Mitt Romney Fights Heavyweight Boxing Champ Evander Holyfield

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Mitt Romney lasts 2 rounds against Holyfield in boxing match
By BRIAN SKOLOFF (Associated Press)
May 16, 2015 1:35 AM
AP – Sports
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and five-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield squared off in the ring Friday at a charity fight night event in Salt Lake City.
Romney, 68, and Holyfield, 52, sparred, if you could call it that, for just two short rounds before Romney ran away from the boxer and threw in the towel, giving up a round early in the lighthearted fight that came amid several other fights by professional boxers and an auction.
The two barely threw any punches and largely just danced around, occasionally lightly jabbing each other in the midsection in what was much more of a comedic event than an actual bout.
The black-tie affair raised money for the Utah-based organization CharityVision, which helps doctors in developing countries perform surgeries to restore vision in people with curable blindness.
Romney’s son Josh Romney, who lives in Utah, serves as a volunteer president for CharityVision.
Corporate sponsorships for the event ranged from $25,000 to $250,000. Organizers say they raised at least $1 million.
”He said, ‘You know what? You float like a bee and sting like a butterfly,”’ Romney said after the fight.
Attendees just enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the chance to see Romney in the ring.
”Oh, it was great. I was very proud of Mitt,” said Katie Anderson, who attended the event with her husband.
”I was happy it went to the second round,” Devin Anderson said.
Romney, the most-high profile Mormon in America, is hugely popular in the state, where more than 60 percent of the residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Beyond his religious connections, the former Massachusetts governor is remembered by many for turning around Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Olympics after a bribery scandal.
Romney has recently built a home in the Salt Lake City area and registered as a Utah voter.

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0 responses to “Mitt Romney Fights Heavyweight Boxing Champ Evander Holyfield

  1. Well,it is what it is,I guess. It probably wouldn’t have served any purpose for Romney to get his face mangled-this event did what it was meant to do,it raised money for a Charity. NOW-if they REALLY wanna raise some money,they should book a fight between Evander and Obama,only use the REAL gloves,or between Killary and Rand. (Gender equality-fair is fair.)

  2. I commend Mitt on even getting into that ring with such a decorated boxer. How many in politics would have the nads to do what he did?
    The reason was wonderful, the results will be worthy. Hats off to Mitt.

  3. Mitt threw 2012. And he isn’t a Christian. The GOP really set it up to lose. It’s a puppet show.

  4. LOL – I’m just glad Mitt didn’t get himself hurt.
    I don’t really consider him to be presidential material (he’s just too polite), but I still like the guy.

  5. traildustfotm

    “What-ifs” are not usually helpful, but I can’t hold myself back from wondering. We could have had Romney in office, a decent honorable guy, with good values. But instead, we have Obama, a guy who PRETENDS to be decent and honorable, but who is neither decent nor honorable.
    Anyone who voted for Obama, your blood is on your own hands.

    • I don’t mean to bring your spirits down Traildust, so please don’t feel too bad, but romney, like obomber, has a dark side, its just less prominent, and I’m not just talking about his deep affiliation with the satanic church of mormon (mamon?) and not just because he is obliged to use his “time and talents” for it’s benefit (if he wants to remain “temple worthy” anyhow)… ever heard of the WWASP troubled teen child abuse prison camp stuff? As it turns out romney is associated with the next generation copy of that, the Aspen education group (owned by bain capital) troubled teen stuff, which also have allegations of abuse (including sexual), and general mistreatment of youngsters as well as running “camps”/detention centers (not unlike the WWASP tranquility bay abuse center) if you can get past some of the liberal bias here: it may be useful this one may be as well. and finally: this.
      As always please do correct me if I’m wrong about these groups. However, even were he not associated with such vile places, he is still a servant of the mormon cult, pledged to further it’s goals, and it is no doubt a church founded by the devil, with a “prophet” who committed pedophilia (even for smith’s time having sexual relations with a girl as young as 14 was grossly inappropriate) as well as adultery (11 women who were already married were also “married” to him later, and while they were still married to their proper husbands). As sad as it may be, romney likely would’ve been as bad as obomber, if not potentially worse, after all, the mormon church has to it’s name the first american 9/11, the mountain meadows massacre. We should also not forget that smith himself also aimed for getting the U.S. presidency.
      It seems most often the candidates are merely a choice of poisons, no true cure or righteousness would be permitted to actually be on a ballot (if it could be helped.) If someone who seeks God’s guidance, is Christian, and righteous can be on the ballot, they would need tremendous courage to stand up to the entrenched evils within the bulk of the establishment, and if they actually won, would have to avoid being bumped off by the likes of the secret service etc. and constantly be on guard (Sword of Damocles and all that.) for the snares of the enemy… not to mention they would also have their hands full cleaning up the corruption throughout, and would certainly need a lot of help. It isn’t an impossibility, of course, but it is not very likely if someone meeting those criteria doesn’t try.

