Mitt Romney Shellshocked by Election Loss

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The day after the Tuesday Electoral Massacre, I stayed calm and stoical. The American people had spoken, and a majority want the POS back for another four years, mistaken though I think they are.

Then analyses and data started coming in — about non-U.S. citizens voting; about the missing 3 million who had voted for McCain in 2008; and Ron Paul cultists openly admitting they sat this election out.

Add to all that what FOTM had already chronicled, on:

Then I discovered that good Catholics and evangelical Christians had fought the good fight by turning out in greater numbers for Romney than they had for McCain in 2008.

All day yesterday, as I processed this information, I became angrier and angrier. Until I saw this headline on Drudge, and my heart broke.

Romney ‘Shellshocked’ By Loss

Visibly stricken, Gov. Mitt Romney graciously concedes the election

Jan Crawford reports for CBS News, Nov. 8, 2012, that a senior adviser of the Romney-Ryan campaign says Gov. Romney was completely taken by surprise — “shellshocked” — by the electoral loss: “We went into the evening confident we had a good path to victory. I don’t think there was one person who saw this coming.” They just couldn’t believe they had been so wrong.

Romney’s campaign got its first hint something was wrong on the afternoon of Election Day, when state campaign workers on the ground began reporting huge turnout in areas favorable to Obama: northeastern Ohio, northern Virginia, central Florida and Miami-Dade. Then came the early exit polls that also were favorable to Obama.

But it wasn’t until the polls closed that concern turned into alarm. They expected North Carolina to be called early. It wasn’t. They expected Pennsylvania to be up in the air all night; it went early for Obama.

After Ohio went for Obama, it was over, but senior advisers say no one could process it. But then came Colorado for Obama and Florida also was looking tougher than anyone had imagined. Romney then said what they knew: it was over.

Romney was stoic as he talked to Obama, but his wife Ann cried. Running mate Paul Ryan seemed genuinely shocked; his wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly.

“There’s nothing worse than when you think you’re going to win, and you don’t,” said another adviser. “It was like a sucker punch.”

Their emotion was visible on their faces when they walked on stage after Romney finished his remarks, which Romney had hastily composed, knowing he had to say something.

Both wives looked stricken, and Ryan himself seemed grim. They all were thrust on that stage without understanding what had just happened.

“He was shellshocked,” one adviser said of Romney.

Romney and his campaign had gone into the evening confident they had a good path to victory, for emotional and intellectual reasons. The huge and enthusiastic crowds in swing state after swing state in recent weeks – not only for Romney but also for Paul Ryan – bolstered what they believed intellectually: that Obama would not get the kind of turnout he had in 2008.

They thought intensity and enthusiasm were on their side this time – poll after poll showed Republicans were more motivated to vote than Democrats – and that would translate into votes for Romney.

As a result, they believed the public/media polls were skewed – they thought those polls oversampled Democrats and didn’t reflect Republican enthusiasm. They based their own internal polls on turnout levels more favorable to Romney. That was a grave miscalculation, as they would see on election night.

The CBS article then goes on to “analyze” just how the Romney campaign got it wrong. Blah, blah, blah….

To that, I say “Horse manure!”

Like our Hardnox and Terry, I don’t believe for even a second that the POS actually won Tuesday’s election legitimately.

No way.

How do I know that?

Here’s how, in addition to what I’d written at the beginning of this post on voter fraud, the military (non)vote, and Ron Paulists’ treasonous abstention:


about which we are told is so super important to voter turnout and winning.

As early as last May, the POS already wasn’t drawing the large crowds he used to in 2008. Then in the days leading up to Nov. 6:

  • In my post of Nov. 5, I finally let a big cat out of the bag, the best-kept secret of this election: I haven’t seen even ONE SINGLE Obama 2012 bumpersticker, yard sign, or apartment window sign in Berkeley, California — the Belly of the Left Beast. Whereas in 2008, the city was inundated with Obama-Biden signs and stickers. That certainly signals a total lack of enthusiasm for Obama among America’s most diehard Leftists.

Even Obama thought he would lose. Unlike Romney, Obama had prepared a concession speech. Feeling sorry for himself, the POS actually cried in his last campaign rally:

Don’t all the above mean SOMETHING? How could we, despite all the above striking signs of enthusiasm on our side and a lack of enthusiasm on theirs, have ended up with an electoral loss on Tuesday which is even worse than the one in 2008? Something just doesn’t add up!!!!

Shellshocked, Gov. Romney still is gracious. This is his message on his campaign website:

“I still believe in the people of America. And so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for this great nation.

Thank you, and God bless America.”

If we are hurting, imagine how he must be feeling.

