Mitt Romney, Mr. Flip-flop

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File this under: “Politicians are lying scum and will say, do, and promise anything.”
Romney is presenting himself as the antithesis of a Washington insider.
This video, however, shows him boasting about his facility in getting gobs of money from Washington for the Olympics Game.
If he becomes the GOP nominee, you can count on the Obama campaign flooding the airways with this video.

H/t beloved Tina

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  1. “I don’t know why everybody’s so worked up about Mitt Romney being a Mormon. He’s more likely to pray facing Wall Street than Salt Lake City.” -Max Joseph

    • Mitt Romney, the GOP’s Matthew Lesko!

      • Years ago I read Lesko’s bio. He was actually outraged at the government giveways of taxpayer’s hard earned money. That’s why he started researching and publishing all the freebies and profligate spending of Uncle Sam. This goofy character in the Question Mark suit was his interpretation of unaccountable government gone wild.


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