Mom has toddlers go potty at restaurant table

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It is said that when a society loosens its code of morality and ethics, it begins a downward spiral into “anything goes” incivility and depravity.

Sociologists have a fancy word for the phenomenon: anti-nomianism. The Left call it “moral relativism” — which means there’s no transcendent moral good or bad; what’s good or bad is that which is good or bad for me. Both anti-nomianism and moral relativism refer to the same thing — the absence of common norms and standards governing human behavior.

Here’s a shocking and grotesque example of what anti-nomianism leads to.

An apparently sane woman diner in a Utah restaurant had her twin daughters go potty right there at the table.

As reported by Snejana Farberov for the UK’s Daily Mail, Sept 5, 2012, Kimberly Decker was having lunch at the popular Thanksgiving Point Deli in Lehi, Utah, when she witnessed the incident at a nearby table.

“I noticed that this lady was having her two…twins, two little girls about two-and-a-half years old, sitting on what I thought were booster seats,” Decker told the station KSL.

But after taking a closer look, Decker realized the “booster seats” were child port-a-potties. The mother had her twin girls use portable bathrooms as they ate in the crowded restaurant.

Decker said the mother “had to undo the [toddlers] jumpsuits, and take them all the way down so they were completely nude, with the jumpsuits down to their ankles just eating their chicken nuggets, sitting on little toddler potties.”

Decker took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

Thanksgiving Point spokeswoman Erica Brown said they received several complaints from patrons who had witnessed the unsavory scene. But the eatery’s staff did not realize what was happening in the dining room until it was all over. Brown said they would have asked the mother to leave and take the potty training into the restroom because “I think state and local health codes were probably an issue, as well as just social norms.”

The spokeswoman “thinks” kids going potty smack-dab in the middle of the restaurant is a state and local health code “issue”?

Good grief. Our world has gone mad….

“During the next hundred years, the question for those who love liberty is whether we can survive the most insidious and duplicitous attacks from within, from those who undermine the virtues of our people, doing in advance the work of the Father of Lies. ‘There is no such thing as truth,’ they teach even the little ones. ‘Truth is bondage. Believe what seems right to you. There are as many truths as there are individuals. Follow your feelings. Do as you please. Get in touch with your self. Do what feels comfortable.’ Those who speak in this way prepare the jails of the twenty-first century. They do the work of tyrants.”Michael Novak


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0 responses to “Mom has toddlers go potty at restaurant table

  1. Oh my God! The world truly has gone mad, drowning in banal subjectivity. The final phase of this is complete anarchy, followed by a tyranny of the strong and selfish.

    We have liberals to thank for this devaluation of human worth and dignity.

  2. Good point, Terry. Too many of us lack the simple courage to do what is right, fearful of being “judgmental” and “making a scene”.

  3. What kind of a woman drags two potty chairs and two toddlers into a restaurant? My OCD is in high gear on this one! Yuck!!!

  4. Seriously? If she was so worried about disrupting your kids potty training then maybe she should should have stayed home… the whole thought of carrying in the potty chairs and no one noticing is amazing. Then the fact that no one said anything to HER is really just insane.. here we go with that PC crap again.. Now I have to wonder if some one went potty at the table every time I sit down at a table in a restaurant?

  5. This one is so unbelieveable! The potty chairs would look just like a booster seat initially so I can see how they were mislead. After thinking about it awhile though I have come to the conclusion that beyond stupidity, the mother is selfish. Toilet training does take time and she decided that it was too much of her time to take them in and out of a restroom. She refused to miss her luncheon during this “time critical phase of training”. I don’t understand why someone didn’t report this to the manager immediately but I also wonder why her friend didn’t say something to her. Yucky…. once the kids did their duty did the full potty just sit there! I feel sorry for the llittle ones being raised with someone so self centered.

    • Thankyou…your comment was remarkably reassuring to me…
      i’m not easily shaken and I can imagine the stunned disbelief
      horror and confusion of the other patrons. What to do without
      traumatizing the wee ones….sigh.

  6. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something like this happens to prove that you haven’t. This situation would have made a good “What Would You Do?” moment. I would have been in her face if I’d seen that, and it makes me wonder what kind of ‘training’ the kids are getting in other facets of their lives. I see a Mom of the Year award in her future (snark).

  7. Many years ago, my wife and I were attending a movie and a mother decided that instead of taking her baby to the restroom to change it’s diaper, she decided to change it in the seat next to me. I quietly asked her to take the baby to the restroom, she ignored me. I stood up and in a loud voice said:
    With that every head turned in our direction and even in a darkened theatre, I could see her face change a dark crimson. She took her baby and left and as far as I know she never came back, A light applause followed her exit.

    • I think that if she hadn’t left, my wife would have accomodated her, possible with two knots.

    • Excellent Cat! Some people are so dense, disturbed, and inconsiderate that they must be shamed publicly. Unfortunately, some people lack the capacity (or utter indifference) to be shamed and embarrased into correcting themselves. In your situation, thankfully it worked.

      I guess we can expect to experience such boorish behavior from shallow people who grew up on a steady diet of Jerry Springer.

  8. Better yet, take the potty chair and empty the contents in the mothers plate.

  9. Sick…

  10. Horrific! The mother is an unthoughtful and inconsiderate idiot! I’ve got a whole bunch of examples. How about this one: I was ready to begin a hearing after the litigants were seated, when a lady, grossly obese, put her hands under her breasts and rested them on the hearing table. Her attorney knew me well, having come before me on many occasions. I thought he was going to throw up. What do you think of that? Amazing ha!

  11. I have two words for this restaurant: e coli. No wait, I have another word: lawsuit.

  12. I’ve been rendered SPEECHLESS.

  13. As a person who both lives in the town right next to Lehi, UT and has frequented the Deli cafeteria many times (it is really good and has fry sauce). I can tell you that Utah County makes no liberals–just libertarians that think the rules should go ahead and mind their own business. (That place, Thanksgiving Point, is very Conservative even around here–it has a garden specifically devoted to statues showing the miracles of Christ.) The story is silly we have loads of people with a million kids. Around here we are more miffed with the woman who thought it was a funny “joke” to post a picture of another persons naked children on the internet rather than just taking the time to either speak to the mom or at the very least alert the staff. She is the one who will probably get sued. I don’t know, I give up. Crazy people acting crazy.

  14. I have been in fitting rooms at the mall where not once but TWICE a mother has let her child poop in the dressing room. The first time I was too stunned to say anything. When it happened again, I thought maybe I was the one with the problem.

  15. i guess that is one way to get your own reality tv show be a complete and utter moron wow this is way past unbelievable i mean whats next clubbing a woman on the head and dragging her back to your cave.. barbaric and the smell i just love the smell of poop while i’m eating heck you can’t smoke in a restaurant but you can take a shit..


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