Misadventures at Church

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Apparently not everyone read my advice last week. Look at what happened to me today:

And the irony of it all – even though I wore it through the whole service, no one bothered reading it.
Time to moveon.org

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0 responses to “Misadventures at Church

  1. ah Candance, that’s too funny!

  2. i read it – and forwarded your list to our greeters and deacons. I thought it was pretty insightful!
    pastor clay

  3. Candance,
    I welcome you to visit a Catholic parish church. No parish I’ve ever been to ever make visitors wear a name tag or sticker. At most, at the end of Mass the presiding priest might ask visitors to stand up and be applauded. 😉

  4. Over many years, I have never seen a Catholic priest ask visitors to stand up to be recognized. This sounds more like a non denominational evangelical church, which I visited once. It was embarrassing. First thing I know,I was being asked by people if I had been saved and if I wanted to be baptized in their jacuzzi on stage. LOL


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