Million Truckers & Veterans March on DC!

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Update (Oct. 11):

Instead of thousands or hundreds, only dozens of truckers showed up this morning. Fox News reports that although “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” had called for 10,000 truck drivers to show up Friday morning and circle I-495 for the next three days, according to a Facebook page for the event, police say a convoy of about 30 trucks began traveling north on Interstate 95 from Doswell, Va., this morning, and just a handful of people had showed up at a key staging area.

Virginia state police say they stopped four tractor-trailer drivers on the Beltway, pulling them over after they began driving side-by side across all four northbound lanes of the Beltway in Fairfax County, slowing traffic to about 15 mph. Officers warned the drivers not to impede traffic and did not write any tickets.

According to, organizers say more could show up through the weekend.

Email from FOTM’s TnRick:

Just heard from Atty. Larry Klayman on the Pete Santilli show that Klayman has in his possession photos that show NG troops in busses that reportedly caused the Truckers to pull back. That being said there are still two more days to this event. There are reports of denial of service attacks at the Santilli site and the trucker site today as well. But the news people evidently have another agenda.

TruckersBeginning tomorrow, October 11, American (and Canadian) truck drivers will  drive to and shut down Washington, D. C. for three days, to protest the “corruption against the Constitution.” (Read more about this, here.)

On Sunday, October 13, U.S. military veterans from across the nation will come to Washington, D.C. to march at the World War II Memorial as part of the “Million Vet March on the Memorials” to protest the “anti-American” barricades and mounted police President Lucifer set up as part of the federal government shutdown last week. (Here’s their website.)

The Million Veterans March is sponsored by Special Operations Speaks, a group of veterans holding the Obama administration accountable for the Benghazi scandal and demanding that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) form a Select Committee to investigate the matter.

vetsLast week, veterans defied the shutdown by visiting the WWII Memorial

This is what we can do to support the truckers and vets:

Don’t buy or sell anything!

Send a message to America’s corrupt government by withholding our money!

Here’s an email from FOTM reader TnRick:

I’m sitting here feeling helpless and frustrated that our Troops overseas are being denied the opportunity to watch football this weekend so that this President can “make a point”.  He has closed and prohibited entrance to our National Monuments, Parks and Cemeteries in a deliberate affront to our WWII Veterans yet his golf course is exempt.   The Washington Times is reporting and I quote “It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”
Read more:

Now, if I owned a team, was a member of a team or had the ear of one of the above I’d suggest  that we take the game “off “ to show that we, as Americans respect the sacrifice and just not show-up on Sunday but that’s not going to happen.  Then I had this epiphany, on October 11-13 American and Canadian truckers are expected to converge on Washington D.C.  in protest that we have all had enough.

I suggest that we take it one step further let us all join in by simply dropping out. What I’m asking is that we make no purchases period, if we own a business close it for those three days. Pull the breakers from your panel and don’t participate with the “system in any way. Let’s make these three days a dress rehearsal for the times a lot of us are prepping for anyway.  I believe it will draw some attention when there are few if any cars on the road and no revenue being generated.

If it’s too much to ask that you refrain from buying and selling for three days, Oct. 11-13, commit yourself to at least ONE DAY!

Since I don’t sell, I hereby promise I will not buy anything for two days, Friday-Saturday Oct. 11-12.

UPDATE: claims it has spoken to sources within the Department of Transportation who say the feds plan to order armed National Guard troops to close Washington DC’s Interstate Route 495 tomorrow in order to derail a mass protest and potential blockade being organized by Truckers Ride for the Constitution. (More here)

All the more reason for the rest of us — millions of us — to undertake a consumers’ boycott!!!!!!!!!!

H/t FOTM reader Suzanne Western


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0 responses to “Million Truckers & Veterans March on DC!

  1. There is rumor that the NG and the DOT are going to blockade the proposed loop (I think 495) around DC starting Fri. morning to last through Sun. effectively shutting down DC. as the truckers planned. If this is indeed the case, how nice of Lucifer to do this for the truckers? On the downside of this, (again, if it is indeed true) we will see the govt. shutdown reaching into the federal interstate system,,, not good. Gonna be an interesting weekend this one will be,,, to be continued.

  2. It would be great if Lucifer was blocked in at the WH and coldn’t make it to his golf course. But I expect him to head for the hills tonight.

  3. God speed, truckers!

  4. Armed troops to close I-495 to pre-empt this– now that’s what I call fascism!

  5. This could get very interesting.


  6. Reblogged this on The Vine Vigil and commented:
    Sensible way to protest. Truckers are responsible for bringing us most of our food.

  7. These brownshirts better bring extra boxers. When they see a million big rigs barreling down on them they’ll be crapping their britches. God be with the Truckers and our Honorable Vets. To these potus’s brownshirts, remember the oath you took to protect the U.S. Constitution. Are you an American or are you a TRAITOR?

  8. Not surprised!!!!! My dear Aunt of 92 years passed away this week. Scheduled to be buried in a Veteran’s Cemetery tomorrow. I told my parents they’d better check to see if burials are still going on! Also advised them to stock up on essentials. This could get ugly. Wish I could be there. Prayers and kudos with you men/Patriots. God speed is right!

  9. Live traffic feed…
    live news, Streaming … ( caution Trucker Language)
    Drive for the constitution .org site is down. They are using the Facebook link until they can get their servers back up It appears as though there is a media Blackout… imagine that!

  10. Good luck Veterans and Truckers. President Obama and his Administration are not loyal U.S. citizens but socialist. Just as Obamacare is socialist. Our Freedom of Speech and other forms of freedoms being kicked in the teeth slowly but surely. President Obama thinks he can shut up the American Citizens, no sir, we have been fighting for our freedoms each day since the U.S. Constitution came into being. God Bless America and God Bless the Veterans and Truckers on their journey as they journey is Ours.

  11. I meant it when I swore to support and defend the constitution against all enemies both foregin and DOMESTIC. about time to clean out the senate and the white house.


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