Military guide website forecasts economic collapse & massive depopulation for U.S. by 2025

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How old will you be in 10 years? (assuming you expect to live that long).
A military and aviation website,, is generating quite a buzz on the net for its forecast of calamity for America by 2025 — of economic collapse and massive depopulation by as much as 78% (254 million fewer people).
While is not the only voice out there predicting a collapse of our economy (our national debt is unsustainable), it is the only one I’ve seen which makes its forecast with actual numbers. But, as the analysis at the end of this post shows,’s numerical precision is dubious and questionable.

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0 responses to “Military guide website forecasts economic collapse & massive depopulation for U.S. by 2025

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Amazing, I did not expect we had that much time.

  2. Thats why I vote strictly Democratic. Keep the presses turning guys at the Treasury.

  3. So sad to think after all this country has been through and overcame to become a true leader, only to lose it all with a group that won’t be happy until they destroy her. Hopefully America has one more good fight in her.
    We better get busy, and find a worthy leader.

  4. KJL, I concur, we do not have that much time. The world as we know it is about to change and change drastically. After watching the news stories about the latest tornados in Oklahoma where one person drowned in their underground shelter and another shelter was ripped out of the ground, there is no place to hide. The only concern any one should have is where they will spend eternity — Heaven or Hell! Time is short.
    BP are you being sarcastic or, like me, just wanting to get it over with? Part of my daily prayer is ‘bring it on Lord, bring it on!’ Revelations has to be fullfilled!

  5. The details regarding date and population may not be exactly correct, but a general idea, “as it was in the days of Noe”, Matthew 24: 37-39 gives a clue, and there is more to than “eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage…”, Confraternity Revision. Also, in the day of Noe, Genesis 6: 5, “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” KJV
    We are not only getting closer, but also speeding up.

  6. Anyone with a brain can realize what dire consequences can become of our economy with these numbers.

  7. At the very least, buy ammo… it may be useful.

  8. Get your laying hens (12 of them) established & used to your property; grow insistant, high-nutrient, weed-like greens like spinach, kale, Swiss chard, arugula, mustard, cabbages, early leaf lettuces…& plant grapes that like your climate zone….& other perennial berries…learn how to prune them according to how they like to produce…learn how to use every part of the plants…leaves, stems….plant easy root vegetables…like potatoes in a burlap sack…beets (roots AND leaves edible)…& others….Most of all…move to a location that NO ONE cares about nationally or internationally….comes to mind, Utah, Idaho, maybe even Kentucky, West Virginia….Vermont….

  9. Veeeery interesting. Is this what is advocated on the Georgia Guidestones? But, if this happens, how will they implement America 2050? Will there be enough people to populate their forecasted “mega-regions?” Perhaps they will be like Agenda 21 high density housing/ghost cities with great swaths of uninhabited land in-between. The mind wobbles.

  10. This report has been circulating for some time—at least the population decline portion of it. From listening to Alex Jones for the past three years, I believe he has mentioned this, or responded to callers who have brought it up, a few times. I do not know if he has done a report on it.
    But we do know that representatives of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth Saxe-Gotha-Coburg AKA Windsor publicly announced at the Copenhagen Summit that it would be Her Government’s “official policy” to seek “rapid, world-wide population reduction,” and that she wants to see this accomplished “in her lifetime.” (The old hag is 87 or thereabouts, and her lineage is known for its longevity).
    Make no mistake about it: Some say “there are no governments; There are only banks and corporations.” That’s one way to look at it. But Alex Jones has done plenty of reports on what he calls “the soft-kill genocide” or the “soft part” of the genocide, which is already in place. The techniques include fluoride in drinking water, unsafe and deadly vaccines, chemtrails and genetically modified foods, and Codex Alimentarius, which aims to control food supply and vitamin and supplement availability. The techniques also include policies on the economic plain, including zero interest rates, deficit spending, quantitative easing, derivative debts, Cloward & Piven and the rest. All of which are designed to cull the herd from the economic angle by interfering with free markets.
    We are being ruled by SATANISTS. And the satanism has gone MAINSTREAM. World government and corporate leaders are actively involved in actual, real live Satanic worship rituals, and some of those rituals include magical sex rituals and child sacrifice. This has all been documented. And even those persons not involved in these rituals are within a system that is established in this. And this system morally compromises almost all who enter into it by threats, blackmail and occasional assassination. Again, this has all been documented by Henry Makow, Alex Jones, Hagmann & Hagmann (and/or their guests), Webster Tarpley, et al.
    IN BRIEF, we are living in an era of power and wealth consolidation, massive and systemic theft and destruction of wealth, and we are on the cusp of massive world-wide war. People have begun to speculate and hypothesize if we are about to see Biblical Prophecy become realized in history. (Study the words, actions and policies of the current Pope, for the Church itself is about to become UNGLUED.)
    I have been telling people I discuss current events and the New World Order with that we are on the cusp of world-wide genocide long before I heard of Deagle and its report. A number of people have mentioned the 2025 date estimate. (It may be sooner, it may be later). I have reason to believe that the Antichrist is alive on Earth right now, and is waiting in the wings. (And I believe the Dimond Brothers are wrong: NO, it WAS NOT John Paul II). I also believe that the Three Days of Darkness are coming.
    All of this IS NOT tinfoil conspiracy theory. It has been documented and analyzed by many, on a number of levels—the psychological, economic, moral and spirtual, etc., etc. We have to, in the words of John B. Wells, “prepare for what’s to come.” Suffice it to say this much: Whether you believe or not that Jesus Christ “will come again to judge the Living and the Dead,” (I do), catastrophes are about to strike the human race that, YES, have been engineered and are now being tested. We are on the cusp of what the New Testament has called an age “that has never before been seen and will never be seen again.” The Devil is prepping for what is going to be his final battle. IT’S ON. And we are NOT alone in this game.


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