MKUltra’s latest children?

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Jerad and Amanda Miller

Jerad and Amanda Miller

This thing just isn’t sitting right with me. Two young people murder 2 police officers, drape the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag on their victim’s bodies, declare the start of “the revolution” and are dead before they can explain. They coincidentally have been frequent commenters on Alex Jones’ website, and (more coincidentally) just happened to be at the Bundy Ranch, and (somehow) ended up interviewed on TV by main-stream media at the Bundy stand-off. These 2 nuts do not resemble ANYONE I have met among constitutional conservatives and “Tea Party” types. They are not us, but are tailor made to pretend to be us. 

It’s time we subject this story to the kind of scrutiny that has been focussed on other stories, like Sandy Hook, Benghazi and the Boston Marathon news narratives. Let’s ask questions, really skeptical questions: 

What happened to the shooters’ bodies?
What are their personal histories (families, schools, affiliations)? 
Have the shooters’ families been heard from? 
Do they exist, or are we looking at cleverly crafted personas? 
What kinds of drugs have they been taking? Is there an autopsy? 

These are questions, not answers. ~ TD

False Flag: Las Vegas Shooter Conspiracy Unfolding!

jerad_amanda_miller vegas-shooting miller_bundy_Ranch

Fans of Alex Jones? Really? Tea Party “Don’t Tread On Me” flags? Really? Declaration of “the revolution” while standing over the bodies? Really? Involved in movement to defend Bundy Ranch? Really?

inoculation (ĭ-nŏk’yə-lā’shən

  1. The act or an instance of inoculating, especially the introduction of an antigenic substance or vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.
  2. Informal. A preemptive advertising tactic in which one party attempts to foresee and neutralize potentially damaging criticism from another party by being the first to confront troublesome issues.

Alex Jones weighs in on Vegas shooters:

We don’t see a feeding frenzy in the media on this story. And the several other gun nut incidents have also seemingly been ignored. This, too, is suspicious. The government-controled-media have gone silent on stories that have typically been a signal to demand the confiscation of guns from the population. Is there a bigger game afoot? Is a trap about to be sprung?

After reviewing some videos by Jerad Miller, it is clear he could do something irrational. If so, the main-stream narrative that the Millers are fruitcakes associated with Tea Party and conspiracy theorists could actually be true.

Occam’s Razor

: a scientific and philosophic rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.

Again, this is a call to ask questions.
Your thoughts are welcome.

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0 responses to “MKUltra’s latest children?

  1. These two were asked to leave the Bundy Ranch. Mrs. Bundy published a long letter about them and said they did not belong there. they just showed up vbut have no connection to the Bundy’s!

  2. I think you’re correct, in regard of it as a set-up or false flag to divert attention. Where are their supporters? How do we know they were really killed, not just covered up & taken away to a safe house? Way too many realistic alternatives here, as opposed to a neat ‘false start’ by terrorist rebels, etc., which really is a ‘conspiracy theory’!

  3. I just received an email from Richard Eastman, of Yakima, WA, a Christian Mormon, w/this note about this posting which I sent him, asking for his thoughts:
    “The shooter was LDS and the shooting was over a girl. Don’t need the hand of MK Ultra for that.”

    To carry on this discussion w/him, email him at:

    • Hi josephbc69,

      I always respect your thoughts and contributions. If this was a matter of romantic love, we certainly have plenty of evidence that people will see the world as completely black when that love fails. Romeo and Juliet are a good example. But how does this explain the tie-in to the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, and the declaration of revolution?

      My apologies in advance to Richard Eastman, of Yakima, WA. I won’t be emailing him. It’s not arrogance on my part, just deadlines that must be met.

    • Joseph,

      What’s a “Christian Mormon”?

      This is the same Dick Eastman who accused me of promoting lies. I thought you had discontinued contact with him? Eastman has ZERO credibility to me.

