Mom forces ‘sex-change’ on 6-year-old son

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This 6-year-old boy needs our help!

Although James Younger is biologically a boy and wants to stay that way, his mother, Anne Georgulas, has dressed him as a girl since he was 3, calls him “Luna” instead of James, and even enrolled him in school as a girl.

An October 18, 2018 court order by the Municipal Court of the City of Coppell, Texas, gave the mother “the exclusive right, after notifying the Father, to consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of the children.” (James has a younger brother, Jude.)

Now, Georgulas is subjecting her boy to  “social transitioning” therapy to prepare him for chemical castration when he’s 8 years old.

James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, is fighting this.

For that, not only did Georgulas try to remove all parental rights from Jeffrey, she also accused him of domestic violence. But the court document below, dated June 11, 2018, proves that Jeffrey is acquitted on the domestic assault charges.

Jeffrey Younger is asking for our help.

Below is his appeal, from

A child being prepared for sex-change surgery at age 6!

  • James is a 6 year old boy – his mother is attempting to change his gender
  • James prefers to be a boy, but since the age of 3, his mother has chosen to dress him as a girl, and call him by the name “Luna”
  • She has enrolled him in school as a girl. He is currently in 1st grade. The teachers and administrators know that he is a boy, but the other parents and students are unaware
  • He is undergoing “social transitioning” therapy to prepare him for chemical castration at age 8
  • James’ father, Jeff is fighting to protect his son all alone
  • His mother has support and financial backing
  • Jeff needs both financial help with legal fees and help networking to find expert witnesses who will help him keep his son safe
  • The court is requiring Jeff to pay for transgender therapy and the future sexual mutilation of his son
  • Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing James as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender
  • He has been accused of ABUSE for saying that his son is a boy

Hear the whole story in this Complete Podcast: A Father’s Fight

Visit the ALL ABOUT JAMES link for more about this great kid!

    • We do not encourage or support any negative action against his mother.

    • While we do not agree with her actions at this time, we do not wish any ill will towards her. 

    • If you are moved by concern to support or take action in some way, please write our lawmakers and representatives about the great need for the protection of our children.

How you can help:

For the court documents on Anne Georgulas v. Jeffrey Younger’s legal battles, click here.

According to TruthFinder:

  • Anne Georgulas, 57, is a pediatrician who had worked for Childgrove Pediatrics and has a practice in Coppell, Texas. This is her Twitter account.
  • Jeffrey Younger, 53, is a senior enterprise architect who lives in Lewisville, Texas.

Georgulas may be a pediatrician, but the American College of Pediatricians says there is no such thing as transgenderism.

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20 responses to “Mom forces ‘sex-change’ on 6-year-old son

  1. There seems to be multiple problems here. I will pray for the little boy. The first of course, is the deranged mother for even considering the hell she wants to willingly put her son through. Why hasn’t anyone questioned her mental status? The second, is the court to even consider giving the mother such sick rights. Who is minding the court? Where are the child’s right being considered? Why isn’t anyone listening to the child? The mother sounds like someone wanting attention and this is her avenue.
    The third, why isn’t the Father’s right and wants even being considered? Sounds like the court is bending over backwards with the women’s rights and power crap.
    It is sad when a school is forced to go along with such a travesty. Where are the school’s own psychiatrist weighing in on this? They are letting this child down.
    I will also pray the Father gains custody of the child, a sane judge should grant him that.
    Pray for this country, we are all sitting in the bowl waiting to be flushed.

    • Compare the google photo of this woman pediatrician horsing around with a lemon rind in her mouth with her glamorized professional photo. The real Dr. Georgulas is quite literally batsh*t crazy.

      I’d be interested to learn the effect on her practice. We’d assume mothers wouldn’t let their boys or even girls anywhere near this madwoman’s subjecting little boys to manipulative interrogation and lurid persuasion that they’re actually girls, which is virtually guaranteed by this evil monster’s doing it to her own little boy. On the other hand, the inversion of reality across all society has reached the point we might find she’s had to turn business away since this went public.

      This mother, the lesbian therapist, and the female judge are functionally demon possessed, mirroring the half the electorate now cheering laws allowing virtual infanticide.

  2. Yep. Page 10, Coppell Texas Pediatrician
    PDF only.

    What is WRONG with that woo man?!?
    Does James have twin brother? You tell me

  3. Are the insane allowed to practice medicine? If she is a licensed pediatrician she has standards that she is supposed to adhere to or surrender her license. She is apparently not a psychiatrist and, even if she were, the “condition” she ascribes to her son is not recognized.

