Mom of murdered son blames Soros-backed Philadelphia DA for enabling criminal to go free

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner was basically “appointed” by that evil George Soros who poured $1.45 MILLION into this local DA race.

Krasner’s election platform was to “reform elements of the criminal justice system, including to reduce mass incarceration.”

That’s liberal-speak for not punishing criminals nor holding them accountable for their actions.

During his tenure, Krasner has “sought to spearhead criminal justice reform by ending bail payments for low-level offenders, reducing supervision for parolees, and seek more lenient sentences for certain crimes.”

Well, there’s one perp in Philadelphia who is certainly appreciative of the VERY lenient sentence he received: He walked free on murder charges even though there were witnesses to his crime.

Linda Schellenger’s son Sean was stabbed to death by Michael White in July 2018. Despite evidence, the perp was found not guilty. Linda believes that Krasner withheld evidence in the case, all in the name of his goal of reforming the criminal justice system.

She’s appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show two times. Here’s her most recent appearance and story:

Soros has a real desire to remake our criminal justice system into a radical agenda. Read more about that at the Geller Report here.


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I feel if the courts can’t do the right job, why not let those whose lives are devastated by the loss, have the opportunity to apply justice? Today the justice system is unjust, the hundreds of people wrongly convicted for a crime they didn’t commit. Pay with your life for the one you took.


Why is George Soros still walking around?

Dr. Eowyn

Good question!
According to this video, Soros is now banned from 6 countries:


Wow! How awful.


Why have so many Republicans jumped on the “criminal justice reform” bandwagon? Has everyone lost their minds about “do the crime, do the time”? On another note, did anyone else catch Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) take Todd Chuck to school on Meat the Press Sunday — RE: Ukraine and Crowdstrike *possibly* hiding Clinton’s email server, which he backed with citations from multiple news sources (incl. several liberal ones)? Todd had TRIED to make Kennedy look sheepish by questioning why he’d backed off an answer the prior week on another show, but Kennedy turned it completely around and blew Todd away.… Read more »