      • When I did tell him that I found some of his criticism to be either ill-founded or unjust, after a day or two he sent me his regrets for having overstepped civility and, in some cases, his imperfect fact-checking. I believe he was sincere then, and in the interim he’s posted far more temperate writings, so I renewed my email correspondence with him.

        I’ve found a lot of good stuff in his emails, and I’m also a supporter of Social Credit economic practices and policies, areas which he has considerable expertise in, as well.

        And if I take someone to task as I did w/him, and there looks to be genuine contrition on their part fo an error they didn’t see at the time, I temper that with forgiveness. So far he’s not been as harsh on others, except those who are clearly criminals and miscreants, many of whom have been in these posts, such as the Clintons and the Obamination.

      • Curiously, the “troutdale shooter” in oregon was also claimed to be mormon, There is much rat to be smelt here and in that incident.

  4. Thank you Trail Dust for this interesting post. It appears that we have more cover-up here and alleged facts that questionable.

  5. I have been listening to Alex Jones and his shows for over two years now, and I find him to be the most objective and impartial news and commentary out there.
    I have never trusted the mainstream news media and I looked for years for a suitable alternative news source. Then the internet came along. Of course, there are the kooks and the nuts—that’s to be expected. But I found that news sources e.g. National Review, for example, to be neo-con instead of true conservative. On the religious angle, I found that The Wanderer went downhill over the years.
    Between Alex Jones and his guests—which appear almost every day—and other internet sources, e.g., your site, Henry Makow,, Joel Skousen, Gerald Celente, WND and many others, I’ve gotten the equivalent of a college education on the New World Order, the current political situation and other things.
    Jones isn’t perfect—no one is—but to dismiss him as a tinfoil hat nut is a great disservice. Let the people listen to him for a period of time and think for themselves!

  6. A lot of people seem to be against Alex Jones. Some call him a shill, some call him a fear monger. I like Alex Jones. I believe he is credible and sincere. I have watched many of his videos and I believe he is passionate about what is happening.

  7. 1. convenient picture emerges of guy and his woman dressed as joker and harley quinn, joker being the most notorious evil batman villain. (Any legitimate researcher would know that these images are associated with evil and MK-Ultra stuff, which makes it much more suspicious esp. given the tie-n of “batman” themes to other psy-ops.)
    2. a tie-in to the bundy incident, and convenient placement of the rattlesnake flag as well as declaration of “revolution”. (again any legitimate researcher would recognize the term “revolution” to be a “buzzword” typically pertaining to when the devil worshipers want to change a govt. around to their favor.)
    3. police officers targeted. (likely with the intended result of polarizing the police community since they are likely to believe the official account verbatim. Any real researcher knows that the police are programmed mercs essentially, and that targeting regular officers is not only pointless, but could be used to defame the research community, anyone who was familiar with research should know this.)
    4. convenient death/disappearance of perpitrators.
    5. overall portrait of perps seems to be tailored specifically to smear the research community. (I mean really, fans of alex jones? jones the shill that won’t expose zionists if his life depended on it? jones the grandstanding popularity shark that doesn’t even make proper use of his funds to stop the crimes he’s supposedly reporting on?)

    Suffice it to say the whole incident reeks of “plant” /false flag (possibly not even with patsies this time) with a sharply defined goal of smearing the research community, polarizing the police with an emotional incident to further harden them *against* anyone from the research community (hard to befriend a cop who thinks you’re a conspiracy nut associated with “those cop killers”.) thereby preventing the puppets of evil’s first line of offense from “infiltration” or possibly “changing sides”. Finally for any of the woefully uninformed but very passionate populous the mentioned of “revolution” seems to be intended as a weak “trigger event” a baited trap to lure the unsuspecting into following suit in the mistaken belief that they are doing good.

