Miracle in Japan

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A four-month old baby girl rescued in Japan

Miracle of the baby girl plucked from the rubble: Four-month-old reunited with her father after incredible rescue
This brought tears to my eyes: Amid the chaos of wreckage and flooded debris, a country in despair is grateful for any cheerful news. And today, the discovery of a baby girl who had survived for three days after the tsunami that devastated Japan provided just that.
Accounts as to how the four-month-old had survived were lost in translation – but it is believed she was plucked helpless from the rubble in Ishinomaki, in the state of Miyagi. Against the odds, she was rescued apparently safe and unharmed after being spotted by a member of Japan’s Self-Defence Force.
As soldiers went from house-to-house to look for bodies, they discovered this remarkable child. But the image of the child, snug inside a pink jacket being held by a member of the Japanese army, provided some better news for the tsunami-hit country.
Prayers for all of those in Japan suffering from this devastation and thank God for providing this small miracle.

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0 responses to “Miracle in Japan

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Lovely story! It truly is a miracle!

  2. She was being held in an angel’s arms to keep her safe.

  3. Something tells me that precious little girl is destined for something truly great.

  4. God is so wonderful! This little girl will carry the hope of life forever to so many of her countrymen. I am amazed and uplifted.


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