    • My thoughts, exactly, TD. Despite what Seumas said (see comment above), and recognizing no politician is perfect, just compare the faces of Romney with Obama’s, especially their eyes.
      Eyes don’t lie. It was Obama’s eyes, malevolent and evil, which, in early 2008, first alerted and alarmed me. I have NEVER seen Mitt Romney’s eyes and face as anything other than kind.

      • Well as always Dr. Eowyn, feel free to investigate what is presented. However, even if romney has broken ties with bain and aspen, he remains mormon, and if he is as devout to it as claimed, then the results would be just as bad, because his “church” would exercise control through him… if he wanted to remain “worthy” and “in good standing” with the mormon corporation, anyway.
        Frankly, eyes or not, unless he has a will to buck the luciferian church of mormon, the prospect would be just as dismal. (remember, the only reason polygamy isn’t openly practiced by the main branch anymore is because of govt. opposition to it, if a mormon were president, I suspect we’d see a swift return of the abominable practice.) if he is as “christian” as a candidate can get, then unless he can get clean of the cult, folks need another option. (and certainly not billary, herr jeb bush, or herr obomber). One that wouldn’t have money (riches are a grave temptation to a man, and have ruined many through history.), and wouldn’t be a hireling of the devil worshipers, one who could be relied on to only take orders from God/Christ. People shouldn’t have to settle for a “choice of evils”, whether they’re considered greater or lesser.

  6. Nothing going on with the upcoming 2016 convince me they are actually going to have one.
    So far all the contenders are wannabes; burnouts; whackos or criminals.
    We listen for them to says something that resonates with our own beliefs and want a leader to emerge.
    We hear things we like here and there but It is hard to imagine any of them doing anything meaningful.
    Instead they all want us to send them money. To buy media, or to embezzle not to buy guns and mount an opposition against the communist takeover.
    No one can complete a sentence without stuttering and checking the talking points.
    No one is a born again Constitutionalist.
    I heard the the 2016 elections will be called off due to some ‘crisis’ (riots; Jihad inside our shores; massive financial failure; all of the above).
    Barry will remain in charge, perhaps as Supreme Leader instead of president.
    Anyone who opposes will be identified as a radical and loaded on a bus to a FEMA DHS holding area or if they shoot back, terminated.
    Can anyone identify individuals or groups who have the means to actually oppose him or prevent this?
    Congress is powerless, and the states have forfeited their autonomy.
    About all that most people (who even care) could do to resist is post their complaints using CAPS LOCK.
    By simply cutting off the electricity most folks will be totally isolated and helpless. They couldn’t go to the store or even flush their toilet..
    Some would possibly hold out, but what/who are they holding out for?
    If you have your own jet and loads of gold stashed away, you will have some means of survival.
    Actually if you have those things, you’re already a charter member and are aware of this plan.

    I’d like to be convinced I’m wrong

    • Are you kidding? The GOP has assembled the strongest group of contenders since Ronald Reagan! At least a dozen excellent candidates! They could knock out the Avengers, the Xmen, and the Justice League of America combined!

  7. Hold on… someone handed Lindsey Graham a microphone and he is promising to eradicate ISIS. That is after he gets done agreeing to giving Obama the power to destroy our economy, and of course after he returns from their next paid vacation, probably Memorial Day when we can light a candle for the troops who fell so Obama could give Rhamadi back to the MUSLIMS.
    It’s nice that Robert Gates is back on his feet after his ‘accident’.
    He dumped his load with the book but henceforth he’ll probably limit himself to slap and tickle fights with Harry Reid another of the walking wounded.
    After Gates first attempt to self absolve by falling on his sword, he had to settle for a book deal.
    Along with his Halliburton earnings, he ought to be OK
    the book
    “Gates’s rage is particularly startling. It certainly pervades his book. By my count, the words “anger,” “angered,” “angry,” or “angrily” appear thirty-four times to describe his state of mind, sometimes preceded by intensifiers such as “extremely” or “really.” Two more times he is “upset.” Once he is “really pissed.” Ten times he is “furious” or “infuriated”; five times he is “outraged” or finds something to be “outrageous”; twice he is “seething”; six times he is “offended,” including once “exceptionally offended.” That amounts to at least sixty eruptions of bile in a 598-page account, or once every ten pages or so.”
    Hey Eric Holder doesn’t like the book so have to I LOVE IT.


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