    The entire incident is just too finely tailored with these specific goals in mind (not to mention the gun control angle, of course.) to be legitimate, granted they could have been “that stupid”… but the likelihood of that is not very high given the other points (batman tie-in, bundy ranch tie-in, etc.) Overall I’d say these people were likely agents of provokation, whether they were disposable or are now sitting in tahiti sipping beach drinks, I don’t know.

    • traildustfotm

      The “sitting on the beach with tiki drinks” theory has been haunting me. Good point, Seumas. The Joker costume is like an admission of guilt.

  8. Totally agree w/TDF & everyone that this LV shooting (& entire recent spree of “events”) are suspect. MSM, police, govt. can say whatever they want re the “killers” & what they supposedly said/did, & unless we were all right there to see/hear up close, who can really know for sure?

    “Shock Value” is definitely in play, with the assortment of gruesome creepy disgusting characters portrayed as carrying out these events. Thank God we don’t buy it hook line & sinker or we might be psychologically paralyzed by the shockingly grotesque factor alone (freaky-looking faces & stares of Loughner, Holmes, Lanza, Miller, et al). made a good point in their Wed. 6/11 weekly newsletter: that previously TPTB were using larger-casualty events spread farther apart, but now they are creating small-casualty events very close together, boom boom boom, to wear people down, & are possibly following the “Job Factor” (Bible) in Job Ch.1 where, beginning at approx. verse 14, Job was hit with four big whammies right in a row, not giving him time to emotionally & physically adjust/digest the one trauma before the next one hit.

    Those verses sound exactly like the recent news:
    –The first messenger (MSM) arrived & told Job re the first disaster…
    –And while THAT messenger was STILL speaking, the 2nd messenger arrived to tell Job of the 2nd disaster…
    –And while THAT 2nd messenger was STILL speaking, the 3rd messenger arrived to tell of the 3rd disaster…
    –And while THAT 3rd messenger was STILL speaking, the 4th messenger arrived with the BIGGEST BADDEST NEWS YET (death of Job’s 10 children).
    –At that devastating news Job could take no more, ripped his garments in anguish & fell to the ground.

    So if they are playing “Job Bible games” with us, hold on! because it will get worse before it gets better (struck w/disease; relatives will say, “Curse God & die”; supposed Friends will condemn; etc.), BUT we know the End of the Job story! 🙂

  9. Has Jared/Jerad/Jarad always been a popular boys’ name? There was Jared Loughner (AZ shooting), now this similar Jerad/Jarad Miller (LV shooting), & I saw earlier Thurs. Jared Padgett (Oregon school shooter’s name was finally released).

    Jared > Pre-Noah’s-flood Biblical name; a Baby Names site says it means “A Ruling, Commanding, Coming Down” (!!??) Hmmm, as in a “All Guns Outlawed Ruling/Commanding is Coming Down the Pikes”?

    Same site said in Hebrew Jared means Flower/Rose, Descending.

    Same site reminded us that Jared was a character in old TV Western, The Big Valley (wasn’t he a lawyer in that series? 🙂 ).

    Lastly, that same site gave “New Age” mumbo jumbo that Jared is “Soul Urge No. 6” (whatever that means; it matches current month). Site also gave a personality description that would be total opposite of shooters! So much for “name interpretations”!

    Didn’t look up the flip spelling of JErad Miller.

  10. When your gut tells you something is amiss, go with it. They did an overkill with all their “evidence” in trying to connect this to conservatives. Like a check list. I watched the video on them supposedly shooting each other and it was done without kick backs and smoke. It felt fake.

  11. Dr. Eowyn and Traildust, I’m responding the same to both of your excellent posts, because I think you’re both right. These alleged shooters could likely be both MKUltra and demon possessed.

    MKUltra, mind control, false flag operations, etc. are closely linked to satanism. (Who else would be behind these events?) We also see likely MKUltra subjects, such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Beyonce, etc. who appear to be satanic and possibly possessed. (Remember Beyonce at the Super Bowl?)