To make it even worse, now the vultures in the GOP are croaking their typical “Blame the Candidate” noises.

Please send Governor Mitt Romney a “Thank You” message. Tell him he must fight — for the 58,488,199 Americans who had voted for him. Send him the link to this post:

Romney’s website no longer has a “Contact Us” provision. You will need to go on his Facebook page to leave a message. Click Here.


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0 responses to “Mitt Romney Shellshocked by Election Loss

  1. I don’t believe that! If he was so shell shocked, then why the heck isn’t he fighting!!? Obama got 108% of the vote in Ohio, for goodness sake. Allen West is fight for justice in the corrupt voting cycle in Florida. Virginia had voter fraud two weeks before the election and Pennsylvania had thugs standing at the voting booth. If he’s so shell shocked, why isn’t he calling foul!!!? Because he isn’t shell shocked, he was a plant and he had no intention of winning…

    • Rosalinda Lozano,

      Your mouth must be permanently puckered up like a wrinkled prune from your permanent state of sourness. Beginning with your first comment on FOTM on a post by Terry (“This post is disappointing. You are only lowering yourself and this, otherwise wonderful blog, to the level of the vile campaign for Obama. It’s disappointing to look forward to your posts and find this…”), you’ve done nothing but carp and whine, with NEVER a kind word to say about anything or anybody.

      Now you’re accusing Mitt Romney of being “a plant.” Either you produce the evidence or STFU.

  2. fox news reported voter fraud. citizens in huge numbers reported voter fraud. Digital voter machines, malfunctioning early on. Why won’t they stand up and fight? Allen West is.

  3. So everbody knows all of this and nobody does a thing about it. The Strength has to come from the Republican Goverment to persue the corruption -not just let it go- A good example is Allen West – he really did win! You governeors know how/ways to do the same as Allen West. We Want Romney + Ann in Our White house- for their real deal of a Recovery Plan of America. Get to Work Governers + senators of Republican Party- If Allen West can find his votes- You all should be able to Find Gov.Mitt Romney’s Votes. We all know something is just not right.

  4. For me, this was a sElection, just as when “dark horse” Obama came out of nowhere in Chicago: the money powers put in office the puppet they can best manipulate for their ends. Romney –as was Kennedy– is wealthy enough and well-connected enough that it wouldn’t be as easy to do with him as they wish. Like all such pieces, the PoS is easily made into what’s needed, as TPTB decide what’s best for them at the time. But even they make mistakes: this may yet become a classic case of extreme blow-back!!

    • It’s down to who will sell their soul for the right price and who’s willing to go the furthest down the road towards DEEP political corruption. Romney may not have been willing to sell his soul, and they just threw him into the mix to delude a couple million (or more) ppl, just for kicks and grins. He was never INTENDED to win, cuz if ever there was an example of a human being willing to sell his soul to gain the world, it’s Zero FOR SURE. TPTB are crying in their soup that Zero can only be in there for 2 terms! Where else will they find someone so willing, that I bet they’ve even clued him in on some of their worst dirty tricks! Like he’ll ever divulge them, but he’ll teach them to others, guaranteed. It’s the “Chicago Way”. I wonder if he didn’t teach some of THEM a bunch of dirty dealings!

      (Now I sure hope this posts, cuz it’s my third post tonight and I can’t see the first two like I usually do. If I’m on moderation, no problem, I haven’t been here (there and everywhere) for a while, what w/ getting a teen-ager in the house, that I had to hand off to her uncles cuz *I* sure as heck wasn’t getting through to her. Remember how the adults sounded to the Peanut’s gang? Yeah, like that. Seems Grandma had a bit of an overactive “rosy-cozy” view of us and her, and they’re nearer her age and MUCH harder-for-her-own-good than we would be. Whew! And they were happy to take her on! God bless my dau-in-law, and my 2 sons!! Sierra can only be the better for it. Not to get all off topic or anything, but if I’m moderated, whomever is in charge – you can take this part off if you want and prevent my double posting, too, if you want. No harm, no foul.)

  5. Chicago politics sucks and is un-American… third-world, in fact.

  6. I do not believe that Your-Word-Here fairly won the election.
    Very interesting post at HA :
    Okay, I realize that Mitt had some problems with the base. In the last two months, it appeared he ran a campaign that was pretty much focused on the 5-6% undecideds in the middle, and I understand some conservatives considered him to be too much of a RINO. I also understand that his ORCA turnout program turned out to be a big bust. However:

    1. Just about every poll I looked at showed the GOP leading in enthusiasm, usually by double-digits.
    2. Every EV report I saw had the GOP out-performing its 2008 numbers.
    3. The Gallup and Rasmussen party affiliation polls both showed the GOP ahead, and Rasmussen has a great track record.
    4. The Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls all had Mitt leading for most of the last month.
    5. Mitt was drawing huge, enthusiastic crowds, and it seemed to build as Nov. 6 approached.
    6. And then on election day, Mitt’s numbers tanked, falling short of 2008 turnout by 11%. As you can see, turnout had been increasing every four years when you add in population growth – until 2012.
    7. I’ve heard that Team Romney’s internal polls were similar to Gallup/Rasmussen.

