Military drills frighten residents of Miami and Houston

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Last Thursday, January 24, 2013, military Black Hawk helicopters swooped in the night sky over Miami, firing machine guns.

The Channel 7 reporter in the news video above said it was a “joint military training exercise” of the U.S. military and local police, to “partly meet some of the requirements they have to do” and, on the military side, to “prepare for some military drills they have to do, so they can make sure all their equipment are in check.”
Blah, blah, blah.
Did you understand a word of that?

Today, Jan. 29, 2013, military choppers did another “drill,” this time over southeast Houston, Texas, frightening the residents.
Shots were fired. Army soldiers, armed and dressed in fatigue, with what appeared to be live rounds, conducted a “multi-agency training drill” in an abandoned high school. Not just the citizens, but even the fire department hadn’t been notified.
So why is the military doing this, scaring the sh*t out of people?
The answer is what the black man in the Houston video said (1:19 mark):

“If this is to protect our kids, I’m all for it.”

20 children were killed (allegedly) in Sandy Hook Elementary School. And the answer is: Gun control! Ban assault weapons! Although it remains unclear whether the alleged shooter Adam Lanza actually used an assault rifle in the school.
But if this is to protect our kids, I’m all for it!
We’re being led like sheep to the slaughter.

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0 responses to “Military drills frighten residents of Miami and Houston

  1. ONLY God saves us now.
    “Pray with confidence, fast with conviction and serve with purpose.”
    Our Lady Queen of Peace

  2. How could anyone be fool enough to beieve these excercises are all about “our kids”. As Eowyn said: ” We are all being led to the slaughter”/

    • Thirty years ago, Hollywood was afraid of the gov’t doing nasty underhanded military things to supress people– remember Blue Thunder?

  3. They did the same type of exercise in Miami last week. What they are doing is technically illegal, but people don’t know it and won’t question it. Hey Mr. “But if this is to protect our kids and I’m all for it,” how about asking a combat vet that may have been in the immediate area of Houston how they feel about right now. Wonder if you can imagine their reaction? I used to date a Gulf War vet. He was visiting me at my apartment one time and a transformer blew outside. He became absolutely nerve-wracked and it took a few hours for him to finally relax. It’s a miracle no civilians freaked out and shot back.
    It’s really a downer to see how people have become so complacent.

  4. The black man in Houston is probably a shill.

  5. Yet another predictable outrage.

  6. Probably preparing for the next false flag. Super Bowl if conspiracy folks are correct! I guess we’ll see…..

    • Attack on the Superbowl… by those rightwing extremist fundamentalism Christian militia wackos with “assault weapons,” of course– quick, ban the Constitution and seize everyone’s guns!

  7. They were training for something or trying to scare people half do death.
    Did you know there are close to 900 FEMA camps within the U.S. Just one in Alaska can hold millions of people. There is a one-way gate into the facility, similar to catlle guards but more complex. You can reach them by Train,Air, & Paved roads. There are high fences with barbedwire or razor wire turned inside to ‘protect’ the people from others wanting to get in? Some of these FEMA camps are said to have Giant Stoves or Ovens, similar to that of Europes in the 40’s. They are not just in the US, they are in many other countries as well. Why are there so many with wire turned in? What are they really planning to do with these? Will this be for Jews & Christians? For Illegal Immigrants? For Terrorists? Please look into it. Simply Google: Fema Concentration Camps and you’ll see a list of over 800(last time I checked was over 3 years ago) there may be many more today. Look at the photos & watch the videos of civilians trying to get pics & videos. Many pics were taken away. Are these really intended for natural disasters? To have so many hold the numbers that they do, it would have to be WW3 or the largest disaster in our History. If there was a massive tsunami that hit all the Gulf of Mexico, it still does not make sense. To have so many spread out everywhere like that. If a tidal wave did hit, it would destroy roads,chopper pads, & train rails. It would actually kill more people in it’s wake than would survive. Will there be a mass cleansing one day? Some people say there are hundreds if not thousands of people waiting for that one special day. It took many years of planning for 9-11, they did not just jump on a plane with box cutters & say let’s do this. They had intel stateside. One guy went through flight school, even with their strict rules he falled through the cracks. It’s easier to get into this country than you think, just look at the Mexican border. If you have billions of American drug money, because of the Afghan Heroin trade. You can do a lot with a few million & even more with billions.


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