Mob of black teens assault white disabled Army vet

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Obama’s sons and daughters are acting up again.

Ed Gallek reports for 19actionnews that Matthew Robinson, a disabled Army vet, said on the night of Feb. 7, 2014,  while he was riding a bus in Cleveland, Ohio, 6 to 8 “teenagers” surrounded, attacked and robbed him, shouting, “Knock that white boy out!.”

Not only did the mob taunt Robinson with racial slurs of “white boy” and “cracker,” the thugs even videotaped what they were doing to the veteran.

Matthew RobinsonDisabled Army veteran Matthew Robinson

The mob scattered when cops showed up. But Cleveland police did manage to apprehend three of the suspects running from the scene: two males, ages 18 and 19, and a 16 year-old-girl who had the video on her phone.

Violent teens and even mobs have been a problem around Cleveland downtown’s Public Square recently. Last month a (black) teen was brutally beaten on the square. At times, a massive police presence was needed to take back the square.

Robinson wants his story to be a warning to everyone living, or venturing downtown: “Your mother or sister could be on the bus, and the same thing could happen to them.”

Here’s 19actionnews’ video:

As you’ve read in news report above and seen in the news video, no mention was made by 19actionnews reporter Ed Gallek of the racial identity of the perps.

But the plain fact is that they are black, as you can see in this screen shot I took from the news video, of one of the suspects being led to the police car.

Ohio mob

Will Cleveland police label this assault a “hate crime”?

I’m not holding my breath . . . .


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0 responses to “Mob of black teens assault white disabled Army vet

  1. This is such a travesty; damn, I wish these little goons had perpetrated this crap against one or two of our premier US Navy Seals. It’s all to easy to attack one person, who is disabled at that. Each one of these individuals (including the little belle of the ball who was video taping the attack) needs to be charged with a “HATE CRIME.” How can people of Western European ethnicity possibly feel that they are being treated fairly under the law, when they see numerous cases of individuals of African American ethnicity being absolved from the current hate crime laws. When the perpetrators are not held accountable–others are encouraged to participate in the very same type of crime. The law needs to be the same for everybody–nobody should be excluded. After all, was it not a long fought battle to win equality? Well then, that same equality should be meted out, here and now!

  2. Will Cleveland police label this assault a “hate crime”?

    Well, no, because in general, they HATE to label violence against nonAfro-Americans as ‘racial violence’ due to all the oppression, dontcha know, that we the living inflicted on slaves 200 years ago.

    I guess ya hadda be there, if ya catch my drift….

  3. Thanks Dr. Eowyn. This guy did the right thing, too. Instead of putting up with it, or taking the law into his own hands, he assisted the police in the carrying out of justice in a society of laws. People like this guy are the polar opposite of revolutionaries and anarchists. They are part of the glue that holds our culture together.

  4. Diversity and “youths” is just code for “free hits”…

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  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. This is a hate crime, not only against this veteran because he was white, but because he was also disabled. Nothing could be more demonic or cowardly. . .

  7. Like “father,” like “sons/daughters” (“Obama’s sons and daughters are acting up again”!) because those kids are NOT using their BRAINS at all! They would be perfect specimens for shows about “The Dumbest Criminals” since they evidently are void of understanding that they will likely get caught, not to mention “filming the evidence” & keeping it!

    The soul-less-ness of the younger crowd is getting more scary with each passing day. I’m so glad Mr. Robinson was OK & able to talk about the attack & help to catch the thugs.


    After the 3 black pastors/suicide post about a week ago, I went looking for more info & ended up at a “black church” site that posts news under the category of “Violence in the Land.” Even though it includes white crime as well, the majority of their stories are re blacks, children vs. parents, parents vs. children, crooked pastors, false Christians in the black churches, etc. Oh my goodness! I read their headlines & articles going back two years. Talk about an overdose of horror! Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with people. Did I say scary already? Check out their site sometime,

  8. And not a word from Jesse Jackson and that other idiot Al Sharpton

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  10. Remember, in this country, there is only one kind of crime recognized by this government and it is white on black crime which is actually rare in this country and is always seen as a hate crime by this administration which is the most racist administration in my lifetime!

  11. Dan Muffoletto

    Dear friends I have not met. I am a handicapped person who has been teaching martial arts since 1972, if you want real training that is simple and effective, send me a ticket. I am against any violence, more so against the handicapped.Black on Black crime is 15 times worse then a Black on White crime. Just so you know I am not prejudiced, Black Americans brought into teaching martial arts to Baltimore PD, As Mosha Dyan General in the Israeli army said , Hire the handicapped, he only had one eye.

    • I’m disabled myself by paralysis. Though I can’t move below my upper thighs, I can move quickly and agile. Despite this, I myself have been a victim of physical and sexual assualts. I would like to find a way to defend myself from ever suffering those atrocities again.

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