    2000 7% increase over 1996
    2004 19% increase over 2000
    2008 7% increase over 2004
    2012 11% decrease over 2008!

    All of this has been bothering me a lot, and it just doesn’t make any sense. At the moment, I’m close to concluding that this election was stolen from us. If you think about it, it wouldn’t be that difficult. They could focus on a few selected counties in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.

    1. I’ve looked at reports from Philadelphia and Cleveland where Obama got numbers that couldn’t be true, such as 100% turnout and 99% of the vote.
    2. I’ve discovered that not ONE SINGLE MILITARY ABSENTEE BALLOT was counted. This was outrageous. I’ve read reports about the government dragging its feet to get ballots mailed out – and then the ballots were received the day after. And the absentee ballots that were sent to our troops in Afghanistan burned up in a plane crash. I don’t know how many total ballots were not counted, but I know Mitt would have gotten around 65-70%.
    3. There are three different kinds of software that was used to tabulate votes on these machines – and I’m looking into whether this software could be hacked or not.

    Back to me: Another thing that bothers me is how everyone in the MSM was very quick to jump on the “The results match those swing-state polls! There you go: polls were right! Now lets talk about how much Romney f*cked everything up because that ORCA app didn’t work.”

    The most laughable part, of course, is that these people are pointing the “accuracy” of the DailyKos/SEIU swing state polls done by PPP to justify how everything you list about enthusiasm/crowd size/Gallup & Ras having Romney ahead etc for Romney the last month did not mean what it meant.

    FFS — *of course* the actual results of the election match the RCP averages — that’s how election fixing works, you create exactly that kind of “believable” result, you don’t give your guy a 20 point lead when the polls had him tied. Plus, the fraud via polls was in the works for a long time –at first it was to demoralize us thinking that they would win without having to do wide-scale voting fraud, but then that first debate happened & Romney started gathering momentum because people were getting excited to vote FOR him, not just AGAINST Obama. That is when TeamObama started panicking & they needed some kind of last minute “Black Swan” to reset the story by taking the focus off of the campaign (especially after the jobs reports that were supposed to be ATOMIC BOMBS! didn’t work). The flailing & vulgarity we saw directly from Obama himself, not just his campaign & surrogates, after October 3rd was due to the stress of figuring out what the “Black Swan” was going to be — if they hadn’t “lucked out” (I’m being sarcastic here) with Sandy hitting when it did, they would have been bombing Libya in relation for Benghazi a week before the election.

    Which all leads to this: all this revisionist history the MSM is doing about how Romney really didn’t ever have momentum, the first debate didn’t change anything & how some tech fail suppressed Romney’s voters on election day so they will not ask the *real* questions about what happened between election eve & election day.

    I full expect to see the following revisionist history in the MSM by Monday:

    Remember all those liberal newspapers who flipped their endorsements from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012? Totally a sign that Romney was tanking.

    Oh and those pathetic Obama crowds & those huge ones for Romney with thousands waiting in the cold and rain to see him (that Obama only matched when Katy Perry or Jay-Z opened for him)? That was deliberate strategy on Obama’s part to lull the right into a false sense of momentum.

    Finally, Obama in Iowa election eve slumped over the podium, rambling about this being his last race with tears streaming down his face while at the same time Romney in NH with a crowd of 12,000+ cheering so loudly when he came on stage that he couldn’t start his speech for 10 minutes? Never happened.
    What is really bothering me is that now Lefties and mealy mouthed Republicans are blablabla-ing about how we are supposed to “reach out to Blacks and Hispanics, single women and youth….If this means become Republican Light, more like the party that spent all its time demonizing and slandering Romney and offering nothing but Obamaphones, birth control, abortion on demand and other hand-outs….that’s obviously NOT the answer.
    I have read that source code can be manipulated through a virus like Stuxnet or Scytl and that widespread voting manipulation can be done easily and that this coding can easily be made to self destruct when the polls close leaving no trace that it as even inserted.

