Military bases across U.S. on heightened alert against Islamic terrorist threat

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0 responses to “Military bases across U.S. on heightened alert against Islamic terrorist threat

  1. They also need to do this at all print Shops,Newspapers,Coffee Shops and Restaurants,etc. etc. etc. (Does,however,make me wonder how long until regular Citizens like us start getting the “at gunpoint” once-over for no apparent reason but looking like a retired Military,Redneck or Gun Fanatic)

  2. what does these words mean?
    It would seem that without ‘heightened alert’ the soldiers on these bases are sitting ducks.Based on recent events they ought to be on heightened alert all the time, and also let the soldiers carry loaded weapons.
    You would be safer at a mohammed cartoon contest than on a military base.
    I still do not know where all the SWAT guys were when the the raggers landed. They weren’t out there with guns.
    The muslims hate us because we are here. We do not have say or do anything. They’re here and Obama is importing a million more.
    The thugs hate us because we are white…no that’s not it, because we do not live in Baltimore….no that isn’t it…..because we aren’t addicted or our momma is a welfare whore……
    Wait and see how Obama will fast track gun control in this new trade agreement he’s pushing

  3. Well, since I can do nothing substantive about guarding US installations or troops . . . I will resort to the best thing I can do, and that is to pray. Pray for the safety of Americans, be they civilians or military personnel.

  4. Most people don’t understand the stress the raised level puts on troops. The line to get on base becomes hours long. ID checks before entering any building. Liberty is reduced to on base only. You will miss training to have extra security, or you will miss sleep. The bases are HOMES to military.

  5. traildustfotm

    Just yesterday I heard somebody express the theory that Jade Helm is actually intended to deal with a known islamist threat in the southwest states. They are doing war games with the covert intention of hitting known ISIS camps.

  6. To respond to a comment by three percent1775: I actually didn’t know that when they implement higher security it causes inconveniences..
    But if actually protecting the bases causes big problems, if actually putting effective measures in place is deemed inconvenient, then maybe the fellas in the pentagon ought to re-assess their priorities and make the necessary adjustments to entry points and schedules to adequately harden the facilities 24/7 without inflicting hardships on the soldiers and families.
    There must be value to knowing you and your family are actually safe when you are at home. lots of Americans do not feel safe when they are at home anymore.
    It would seem that leadership is looking to generate headlines and do not really care about the troops.

  7. What this basically translates to is the govstapo are working on a new terrorist plot against the citizenry, this coinciding with the jade helm “exercise”, of course. Perhaps they’ll claim that they “found out a terrorist plot” with it in the coming months or some other rubbish… in any case it sounds like, taking what threepercent1775 says into consideration, that this “heightened alert” may also be intended to add stress and fatigue to soldiers, which would make them prone to act more rashly and with less judgement, and wear on them in the long run. Perhaps an “incident” is being provoked to coincide with “jade helm”?
    In any case be wary folks, keep an eye out.


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