    • Mike, the way I see it, I would think that anyone remotely connected with any form of mind control would have to be possessed to some degree. I see no distinction between the two. I know that some people that do the works of the enemy are fooled by him into thinking that they are doing something beneficial for humanity. But this whole mind control thing……….there is no attempt at all to disguise it’s purpose or any rational explanation even remotely pointing towards anything good. Anyone connected with any of these programs would, in my opinion most likely be of above average intelligence and having been trained to some degree in the field of science. They would also have to be very trusted (high up in the organization) individuals and totally sold out to the cause. This agenda is so overtly evil that only the most depraved individuals would even consider being involved in such matters.

    • traildustfotm

      Good points, Mike. As preposterous as the MKUltra story is, it is also a matter of historic record. We simply can’t rule it out.

      • Well traildust I don’t know about it being preposterous persay, The CIA experimented on children with electroshock and LSD, and that is just the stuff that has come out thusfar. Curiously though, nothing ever seems to come out involving “intelligence” or “defense” activities involved with sorcery or black magic, demon summoning etc. and I’m talking more than the remote viewing psychic stuff they’ve doled out for the new age types to reinforce the concept that “man has superpowers” in line with the disinformation campaign by neo-gnosticism/kabalah/satanism/luciferianism. But for those unaware of the subject perhaps this will be of use:

        • traildustfotm

          Seumas, when I speak about MKUltra, I am instantly beyond my depth, having never looked into it deeply. I will check out your link.

        • traildustfotm

          Seumas, after reading the info on your link, I am more aware of why my Roman Catholic father turned down an opportunity to make a lot of money working for the OSS, a precursor to the CIA. He said he had a chance to become rich, but his conscience demanded he say no. His cousin had gone on to a full career in the CIA, and late in life, called my dad often to talk for hours. I think my dad’s cousin needed to unburden his soul.

          • Your dad definitely made a very wise and sober choice.

          • Traildustfotm, I dated a man that was in the OSS. He was 20 yrs. older than me. He was a trained assassin and worked behind enemy lines after the Berlin Wall was erected. His psychic abilities were quite obvious to me after spending 10 yrs. with him. After years of hearing bits and pieces of information from this man about his past and doing my own research on the MKUltra mind control program, I am convinced that he had been chosen because of his abilities and did in fact take part in the early mind control programs. He was very messed up. This program has been around for a long time…..a gift from the Nazis when we brought them here after WWII (Operation Paperclip). It boggles the mind to think of the advances that have been made in this field since that time.

            • traildustfotm

              I wonder if my dad could smell the sulfur wafting from the OSS. When I was a kid, I was very proud of the fact that he had been stationed during the war at FDR’s home on the Hudson, Hyde Park. But it always puzzled me that he never spoke glowingly of the president. He seemed to like Churchill much more, and laughed when recounting Churchill’s penchant for urinating on the president’s lawn. Toward the end of his life, my dad confided that when FDR was elected, a lot of people believed it would mean the death of America.

    • Well as I have understood it Mike, it can easily be both, as I’ve heard that with MK stuff it involves “fracturing” a personality to create MPD (or the P.C. term for it now is DID), and in some cases a demon indwelling is invoked as a “controller” and is presumed, by those ignorant of the spiritual realm, to be just another of the personalities therein (which makes them harder to help by run-of-the-mill occultish or secular psychiatrists/psychologists etc.) All things considered though I’m not sure we’ll be able to determine if these two really did die or not without some form of DNA, as there are ways to remove or alter fingerprints, and change facial geometry etc. Far as the pop stars go, I’ve heard of enough of their antics to presume they’ve got possession problems. Funny how there seems to be a decrease in the number of exorcists anymore, while there seems to be a rise in people that have need of the service.

      • Actually Seumas, since Pope Francis came on board, the church has recognized this growing problem with the demonic and have been taking steps in both Spain and Italy to train and make more exorcists available. They site easy access via the internet for the renewed interest in satanism and the growing popularity in all things pertaining to the dark side.