    Finally, for what it’s worth I think that this second term will be a disaster, and that for reasons that I do not yet know, the full second term will not be served.
    Forward is a misspelling, the word is Forewarned.

    an interesting new site:

  7. More bad news for Romney:
    I just seen a headline that said; “Obama wins Florida too.”

  8. I think we were all shocked. And Pennsylvania was called while people were still in line to vote. How did that happen? I think we all need to be more involved, as in working the polls, etc. I think it’s the only way we can have any way to stop voter fraud. Let’s face it, despite all the evidence of voter fraud nothing was done. If we are in the polls as workers, maybe we can stop it.

  9. Not only did the POS cry in the above picture, but he totally lost it after the election when thanking his staffers. He was crying so hard he could hardly talk! When have we ever seen this man cry? NEVER!!! This stinks so bad. He also held back the Petraeus news. More fishy stuff! I will never believe this was a legitimate election!

  10. Lame Cherry explains how the election was won. The explanation is rather difficult to sum up in a comment soperhaps anyone who is interested in the algorythym theory and has 20 minutes available it’s out there. How members of Congress can turntheir backs on the web posts that cover tis situation and all the other scandalous situations hovering over the Admnistrationis mind boglling. Petraous, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner are all quitting
    Surely we can turn this thig around, before the Supreme Court falls into thewrong hands. No more crying over split milk. .

    • Never have I seen a group of comments so in denial of the reality of math.

      • Reality? The millions unemployed, the record number of people out of the workforce and on food stamps, and the millions about to get pink slips/hours cut because of Obamacare are going to have the worst reality.

  11. [This may show up twice and I’m sorry about that, but I’m not seeing it like I normally do, but I won’t re-post again if I don’t see it this time. Hopefully, this one will show up]

    Well, ORCA, whatever that was supposed to be (prolly an app for a smart phone, all I own are dumb phones) didn’t stop me, my husband or my mother (who wouldn’t know an app from a hammer) all voted for him. So ORCA can’t be blamed in all cases. What was it anyway?

    And yeah Doc, I had been dwelling on what it meant for all of us, not thinking of him, tho I will say, I think it was way too soon for him to concede before he had a court case demanding all military votes be counted and investigating things like all those ballots in the trash in FL and Philadelphia, etc. They say Holder is stepping down – I know it’s pure fantasy, but maybe someone who at least follows the law, whether or not they care, will investigate this. Prior warning: I’m not holding my breath. smh What a bite.

    I have one other idea tho. IF the “enthusiasm factor” was down for Repubs, (altho this would still be true for Dems, but I’m saying it anyway) – why, in God’s sweet Name, do they have to focus on only 8 or 9 states, whatever, and forget the entire rest of the country? I’D like a chance occasionally, to go to a rally, see our gal/guy up close, listen to them speak in their entirety, even the VP, if they’re as AWESOME as Ryan was, MAN what a loss!! I WANT him in the 2016 race for prez, that man is almost perfect, and I doubt the economy, such as is left of it, won’t be a lick better by then! Not leaving us in the “unimportant” states to hear only what the TV deigns to let me hear. I’d like to be thought of as important, that my vote counts too, even tho I don’t live in FL, VA, OH, PA, and whatever other states they all seem to think are vastly more important than we are. Yeah, I live in MD, and when God made MD, He saw what color it was and named it blue – it’ll stay that way until the Second Coming guaranteed! However, for once (or at least lately) Washington County was the prettiest shade of red you ever saw! 🙂 But seriously. Hit all 50 states at least once, for heaven’s sake. (Hit 57 if you’d like, then you know you hit them all!) We’d LIKE to imagine that we count for SOMEthing! Try some of us, 2 or 3 times maybe. You want “enthusiasm” you gotta make ppl feel like they count too!

    And a POX on those that sat this out “on principle”. I’d adore to say worse, but I know this is a family forum. Please consider it said, y’all know EGG-ZACT-LY what I have in mind to say. You’re saying it yourselves, just not when the little ones are around, hopefully.

  12. We’ver Got to FIGHT THIS! Mitt Romney can’t take this lying down! He worked his heart out and we went to his last rally in COLORADO and it was PACKED! There is signs of voter fraud in Colorado as well! The campaign is not over!


    • Calm down jan, drop the caps lock. It’s Sunday, you need to chill.

      Tell the millions unemployed, the record number of people out of the workforce and on foodstamps, and the millions about to lose jobs/hours due to Obamacareto get over it. They are the people you should be worried about.

    • If any republicans actually have ever committed election fraud, then they had the how-to textbook that was written by the democrats eons ago as a guide.


  14. I haven’t moved into the election-was-stolen camp just yet, but I can see the front gate from here.

    I am having a real problem that three million fewer republicans voted for Romney than McCain – especially given what this country has gone through for the last four years.

    Something about all this is really beginning to smell.



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