Minnesota House race: Democrat Muslim Ilhan Omar is a bigamist who married her brother

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Minnesota state legislator Ilhan Omar, a Democrat and a Somali Muslim, currently leads the race to fill the federal House seat being vacated by Rep. Keith Ellison, also a Democrat Muslim.

Immediately after being elected to her current seat in 2016, Omar faced allegations — soon backed by a remarkable amount of evidence — that she had married her own brother in 2009. (They officially divorced in December 2017.)

Omar said she had married “British citizen” Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, but that the allegation that he is her brother is “absurd and offensive.”

Now, David Steinberg of PJ Media has found “exclusive” new evidence — from official archived high school records and corroborating sources — that strongly supports the claim that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is Ilhan Omar’s brother.

According to official student enrollment records archived by St. Paul Public Schools and the state of Minnesota, an “Ahmed N. Elmi” was enrolled as a senior in the Class of 2003 at Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, MN, from September 6, 2002, until June 10, 2003. He graduated and received a diploma.

The enrollment record states that “Ahmed N. Elmi” was born on April 4, 1985 — the same date of birth for Omar’s husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, in both Omar’s 2009 marriage documents and her 2017 divorce proceedings.

Steinberg conducted an extensive background search, but did not find any other person named “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi,” “Ahmed N. Elmi,” or “Ahmed Elmi” with the birthdate April 4, 1985. Omar’s husband and the boy who attended Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, MN are one and the same.

Steinberg contacted several members of the Class of 2003, and was told that Ahmed Elmi “was living with his father” while attending Arlington Senior High School. Elmi’s father was the same man Ilhan Omar has always publicly referred to as her own father: Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.

Here is Mohamed’s Facebook account, where he refers to himself as Nur Said.

Steinberg emailed Rep. Ilhan Omar, the MN Democratic Party (DFL) chairman, and the MN DFL CD-5 chairman, asking for their comment.

No one responded, but Omar intimated in a tweet that “the Republican/right-wing propaganda machines” are behind the allegations she had committed incest by marrying her brother.

Steinberg writes:

The motivation for the marriage [to her brother] remains unclear. However, the totality of the evidence points to possible immigration fraud and student loan fraud. As this implicates Rep. Omar in multiple state and federal felonies, I have contacted the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota to submit all other information uncovered during our investigation.

But Ilhan Omar didn’t just commit incest; she’s also a bigamist.

Back in August 2016, Scott Johnson of Powerline revealed that when Ilhan Omar married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, she was still married to Ahmed Hirsi, whom she’d married in 2002 and with whom she had three children. Johnson wrote:

Inputting the name Ilhan Omar, I have confirmed both marriages as noted in the Somalispot post via the online Minnesota Official Marriage System….

Minnesota law defines bigamy as “knowingly having a prior marriage that is not dissolved” while also “contract[ing] a marriage in this state.” Bigamy is a crime punishable by up to five years in prison or a fine up to $10,000. The definition and penalty provisions of the crime of bigamy are set forth in Minn. Stat. § 609.355.

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23 responses to “Minnesota House race: Democrat Muslim Ilhan Omar is a bigamist who married her brother

  1. I see this whackjob is a fan of Linda Sarsour. How do normal American citizens support people like this?

    As for marrying her brother, hey #loveislove, right? Freak. And a LIAR.

    • Radical leftist posing as a Muslim, being handled by a Ben Goldfarb, who also managed the Senate campaign of Amy Klobuchar. Ms Omar’s current office, I’m guessing, is a passthrough for social services and housing graft, making millionaires out of Dem professors, donors, and gofer operatives. Her secret polygamy is probably the blackmail card the Wellstone Group cabal had on her, securing her obedience in all things—until it leaked out, so maybe she gets thrown overboard without further ado.

  2. Minnesotans appear to be suicidal. They get their news and information from the leftist media who proselytize for “peaceful” Islam. They say, since Muslims reproduce like rabbits, they will soon be able to elect our first Muslim POTUS .. Oh, but the dum-dums already did that, didn’t they?

  3. “It’s a family affair………”. Did they list any farm animals on the website? We want to do this to ourselves because…………?

  4. Married to her brother? Bigamy? Worse yet incest, both are punishable in this country! Oh, but wait these are not civilized people, these are Somali, they have intercourse with animals! a totally different breed than the European descendants. But what is inmoral and uncivilized is that in the United States we have an elected official occupying a seat as a state legislator and running to fill a federal seat vacated by another Muslim. I cannot imagine how we have allowed ourselves descend and set ourselves back in the New World.

    • Are there any spawn from this union? “Little Jamal grew a foot. Right in the middle of his forehead”. There’s probably a reason not to marry your sibling, or a goat.

  5. But……….DIVERSITY

  6. This is yet another one of George W. Bush’s fine accomplishments, as he was the one who insisted on bringing the Somalis over here. He started this, and Barack Obama continued it.

    So in addition to bringing these termite vermin over here, the sexual revolution makes another strike, incest (as well as child brides).

    But let’s look at the bright side. George W. Bush—and Walter Mondale—are both retired!

  7. Islamo delenda est…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. This is just another reason why a Muslim should NEVER be elected to public office in this country. Muslims are here to conquer.

  9. Muslim= mental illness
    Liberal = mental illness
    Nuff said ok

  10. Works for me are you becoming an Islamaphobe? I already am bit will gladly post this in the A.M.

  11. CogitoErgoSumantra


  12. I don’t have to be an “Islamophobe” to comment. I personally think this is a crude, rule-based religion that I want no part of. I could lie and say that “gee, it’s just like Christianity”. It isn’t.

