Missing dog showed up at owner’s funeral 490 miles away

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In Rancho Escondido, near Guadalajara, Mexico, lived Doña Rosalba and her canine companion, Bayron Max, together with some farm animals.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Rosalba had to leave her home to go live with her relatives in Montemorelos, a city near Monterrey in Northern Mexico.

The driving distance between Guadalajara and Monterrey is 490 miles.

But Rosalba periodically would return home to feed her dog, who waited patiently for his mistress.

Then Rosalba became so ill that she could no longer make the trip. Her relatives went to Rancho Escondido to look for Max, only to find the dog had disappeared.

In her last requests to her family before she died, Rosalba asked them to look after Max because when she was racked with pain from the cancer, the dog would comfort her by folding his legs around and embracing her.

Fifteen days after Max had disappeared, Doña Rosalba died.

On the morning of her burial, her body was displayed in the chapel of the funeral home.

A family member recounted what happened: “It was surprising and very moving for everyone to see the puppy arrive, looking bedraggled. Max reached the room where his owner’s coffin was, sobbing and barking.”

Bayron Max stayed for the hours-long funeral, refusing all food. All the people at the funeral were moved by the dog’s dedication, love and fidelity.

Source: Punto X Punto, Sept. 6, 2016.

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22 responses to “Missing dog showed up at owner’s funeral 490 miles away

  1. I didn’t want to cry but……..I did.

  2. And the dog followed the Family to the American Border and crossed in Illegally and lived happily ever after…

  3. Wow. That’s amazing. So touching!

  4. I wish people were as wonderful as dogs.

  5. In the behavior of animals, an author discovers the limitless possibility of nature
    In a wild stretch of countryside where only the toughest creatures can survive, an author witnesses a miracle: a white dove. His young companion chases after the bird, catching it easily with his bare hands—a second miracle. He takes it home as a pet, and there they find the third miracle of the day: the dove’s mate, who traveled hundreds of miles to reunite with her vanished beloved. But how did she know where to find him—and what does her journey tell us about the mysteries of the wild?

    To the author, the miracle of the doves is too remarkable to be explained by instinct. He suspects they share a kind of telepathy, and he begins to see signs of other unspoken mysteries everywhere he looks—from insects on the ground to branches on the trees. Life is a mystery, but the answers await us if, like the doves, we know how to listen.


  6. I’m so glad the family let Bayron Max look into the casket so he could see Dona. Dogs are truly amazing to be able to track so very far to find those they love. Who knows what kinds of dangerous obstacles and situations Bayron Max may have encountered along the way. Hopefully, a family member will honor Dona’s request to take great care of Bayron Max. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for bringing this beautiful story to us.

  7. As per Alma’s comment, I had to work hard to keep from weeping. I think the reason that I just began to tear up and then stopped, is because after all the dog did not die, but lived to show that his faith was justified. It is truly a miracle in my opinion that he was able to find her. Could any of us have done this? I don’t think so, not without divine intervention.

    Sorry…This mexicali tail (yuk yuk….) seems to be a ridiculous fabrication….

    • Your cynicism simply reveals your character and your woeful ignorance of the many very real cases of dogs walking great distances to find their owner or former home. See reader Ducky’s comment on this thread.

      • On April 1, 2014 two young Dutch girls went for hike in Panama with their host family’s dog. The time was around 11 AM. They wandered into wilderness more than a dozen miles away from the farm where they were staying. The girls never returned to the farm, but the dog eventually did. He/she must have traced the way back by scent.

        ~About two months after the “Holandesas” were reported missing from a town called Boquete in the mountains near the northern border with Costa Rica, five small bone fragments and a few personal items belonging to the women were found scattered along a riverbank in the high cloud forest.~

        ~Their hosts became alarmed when their dog returned home that night without the young women. Froon’s parents stopped receiving text messages, which both women had been sending to their families daily. On the morning of April 2, Froon and Kremers missed an appointment with a local guide.[14] On April 3, authorities began aerial searches of the forest and local residents began searching. On April 6, the parents of Kremers and Froon arrived in Panama along with police, dog units, and detectives from the Netherlands to conduct a full-scale search of the forests for ten days. The parents offered a US$30,000 reward.~

  9. Incredible Journey (and a later version, Homeward Bound) were great movies about dogs finding their way in the wilderness to their owners- based on a true story. If you love dogs, watch Greyfriar’s Bobby, also based on a real story, about a dog that slips into a cemetery to sleep on his master’s grave every night. Same with Hachi’s Tale- another loyal canine who leaves home to meet his master at the train station every day and keeps returning, long after his death. My Cavalier King Charles spaniel never wants to leave my side and knows even when I try my hardest to give no hints, when I am trying to leave the house without her. They have uncanny instincts and may be attuned to your body and demeanor in ways you can’t comprehend. But those that survive remarkable distances to be with owners defy explanation– here’s an article that attempts to explain the phenomenon: https://theconversation.com/how-dogs-find-their-way-home-without-a-gps-58526

  10. God is Good. Period. He gives those in need what they need..and he gives those who are seeking, what they seek. Sometimes the wishes and the gifts from God don’t seem to match up right away—but God’s time is not our time…and so…..it is God’s time that carries us…….sustains us…..now and in eventuality. All that said…..

    I once had a dog “put together by a committee” according to my grandpa: Beagle, Terrier, Hound, Daschound …whatever….and he looked it. Our first married appartment was atrocious…a dank basement—but they allowed us to keep our dog. One day, we walked out of the backyard a few hundred feet…probably less than 100….to the local A&P grocery store to buy our weekly groceries. Having really FEW dollars to do so…we knew it would be a quick trip. We let this dog outside in the fenced backyard while we did so. By the time we returned, within the hour or less…it was sprinkling rain.

    When we got home…no dog in the back yard…no dog waiting at the door…we asked all our other fellow rental tenants in the building…and some said they saw/heard him bark at the door…and then “leave.”

    Searched and called everywhere….even the SPCA..tho, only about 60 minutes had elapsed. Finally, in tears, called my mother….who lived about a mile or two away…but over busy roads, a triple railway, etcc…….

    When I called my mom with my sad news, she said, well…”He’s HERE!” He came to the door and barked, so I thought you were coming to visit!”

    This dog had NEVER been to my mom’s home via a walking route…though, he’d been there by car…..sometimes from an out-of state visit before we moved back to the state…..He crossed MAJOR thoroughfares and a triple/active railway passage to get to my mom’s house in search of us….having been left outside for literally minutes in his own fenced back yard when it began to sprinkle rain. We never did find out how he got out of the yard…but he was NEVER left alone in the fenced yard again.

    Subsequently, this same diminuative dog (never more than 10-15 lb) defended a fellow renter one time from an intruder/assault and led police to the perp’s capture….long story….but he was a GREAT GUY…and we still love and miss him after many many years……and I would be remiss if I didn’t say that he was a “thow-away dog” from a farm in Virginia, where we lived at the time…where a breeder of pure-bred hunting dogs (as a part of his businesses) had an “OOPS” litter of mongrels. My husband LITERALLY took this week’s old pup from their morning “garbage truck.”

    • What an extraordinary dog! I’ve said it before, CalGirl, but your precious stories about your many dogs & cats through the years deserve a book treatment. 🙂

  11. Just Imagine, if people loved each other, with the degree of love that dog has! Animals have deep emotions and are often more loyal than humans will ever be. This put tears in my eyes. Leeann


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