      • Seumas,

        Swampygirl sends you this link on the Catholic Church training more exorcists because of an increased need:

        • Thank you Dr. E.

        • Thanks Dr. Eowyn, Swampygirl, I would hope the folks in the Orthodox, and Non-denom/other denom churches are doing the same, too! This is very troubling because it seems there has been a large spike in malevolent entities becoming much more active in recent years, and yet previously I had not noticed any such spike in the people willing to take measures to cast the creatures out, especially not locally. I do hope more Christian folk will get on the bandwagon, but then I’m of the opinion that every Christian should know how to cast out devils in Christ’s name, as part of the “basic training”, so to speak.

          As an aside I do worry the problem will get worse, I know “herbs of the field” have their proper medicinal place, and perhaps cannabis is no different, but we know that improper use of such is utilized in shamanism to enter trances, and aid in either channeling or to be outright possessed, and I wonder presently if the current drive to legalize “cannabis” is meant to better aid such in a larger swath of society… Anyone have thoughts on that?

      • for some reason oil fracking came to mind. Yes on the fracturing of the personality. They do this when the children are young and even wake them up in the middle of the night to ask them if they are dreaming… if not, the program is taking affect. If they dream, they have to keep working. It is the subconscious that is warning the child in response to the programing… I try and remember my dreams very closely. It never lies to me.

        • Anyone that is seriously interested in this subject should read Cathy O’Brien’s book, “The Transformation of America”. She was raised up to be a Project Monarch sex slave which is part of MKUltra. It’s a tough read…..disgusting and mind blowing…..unbelievable depravity. Nothing any sane person could ever conjure up in their wildest imagination.

          • thanks, swampygirl. I have read, located, and found out about all I want to know about this sick disservice. While I appreciate your information, I believe I have had my fill with the ever more recent pictures of this sick metaphoric program.

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  13. Anything that alters the mind disrupts the connection we have with the Holy Spirit. All sorts of drugs will do this to varying degrees. Transcendental meditation requires no drugs and is even more detrimental to one’s spiritual life. The first step in TM requires emptying the mind……that’s a big door to open and guess who will be coming through that door to fill the void……

    • Insightful, swampygirl!

      Accounts of truly evil people often contain this eerie description of the evil person: “There’s no one there.” It is said nature abhors a vacuum. When we empty or vacate our selves or our minds, whether through TM or drugs or …, a door is opened to the demonic.

      • traildustfotm

        And that is something that has numerous accounts to warn us. There are many incidents of TM leading to an outright demonic conclusion.

  14. When my former wife took LSD for the first time 45 yrs ago, she told me that she had a vision of Satan’s face floating on the ceiling of the room she was in.

    While raised in a devout Roman Catholic family in the San Fernando Valley, she started a rebellious party girl life at 15 and never looked back, until she had her pimp assassinated when she was 19.

    I wasted too many years of my life trying to help her; in the end she remained a deceitful sociopath, which is why we divorced in 2010, after a failed second marriage 20 years later. I guess evil is as evil does, and is ALWAYS the absence of the Good/God/Heaven’s grace in us.

    • Wow. You married her a second time! I’m glad you finally got out.

      • Well, no fool like an old fool, eh? As she was 15 yrs younger and very sexually skillful, my physical self duped my spiritual self, which of course ALWAYS leads to disaster.

        Such lessons are VERY hard, but since then I changed my computer’s password to what the raven said in Poe’s poem: “Nevermore!”

  15. This is the ONLY website where I’ve put out my soul’s [until now] secrets, because I feel as safe here as at Meeting for Worship.

    Thank you all, but most especially our angel Eowyn, for making this refuge for us!

    Let the NSA put that in its pipe and smoke it!

  16. This reported: Las Vegas Cop Killers Were Members of Far Left #Occupy Movement


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