Mitt wins New Hampshire

New Hampshire GOP primary results:

  • Mitt Romney 37%
  • Ron Paul 24%
  • Jon Huntsman 17%
  • Newt Gingrich 10%
  • Rick Santorum 10%

For details, go here.

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We’re are going to get stuck with Mittens RINOmney as the nominee.
Newt has allowed his inner liberal to escape over the last couple of days, so he is pretty much toast among true conservatives.
The republican campaign has degenerated into a circular firing squad (actually, it’s a cluster fornication), with two RINOs and an unelectable libertarian at the top of the heap.
If I were Obama, I’d be LMAO.
Damn, this is depressing. 🙁

Alice Wolf

This is ridiculous! What in the world are we waiting for.
We need to have the president outta there and then everything will change……………. a coalition of decent intelligent people would be preferable then, and the crazy GOP thingymy would be flushed away with the all other cobwebs…………………………………… Eric Holder is having his next hearing very soon, things will be different after that, they are exposing more and more money laundering for drug cartels, today it was the DEA working for “The Rabbit”…………………….you gotta laugh.


RINOmney rides again.


Ugh….we are hosed.

Vic Bailey

WTF? The American people are so stupid, they have their head up their ass so far they can see their tonsils! They say they wants someone to care about the people BUT they keep electing the GREEDY POWER HUNGRY ASSHOLES time and time again. The cycle needs to be broken the STUPID PEOPLE NEED EDUCATED, about the Liars, Warmongers and Traitors that have ruined this country and will keep doing it with the help of the uneducated voters, they believe the LYING Government controlled MEDIA. Stupid people follow the media amd Smart people have enough sense to make up their… Read more »