Military uniforms cannot be used to promote a product or cause?

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Not a PC cause?

Woman behind military breast-feeding photo fired from job

Fox News:  The Washington state woman who orchestrated controversial photos of military  moms breast-feeding their kids in uniform was fired from her civilian job as an  X-ray technician and the women in the picture have been reprimanded, she  said.
Crystal Scott, the spokeswoman for the Spokane-area Mom2Mom group, said her  employer blamed media coverage of the controversy when she asked why she was  fired. The photo was designed to pressure the military into being more  accommodating to nursing moms.
“It’s sad because the media has portrayed Mom2Mom in such a positive light,”  Scott told Right This Minute. “I was doing something for the good of people. I  feel like our organization is making positive changes for women all over the  world. To be punished for something that was good was unfortunate.”
According to reports, the military moms in the photographs have been  reprimanded by the military for violating a rule stating that military uniforms  cannot be used to promote a product or cause.
The photos were meant to be released for National Breast-feeding Awareness  Week, in August, but on its Facebook page, Mom2Mom said they were not meant to  be exploitive.  “The military photographs were NEVER meant to exploit, promote or to use the  military uniform to help our group.”
Scott has served in the military and now lives on the Fairchild Air Force  Base near Spokane with her husband, who is on active duty. She is the  spokesperson for Mom2Mom, a support group for breast-feeding on the military  base.
So let me get the straight…a military uniform cannot be used to promote a cause.  Does this mean that at the gay homosexual pride event at the Pentagon on June 26th that all military personnel will be dressed in civilian clothing? Isn’t that  promoting a homosexual cause?
The military has their priorities messed up.  They promote a homosexual agenda which is an un-natural behavior yet they won’t support the most natural behavior between a mother and her child.  Seems like a double standard to me.

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