Mississippi Forest Hill High School band simulates killing cops

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Thanks to millionaire quarterback Colin Kaepernick, spectator sports have degenerated from the NFL’s #TakeAKnee refusal to stand for the National Anthem, to simulating cop-killing.

That’s what a Mississippi high school band did.

Christopher Berg reports for BlueLivesMatter that the incident took place during a halftime performance for a game between Forest Hill High School and Brookhaven High School in Brookhaven, Mississippi on October 5, 2018, just a week after two white Brookhaven police officers had been killed. Dressed as doctors and nurses, Forest Hill High School band members used fake rifles to “execute” students dressed as police officers.

WLBT reports that Mississippi Department of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher released a statement citing their disappointment:

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is extremely disturbed by Forest Hill’s leadership approving and allowing their band to display a reenactment of violence against law enforcement at a high school football game in Brookhaven, MS. This is highly inappropriate considering the recent loss of two Brookhaven Police officers to senseless violence.

This only exacerbates the war against law enforcement in our nation. Mimicking acts of violence against law enforcement, or members of the public should never be condoned at a high school football game or any function whatsoever. The Governor’s School Safety Task Force is currently working to reduce school violence which is at an all-time high. I have to question whoever made this decision in regards to what message they are sending to our children.

Forest Hill High School is part of the Jackson Public Schools District. Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene released a statement the next day:

On behalf of the Jackson Public School (JPS) District, I want to offer my deep and sincere apologies for the performance by the Forest Hill High School band during Friday’s football half-time show in Brookhaven. Based loosely on the movie, “John Q,” the band’s performance depicted a hostage scene that included toy guns.

JPS has a great deal of respect and appreciation for our law enforcement partners. The band’s performance does not depict the values and people in our community, and was incredibly insensitive to the students, families, law enforcement officials and the entire Brookhaven community. For this we sincerely apologize to all, and we pledge to do better in the future.

We have taken some initial actions in response to this matter, and you have my commitment that we will investigate it fully and take additional appropriate action with respect to procedures and personnel.

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba also released a statement regarding the performance:

I offer my sincerest regrets to the Brookhaven community for the insensitivity that portrayed during the Friday evening halftime show. There is an active investigation into the circumstances that led to this performance. While I do not believe that there was a malice intent on behalf of the students that participated in this halftime show, I understand that we are ultimately not defined by the things that we set out to do, but rather how we respond to the things that actually do take place. It is the responsibility of adults to offer guidance to youth. Our students should have been instructed that this was neither the time or place for that performance.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant took to Twitter to say someone should be held accountable:

This is unacceptable in a civilized society. Someone should be held accountable. https://t.co/hq3hJnj4xA — Phil Bryant (@PhilBryantMS) October 6, 2018

Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox said Jackson Mayor Lumumba had apologized to him personally for the halftime show and said the Forest Hill band director has been suspended (“placed on administrative leave”) pending investigation.

Forest Hill High School is located at 2607 Raymond Road, Jackson, MS 39212; phone (601) 371-4313. 49% of its 1,190 students are black; 45% are white.

The school has a student:teacher ratio of 17:1, higher than the Mississippi state level of 16:1, but was placed in the bottom 50% of all schools in Mississippi for overall test scores in both math and reading proficiency for the 2015-2016 school year. According to Niche, the school has a 15% ranking in reading proficiency, and 4% in math proficiency.

The school seems to have disabled its website, which thwarted my effort to search for the names of its principal and band director.

But I found the principal’s name on Facebook:

The band is called Marching Falcons. A webpage of a message from the band director is defunct (“404 Not Found”); it’s not even archived on the Wayback Machine:

In other words, the identity of the band director of Forest Hill, a public high school, is concealed from the public. Shame on Forest Hill High School and the Jackson Public Schools District!


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22 responses to “Mississippi Forest Hill High School band simulates killing cops

  1. They never show the NFL players from both teams who pray at the 50 yard line after every game, or when Tim Tebow (whose career was purposely destroyed) kneeled.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    Anyone know the history of the Russian Revolution? This is what this is and the Marxist left is promoting it…

  3. In one article I found Demitri Jones listed as the band director.

  4. Tried 2 leave this twice, if it backfires I’m done. 😁 I found a single article with Demitri Jones listed as the band director. Looks like he scrubbed stuff quickly.

  5. What are students being taught?

  6. It’s all YT’s fault. Damn YT!

  7. Mississippi, that’s where it all got started!k

  8. Call the slimy principal of this high school and let him know what you think

    Torrey Hampton – (601)-373-4313

  9. This is unbelievable.

  10. Demetri Jones

  11. Everyone, it seems, claims they’re on the receiving end of prejudice and discrimination. Members from almost every demographic group lodge their complaint, and they have a complicit media that awaits their next publicity stunt.
    This is what I see going on. The judges and politicians in this country have done everything (generally speaking) to deconstruct and dismantle any respect for authority. And it has come down to this: Let’s pick on the police.

    Don’t misunderstand: Police officers and police departments are agents of the State—a government infiltrated and co-opted by morally corrupt people. But the game continues: Let’s pick on the police.

    All lawful authority comes from God, Who, in His Justice and Mercy, COMMANDS us to obey and respect persons who occupy those positions of authority, if not for the manner in which they wield and exercise that authority, then at least for the Office itself.
    THIS MATTERS: At the end of the day, the only thing separating us from absolute barbarity and mayhem is a VENEER of respect and protocol we call Civilization. And even if it’s only a “veneer” and not a “bedrock,” it is this SAFETY ZONE that prevents us from being abused, from getting killed.

    I, myself, have had my problems with those people in authority who have “Lorded it over” me, those individual persons who pulled me over for a traffic offense I know I did not commit, or, if I did commit it, those persons who copped a “bad attitude.” No one likes getting a traffic ticket, of course. But if—strictly for the sake of the argument—I could cap that police officer (I would never consider such a thing)—where would that, morally and eternally, put me?

    We MUST have Law and Order.

    As a former teacher, I witnessed Marxist teachers at work, with their sneaky and covert schemes against other teachers. The terrorism we see on television or the internet is largely, theatrical—bombs, fire and riots and the like. But the terrorism of academia is hidden and covert, and those Marxist teachers and professors really get a charge out of fronting willing dupes to play their games upon the public in front of a camera. Of Course: It is their NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY. This is what Marxism is: The PARASITE DUMB ENOUGH to kill its host.
    And these haters of Law and Order, of fundamental human respect, are in dire need of power. The battle is spiritual. And they don’t care whom, or how many, people they destroy. And I also blame the students who participated in this debacle: They HAD to have known what they were getting into. They cannot be that dumb.

    And so the Cavalcade of Evil continues….

  12. the pic says it all. what happened to ‘zero tolerence’ for all things weapons.
    a school function, (toy) guns, portraying an act of violence. it’s all in the pic. Oh. I see. There weren’t any white students involved. Jus’ Say’n.
    Hope Little Sleazer’s pulls their support.

  13. That’s why I always carry a couple of rotten tomatoes and a few eggs to all performances. Just exercising my right to free expression.

  14. “While I do not believe that there was a malice intent on behalf of the students that participated in this halftime show. . . ”

    If you don’t believe it was malice then precisely what do you believe it is?

    Do we really need to be ‘politically correct’ on things like this? Really? Are these students in the first or second grade where they may not comprehend what it is that they are doing?

    I am sorry but your veiled apologetic comment here is simply not making it for me.

  15. The image you used for the funding page that does not exist is NOT for the Forest Hill High School in Jacksonville, it is for a Forest Hill High School in FLORIDA. Please correct this.


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