Million Truckers March to D.C. to protest corruption of U.S. Constitution

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TruckersA group of truck drivers are planning to drive to and shut down Washington, D. C. for three days beginning October 11, to protest the “corruption against the Constitution.”

To that end, on Sept. 15 they started a Facebook page “Truckers To Shut Down America.” In a week, the page has received nearly 83,000 likes. This is what the page says:

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!

Friend of FOTM Dean Garrison’s DC Clothesline.reports that Freedom Outpost’s Suzanne Hamner was one of the first to break this story. She writes:

Many Americans are supporting the 18 wheel drivers rolling to DC by pledging to boycott those three days by staying home and avoiding all money transactions for those days. But, individuals are not the only ones who have come out in support of this endeavor. A few members with Indiana Overpass for Obama’s Impeachment are offering to pay for hotel rooms and a meal or two for the truckers.

A truck stop in Baton Rouge, LA is offering 50 gallons of free fuel to the first 20 truckers that come by their establishment with pictures showing their rig in DC during those three days.

There has even been a post from a man in Germany, written in German, supporting the million trucker march to DC.

You can see the comments of truckers saying they’re joining the protest, by going to the Truckers Facebook page – here.

A group of Canadian truckers has also joined the movement! Here’s their Facebook page “Canadian truckers to shut down.”

For the rest of us “non-truckers,” we can show our support by:

  • If we work, call in sick on Friday, October 11.
  • Don’t buy or sell anything on Friday, Oct. 11.
  • Donate fuel to the trucker patriots who will be rolling into D.C. on our behalf. Click here.


H/t FOTM’s joworth!

UPDATE (Sept. 23): 

New website for the Truckers:

H/t joworth and tina!


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0 responses to “Million Truckers March to D.C. to protest corruption of U.S. Constitution

  1. Reblogged this on The Tale Of Bitter Truth and commented:
    Million Truckers March to D.C. to protest corruption of U.S. Constitution

  2. Wow, a huge thanks for this post, Dr. Eowyn. You give us the real news!! I love the photos/cartoons, too….

  3. I’ve said for a long time if everyone would stop working for one week. I mean a week with no taxable wages would send a message to the core of this out of control freak show in d.c. My hat is off to the bikers and the truckers for standing up for our Country and Our U.S. Constitution. It’s truly a shame that the twits in government wouldn’t do the same, but they hve sold their souls to the devil.

  4. I hope the truckers are as successful as the biker rally!

  5. Reblogged this on myrandomthoughtsandmusing and commented:
    I hope this gets an enormous amount of support. Americans desperately need something they can hold on to.

  6. Oh m’God!!!!!!!!! This sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shut down Washington DC Take 1……………………………..

  7. We need Eddie Murphy to drive one of the trucks ……….
    I”m loving this………………………… They could have some floats too, with patriotic scenes displaying on the trailer beds………………………. it sure would outdo the last inauguration, no offense to the participants except it was sad that we didn’t have a better person getting inaugurated, which put rather a damper on things. This is going to be FANTASTIC…….

  8. The back bone of this Nation with the courage to take a stand. A salute to my fellow Patriots, the Truckers and the Bikers and all the Patriotic Americans who stand behind them.

  9. they shut down their FB page. Try God Bless these guys,please spread this to everyone you know. Do everything you can to help.

  10. LOL – What would be great fun to watch is if they all got on I-495, spaced themselves as evenly as they could, and then just stopped.


  11. they should have pictures of the dog and kitten on the sides of their trucks the kitten with the eye patch and the dog who impersonates democratic politicians with sex crimes issues

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  13. Truckers and their families, if you want real respect, read and comprehend this comment.

    Truckers spend too much time sitting on their brains. I use to be a owner operator, and I sold my trucks when fuel passed $1.00 per gallon. It is serious business when diesel fuel, cost more than regular gasoline. This whole situation could be solved in seventy-two hours by, every trucker in the United States, both union and non-union, both private owners, and company drivers. Park your trucks for just three days. Nothing in this country can move without the use of a trucker. No gasoline to Gas stations, no food to food stores, no mail, no milk, no dry goods, absolutely nothing moves in this country without a trucker. Even items shipped across the country on trains, cannot get to the warehouses or retail markets without a trucker.

    Bring this country to it’s knees, and then and only then will you get proper respect, and much lower fuel cost to boot. If you truckers want real respect, stop sitting on your brains, and start thinking of your real value to this country. If we had another Jimmy Hoffa with some real cajoles, the fuel cost would be lower, and truckers would have real respect. That’s why I got out of the trucking game years ago. If you can spend as much as five to ten days away from your families while on the road, and only bring home a small check, something is wrong with that picture. Truckers Unite, and even the US Government will be forced to sit up and take notice. If you continue as you are now, you deserve the small amount of respect you receive.

    Copy and paste this comment everywhere this story is reported. Pass it on!!!

    Orly Taitz has been fighting through the courts for years to reveal Obama’s fraudulent documents. She has massive evidence, which the Dept of Justice “misplaces”, and corrupt law clerks “lose”. Please go to the site and print out flyers showing the evidence and get the news out to the public. The mainstream media is in Obama’s pocket.

    • tom,

      While I admire and respect Orly for her courage and dogged persistence, she isn’t the only one exposing the POS’s fraudulent and missing documents. Others include Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse team, and Rev. James Manning. If you go to our “The Obama Chronicles” page, you’ll see all the posts (colored red) FOTM has done on this.

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