    I have to assume that the father did not have the benefit of good legal counsel. He should be suing her. He should also be filing a complaint with the board.

    This is what happens when EVERYTHING becomes “political”. Politics has replaced religion. These zealots react based on total emotional conditioning. That includes some of the judges who hear these cases.

    I pity the boy.

    • Once again, you wrote the very words I would have, so I won’t bother to comment. All I can add is that like everyone else here I’m appalled at how this insanity (what else can it be called in one word?) has now infected the nation. It reminds me in a 180° inversion of the Zeitgeist in German cities (especially Berlin) that facilitated the rise of National Socialism, which we call Nazism. This creepy mother is the essence of femmenazi.

  4. In my mind the idea of chemically castrating this innocent young boy is tantamount to taking his life——as in homicide.

    I puzzled at the fact that the article states the mother is “57” years old, which would mean that she was 51 years old when he was born. Perhaps, looking at the fact that she is extremely “long in the tooth” to be having babies. She may feel that she wanted a girl, so she picked the older of her two boys and decided he would do perfectly well as a girl.

    This kind of abuse should not be tolerated. I just hope that enough people respond to the appeal for help to get young James out of her clutch.

    • I went ahead and sent this excellent article on to friends and family. Hopefully, that will generate more folks seeing this egregious abuse.

  5. Unbelievable! Horrible!

  6. Lionel Mandrake

    If that were my ex wife, I’d have to kill her.

  7. One of her older tweets links to this blog page of hers:

    I hope James’ father is the one to attach a millstone around Anne’s neck and throws her into a lake.

  8. This doesn’t even make sense. How can a woman who is 57 have two children under 7? And how can she legally have him ‘chemically castrated’?

  9. From the good doctor’s web site: “Take charge of your child’s mental and moral development.”

    She gives the words “take charge” a whole new meaning.

    Also from her web site:”Dr. Anne’s pediatric credentials signify a high level of competence.”

    Guess what she considers “credentials?”

    “Mom Approved Doc 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (Dallas Child Magazine)”

    Not impressed…

  10. Is there a required mental evaluation for parents who propose such an atrocity before the child in question is still NOT yet in receivership of his/her maturational hormones at a subsequent/appropriate age? This “mother” is a mental crackpot and an instrument of physical torture practiced upon her own child before he even has experienced gender identity at all……at 8 years old.

  11. The boy and his father are in my prayers, and I am going to help by the end of this week despite my own problems.

    I believe in the existence of good and evil. I am for the good and against the evil, and I need no more evidence to believe that Georgulas is evil incarnate. But what can I say at this point? This is not the first mother or guardian to do this to her son, and, regrettably, won’t be the last. The law allows a woman to do this to her minor son?!?!

    And pass this on to anyone you know who might be experiencing what Mr. Jeff Younger is going through: Be prepared at all times. I know from my arrest—on a misdemeanor—that criminal charges have procedures and a certain “shelf-life” in that the charges will stand for a certain minimum length of time. If Georgulas is out to castrate her son, believe me, she already knows what the “shelf-life” is: She was slick enough to play the domestic violence card. Never go alone; Always have a body-cam on or a witness. Wear a wire. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES, and understand: Whether it’s three months, or six months or a year, that time will crawl EXPONENTIALLY the longer it drags on. (When my case is over I will write about it—mentally I am better. Believe me, I know just how vicious people can get). In the meantime, understand there are people of both genders worse than Georgulas.

    • Steven, my friend, you know that I’ve supported you 99.99% of the time when you have a comment here, but this is the .01% when I have to disagree with your statement that there are people worse than this miserable creepy woman.

      If I put myself in the place of this innocent victim, I would wonder why in Hell didn’t my father do something to stop my crazy mother.

      I believe one would have to go to Mars to find an 8 yr old boy happy to go along with this madness. The last sentence is, of course, a hyperbolean bit of emphasis to point out how perverse this whole farce is: if anyone were to be under indictment by Court order, it should be this misanthropic excuse for a mum. And can someone tell me how the Hell this happened in Texas, of all the 50 states?

  12. Should I donate? How do I verify that this is actual or are the parents trying to scam us for $$$$$ ?

  13. The mother is the one in need of this operation. Maybe a brain transplant would work for her?


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