindergarten! Thankfully, we’ve found a good alternative, with this charter school, and hopefully things will continue to go the way they have this year. But, if something changes, and it goes back to what was nothing more than a rote method of learning, with too much homework, then we will again consider homeschooling.

  15. “…I’ve noticed her getting MORE AND MORE STRESSED when it comes to SCHOOL. And by stressed I mean CHEST PAINS, WAKING UP EARLY, and DREADing school in general.”
    One Word > WIFI. Your kid is probably being MICROWAVED head to toe in school all day (& probably at home as well). Microwave Radiation FRIES the Central Nervous System > STRESS GALORE; causes CHEST PAIN, SLEEPLESSNESS, & a sense of DREAD.
    Wake up parents! Kids, Women, Elderly, Disabled are the most sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation. Young Adult Males are the most able to cope with the frequencies (maybe it’s their testosterone levels at that age).
    “Parents For Safe Technology: Around the world, countries are taking strong action to reduce wireless radiation on children. In addition [to] the policies listed below, countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the USA. They recognize that there can be non-thermal biological effects from wireless radiation”:
    These days, with any & all “stressed” reactions, radiation should be considered first & foremost as the culprit & go from there. Remove it, get rid of it, & see what happens.
    Likely, once DE-stressed & back in a “non-radiated” environment, whatever “stressors” that were so bad will be able to be handled without issue.

  16. As for the homework issue, I began 1st grade in 1958 (Catholic Grade School 1-8). I can’t recall doing homework in 1st-2nd grades, but I do remember homework in 3rd & up grades, which I didn’t mind doing at all. I would sit in bed in the evening & do it. I actually LIKED homework (& LIKED school, go figure!). Whether homework took 3 hours or not, I don’t remember, but I doubt it.
    We either went to school earlier, or had less hours in school, because I know we did not go to school through 4pm but through maybe 3pm at the latest.
    There was plenty of time, hours-on-end it seemed, to play outside with all the other neighborhood kids after school, all the way until sundown. Then the “dinner call,” bath, homework, bed. Maybe there were more “HOURS” in the day back then 😉 , but it never seemed like a problem, nor a stressor.
    As for learning things by “rote,” what’s wrong with that? In 1st & 2nd grades, I well remember the teacher, with her big long pointer-stick, pointing to & repeating incessantly — & we all had to respond the same, so we could “memorize” — the alphabet & how to pronounce each letter (phonics), & the multiplication tables. Ditto “Spelling class,” etc.
    Maybe the Commies had not totally taken over the schools in those days, because it wasn’t bad at all.

  17. 2-3 hours a night, every night will get you top grades in college. In high school, that much is a sign that the child is either in all AP courses and prepping for a top college (her mom says no) OR, she isn’t focusing on her studies while doing them, and needs to be taught to prioritize and turn off her distractions while doing homework.
    And contrary to what the mom thinks, homework, be it problem solving or reading or reviewing notes or whatever, IS the key to actually understanding and internalizing subject matter. If she wants her child to succeed in life (or even to graduate), she should encourage her to study smarter, not just give her an excuse to quit.
    OTOH, if the child really is suffering chest pains and anxiety over it, get her some counseling, because this won’t be the first thing the child faces that will cause her distress and need to be overcome in life.


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