Mitt Romney, good for business and a true leader

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Governor Romney was telling the truth when he said in last night’s debate that:

  • He cares about America’s small businesses.
  • He knows how to help America’s small businesses.
  • Obama is bad for America’s small (and medium and large) businesses.

Here’s a video of businessmen and women who had worked with Mitt Romney or had their company saved by Romney.

And here are their testimonies:

Tom Stemberg, Co-founder of Staples: “Mitt is the most thorough executive I have ever experienced. Mitt plans for every scenario: The good, the bad, the ugly. And he’s ready for all of them.”

Tom Tierney, former Manager Director, Bains & Company: “He’s been growing businesses his entire professional career.”

Jim MacDonald, former Staples executive: “A very inspirational and very competent leader.”

Doug Wooden, Co-founder of Bright Horizons: “When things aren’t going well, people will turn to Mitt.”

Paula Ness Speers, former consultant, Bains & Co.: “He’s been the one that will come in, calmly and carefully fix things.” “He draws the best out of everyone who works with him.”

Bob Guezuraga, former President of Physio Control: “Mitt was really the visionary.”

Jack Smith, Founder & former CEO of Sports Authority: “Thank God for Mitt…. We opened up our first store, and it was an instant home run.” “If I didn’t have Mitt Romney there to guide me, there probably wouldn’t be a Sports Authority today.”

John Massaua, former Staples executive: “Mitt Romney was the kind of person who asks the right questions at the right time, and allow you to answer them.”

Mike Haynes, former CEO of GT Bicycles: “Besides creating a lot of jobs just at GT, we created a lot of jobs outside that building.”

Keith Busse, Co-founder of Steel Dynamics: “We went from 250 jobs to 6,500 world-class jobs. We always think of Mitt and his team as the team that really put us over the top.”

“What was special about Mitt is he understood what was behind the numbers. What was behind the numbers was great people.”

“Mitt cares deeply about people, in the context of team.”

Ed Albertian, former Staples executive: “He brings a humility to everything he does that gets people to want to work together.” “Mitt forces you to look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you’re doing your best every day.”

Mitt’s one of “those people who know how to make you feel good about yourself.”

Michael Anthony, former CEO of Brookstone: “Turning around businesses and creating successful businesses is a terrific background to be able to run this country.”

“I trust him inherently to run this country.”

Ric Gorman, CEO of GOCOM Broadcasting: “It’s so important at this time in our country that we find really rock solid leadership based upon family and faith and the most important things in our lives.”

William Branch, former executive of Masland: “It’s inside his DNA to solve problems and he sees there are enormous problems in this country today.”

“I think Mitt Romney will make a great President.”

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Money is the lifeblood of political campaigns. If you have a few dollars to spare, please donate to the Romney-Ryan campaign. If the POS is reelected, you won’t have any dollar to spare. I wouldn’t ask you if I hadn’t myself donated — my 3rd time.

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0 responses to “Mitt Romney, good for business and a true leader

  1. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. I agree, he will make an excellent president, in part due to his experience as a businessman and someone who knows how the economy works. He showed last night his knowledge about economic issues and how this administration has ruined our economy.

  2. Skippy can’t even come close to Romney’s working experience. Glad to see these business guys speaking out.

  3. Like Nixon said in ’68… This time, vote like your whole world depended on it.

    • Obama: Parents, childhood mentor (F.M.Davis), Occidental College friends, Chicago associates (Ayers, Dohrn….) all Marxists. Obama himself was a Marxist Alinskyite “community organizer”; taught class warfare as a Lecturer at Chicago Law; foments race and class warfare as POTUS.

      Romney: Not a single Marxist in his background; spent most of his adult life in private business with a track record of success; never fomented race or class warfare.

      Sure they are EXACTLY the same. Keep drinking your Kool-aid, fool.

  4. My perspective RE: Debate

    Moderator CC had the rules and was clearly out of line and her Network needs to set an example and FIRE her (will truly avoid it happening again!)

    We clearly saw two views of the next direction for, “Our Country.

    Obama: Showed up… and showed strength as; a liar, ie…Benghazi attack took 14 days for him to call it a terrorist attack, and when he said, “we will not stand for any terror attack” he was saying it was a terrorist attack, why was he Campaigning the next day and 14 days later why was his administration saying it was because of a video? He kept all promises in past 4 years and those he hasn’t he’ll keep in the next 4 years, (Hello, If he kept them all he can’t have, those he hasn’t ?? he’s confused??) gas prices going up, “when the economy recovers our gas prices go up, (so, economy recovery will make our gas prices go up.) OK “folks” his plan doesn’t sound helpful for; our paychecks, taxes, grocery prices, gas prices, debt and economy. Obama is pleased with his 4 year misdirection of change and that’s all he has FOLKS!

    Romney: Showed strength, character, a vision with clear insight and a plan for creating jobs, decreasing the deficit, less taxes, and decreasing our dependency on others for *gas and oil (which will lower gas prices WITH Economy Recovery,) getting America moving again and great leadership. He was knowledgeable, articulate, and backed up plans with facts, ie … Per non partisan womens group; when Romney took office as Governor he did ask for a binder containing womens names and he hired women from that list to his cabinet.

    *gas and oil production is down in our country

    Romney won the night and I LOVED his message, “We don’t have to settle and live like this,” the power to change rest with us and how he stated it with Reaganesque clarity!

    I cant wait for round three.


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