Minnesota Democrat ends bid for state assembly seat after sympathetic Islamic State tweet

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Lesson learned: Tweeting has consequences!

Dan Kimmel

Dan Kimmel

Fox reported that a Democratic candidate for the Minnesota House ended his campaign Sunday, hours after he tweeted that the Islamic State group “isn’t necessarily evil” and its members were doing what they thought was best for their community. Here’s what his tweet said (since deleted):
“ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community. Violence is not the answer, though.”
Dan Kimmel, 63, announced the end of his bid for office on his campaign website and Twitter account. He said Saturday evening’s tweet was in response to a statement made during a candidate debate, not in response to Friday’s violent attacks in Paris (yeah, right) that left more than 120 people dead and more than 350 wounded.
He said his tweet was poorly worded and didn’t convey his intent. “The tweet was stupid. I’m sorry,” he said in his statement. He was criticized on social media, and sent out another tweet later that said:  “I deplore the evil acts of ISIS. I do not defend their acts.”
Kimmel, who works in the technology and operations section at U.S. Bank, was challenging incumbent Drew Christensen, a Republican from Burnsville. Kimmel had lost the seat to Christensen last year.

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0 responses to “Minnesota Democrat ends bid for state assembly seat after sympathetic Islamic State tweet

  1. This clown is an insult to the mentally impaired . How damn dumb can you be to ” tweet ” a comment like that , after Friday’s events in Paris ( if it’s real ) ” The lights are on , but no ones home . your mind is not your own . “….What was he thinking ? That’s if he was . And being a democrap , the answer is obvious .

  2. I look at it this way: All politicians are whores, and this is not the first time Twitter has brought out the STUPID in people!
    I wish Hillary Clinton would make a mistake like this!

    • It could happen , but much like her e-mails and Vince Foster , they will wither on the vine . She probably has ” people ” managing her acct’s . Probably Huma . As she is at the same time changing her ” Depends “.
      Cheap shot , yes . It was fun to type it though

  3. A-holes like this guy are the reason this country has so many problems. He’ll probably land on his feet as a CEO but at least he may be out of public life. He represents the devil….Up His.

  4. Everyone took his comment out of context?
    Why did he withdraw from the race? Maybe he got a thousand messages that his next permanent address was going to be at the meat packer.

  5. No more lithium, fluoride, mercury, or lead for you, you’re shut off!

  6. Thank Heavens he did spout off in this manner–far better it happened before he was elected, rather than after. Now he just needs to go away and crawl under a rock somewhere.

  7. Pandering the islamic vote in Minneapolis…

  8. Hm.
    The preponderance of the evidence strongly indicates that what has been presented to the Western public as ISIS is really a false flag operation, which uses the media to stage a bunch of really hokey fake executions and now, fake/staged shootings and bombings. And which likes to drive around in long caravans of Asian vehicles in between.
    We know the same “political entities” that control the media have been flooding every country of European origin with increasingly massive immigration for the past 50 years.
    We know 1+1=2, so by extension a reasonable explanation for the same political power that’s flooding Europe with Moslems while simultaneously staging events in Europe to make everyone hate them, would be that they want to create *ethnically based conflict*. Cause the two combined add up to two, and only two, and there’s no other consequence for forcing two groups together then staging events to make one group hate the other and to fear them, and to make everyone feel unsafe.
    As for Kimmel I have no idea which ISIS he was referring to, the real one, or the one everybody’s supposed to believe. Doesn’t really matter now. But if he was referring to Assad and his charming family I can’t see where he was wrong.
    They don’t look evil to me, at all.

    • More importantly, Assad has not and does not persecute Christians. But the so-called “rebels” whom the U.S. and Israel are aiding, do and will. Among them are al-Qaeda and ISIS, but the Obama administration insists the U.S. is only aiding the “moderate” rebels. Yeah, right.
      Israel actually provides free medical care to wounded Syrian “rebels”. Go figure.

      • Interesting. Of course some of these rebels are fighting ISIS (reportedly) or other rebels (reportedly) so just who is fighting who gets a little confusing.
        I’m not sure why I’m making excuses for Kimmel it really was a dumb thing for him to tweet either way. I think he got mixed up in the spin and all the different factions and forgot who he was talking about.

    • I’m not going to defend Assad, Col. Daffy, nor Sodamn Insane, but since two of those three were eliminated, the entire region has become far less stable.
      You really have to wonder what B. Hussein Ogoober’s real motivation is, and I don’t think regional stability is part of the plan.


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