Minnesota university encourages ‘respectful’ Halloween costumes, student told Pocahontas is 'offensive'

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Campus Reform: The University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) has become the latest school to urge students to be “respectful” while celebrating Halloween.
“The office of Academic Affairs is encouraging students to celebrate Halloween with respect at UMD, referencing goal two of UMD’s strategic plan,” UMD’s student newspaper, The Statesman said. “Goal two is to create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity and social justice. This applied to Halloween as students decide on what costumes to wear.”

UMD’s strategic plan was created in 2011 to outline the university’s goals and values.

“Students often strive to come up with creative and witty costumes. However, this sometimes leads to a costume that, intentionally or not, can make someone feel disrespected or stereotyped,” the article went on to say.
According to The Statesman, one UMD student was planning to dress up as the Disney princess Pocahontas for Halloween until a Native American peer informed her that that costume was “offensive.”
UMD is not the first university to follow the politically correct trend, as students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and the University of North Dakota received similar warnings in the last few weeks.
Cody Symes, a senior at UMD, told Campus Reform that as long as the university is not telling students they cannot wear offensive costumes and is just telling them to be mindful, it is not doing anything wrong.
As for what is offensive, Symes said he does not have a clear answer and it is “completely subjective,” but if anything could be it would be racial stereotypes. “Everything is going to offend someone at some point,” Symes said. “If you’re okay with people being angry with you, go ahead and do it.”

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5 responses to “Minnesota university encourages ‘respectful’ Halloween costumes, student told Pocahontas is 'offensive'

  1. Minnesota is following loony California in their thinking. Progressive hells, both states. These states will soon be left to the progressives as the conservatives move out in droves to Texas.

  2. DCG, wonderful post! I would bet that most of us who have Western European ancestry that goes back into the 1800’s or before, if their genealogy were done would find that some relative of their had married and/or had offspring with an Indian (Native American.) That is true in my family, and in the families of many individuals that I know. So does that mean (so to speak) if you’re not “dark” enough to show Indian blood, that you don’t have Indian blood. Many of us who appear to be “white” also feel an affinity for various tribes and their heroes and heroines. My question is how dark do you have to be in order to claim native American heritage, and be allowed to wear native garb or jewelry and not have some other native person express their “offense.” To those to whom this may apply — Get off the pity pot, we don’t want to hear about what offends you! You opening your mouth to express such nonsense offends many of the rest of us!

  3. I’m offended. Hold on, while I figure out why I’m offended….

  4. I think the girl’s response to the “Native American peer” should have been,”I’m not sure WHAT offends you about what I’m wearing,but while we’re on the subject,YOU offend me,and YOU should be kicked out of School for your “closed-minded” attitude.

  5. That “peer” may have the snideness to pick on the student dressing up, but I wonder if they have the stones to sue disney corp. for their “discriminatory” hit movie? (I seriously doubt they do.)
    It is petty mean-spirited racism such as this that is responsible for the great cartoon purge that stripped out the likes of soul-singing black-face lambs from “old mcdonald had a farm”, (no hate at all in that) and censored thousands of old cartoons in the name of “political correctness” this went on rather silently to boot, likely because it would’ve been met with much criticism.
    Really what we see with this “political correctness” is actual race-hate in action, removing depictions of blacks (via blackface etc.) from hundreds of old cartoons was incredibly racist (technically it was erasing black folk from cartoon history, wouldn’t that be called something unpleasant if black people were retroactively edited out of live action movies?), similarly, unless the student in question was making a mocking portrayal of the native american girl, then that “peer” may be showing racism.


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