    We need to get back to where we once were on this. We do not have a “state religion” in the USA, so they don’t have to become Christian. I would prefer that they do that, honestly. Christianity is not “the same” as Islam or Judaism.

    If they want to practice this in the Middle East, I still won’t like it but I won’t have to deal with it so directly if they do. I absolutely do not have any obligation, moral or legal, to “embrace” Islam.

    Another consideration is that part of Islam REQUIRES forced “conversions”. So again, for Christians, these people are not your friends. They do not wish you well.

    I could go on and on, but that’s the meat of it. We should not worry about being “PC” on this. I leave them alone, the fewer the better. If they DO come here, I expect an effort to fit in and to be respectful. As can be easily seen by looking at Europe, this isn’t going well.

    • I’m with you Lophatt. “Mixing” these religions will not work EVER! They belong where practiced.
      The Largest main World Religions in order are:
      Christianity: 2.1 billion.
      Islam: 1.3 billion.
      Hinduism: 900 million.
      Buddhism: 376 million.
      Sikhism: 23 million.
      Judaism: 14 million.

  13. Minnesotastan? LOL! I hope that Benetton ad vibrant diverse utopia where all comrades ride out on unicorns while holding hands and singing hymns of praise to the failed god known as the state works out for them. (not really)

  14. Judaic alliance with Judeo-Muslims against Christians, just like the old days of the murderous Ottomans & blood taxing Moors.

    The Jews that opened the gates of Toledo

  15. Wow! In any decade of my life except the last 10 years I could not have imagined an idiot like this one running for office.

    • Same here, Trail….”laws schmaws,” who needs them (other than you and me?) Seems like starting in 2008, something “fundamentally transformed” the USA (Sound familiar?) from a Constitutionally- governed state, to a 3rd-World crap shoot.

      I just spent hours, late into a night where I’d already worked nearly 14 hours due to my regular work day, and then a night-time school event….(and please, let me hear all of those whiners about my AWFUL and undeserved pension…and understand…I DO NOT HAVE SS…I ONLY HAVE MY PENSION in CA)….only to arrive home to find that someone had deposited an inoperable, rotting 1960’s motor home….broken windows, duct tape everywhere, rotting undercarriage…etc etc….RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR. So, after my 14-hour day, I spent another 3 hours w/cops trying to figure out what to do about it. Neighbors stopped by to tell me that it had been in front of THEIR home in the AM…I personally saw it , in my coming s and goings to work, sitting at the end of my street between open meadows with a new yellow towline on it….BUT, when the duo cops arrived…the youngish one took time with my husband to look through the “books” to see what we could do to get this “attractive nuisance and fire hazard” off the public streets. Meanwhile, I got the old crotchety cop who started grilling ME about “Why should I believe you about it being an inoperable vehicle on a tow?—I could tow YOUR car if you parked it on the street, just by saying I thought I saw a tow line on it……” Blah Blah….after much MORE bullying by this ass-wipe….I knew what I was up against and I asked him for his name and badge number, b/c it appeared that I had to call the station again (of which he said he didn’t want to HEAR MY STORY…bc he’d already heard it from the station)…….to send someone ELSE out b/c I HAD CALLED HIM FOR HELP, NOT GRILLING/and NOT in defense of the ABSENT owner who’d abandoned this piece of crap in front of my property!!!!). He did STOP this line of bullying me then……but then…I asked him what the CA statutes were about abandoned vehicles….and he said “STATUTES???????” I said, “YES…it means LAWS…you are an officer of the LAW. A statute is a LAW. What does the state of CA have on the books about abandoned vehicles??? He told me there were NO LAWS. HA! I happened to have looked it up way before…and CA has a whole freakin’ department addressing abandoned vehicles and a dept. administrator……etc etc…..and then he changed his tune, telling me about the RAFT of laws on the books that he was instructed to ignore by his superiors……….LONG DARK NIGHT IN CA, NEEDLESS TO SAY…and I don’t just mean this night in particular…….

      • That’s what I mean when I say that any time you call them, the situation gets worse. Too bad you don’t have a tow truck. You could haul it down to the cop shop or over to the fire department for training.

        They are told to avoid things like this because they cost “their department” money. Odd how they forget where that money came from, isn’t it? My grandmother had a place in San Diego that used to sprout vehicles like this all the time. You could sit out in the evening and listen to sporadic gunfire.

        Tijuana is just expanding. Soon the whole thing will be indistinguishable from the rat lands of Mexico. The last time I was in California I went to a flea market with my daughter. I didn’t hear a word of English spoken the whole time, including a stop for dinner at a local restaurant.

        I’ve been in Mexico several times. It was indistinguishable. They don’t build up, they tear down. If you’re not careful you may end up with unwanted house guests.

  16. YES…LO! At some point in my conversation w/my critical cop, the item came up that it would cost the tow company that the police dept. had a contract with MORE money to tow away/dispose of large, abandoned vehicle like this 1960’s derelict motor home than they would otherwise “make” in other private circumstances…….and my question/reply was…this was NOT MY PROBLEM..I AM the public and I PAY the price that THEY bid for this in my interest……it was their logistic problem…I am ONLY the PUBLIC thereafter, with a legitimate complaint, about an item to which I have entrusted and paid for, and I don’t really have to care about their logistic/financial problems until/unless it comes up on a referendum/ballot in CA…b/c THAT IS THE WAY WE RUN THINGS HERE.


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