Mile-wide tornadoes devastate SW Oklahoma

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Direct hit on Plaza Towers Elementary School: at least 2 dozen children killed.
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Our prayers are with the people of Oklahoma….

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0 responses to “Mile-wide tornadoes devastate SW Oklahoma

  1. It hit the city of Moore, just a little South of Oklahoma City. It first touched down about 3 miles from me but all is good here. Although I have family in Moore that we haven’t heard from.

    • Glad you’re safe, hujonwi. Prayers for your family in Moore….

    • Prayers you hear from them soon and all is safe.

    • Just found out that my cousin and her family and they are OK!!!

      • Thank God!

      • Glad your OK Bro, now move.
        Poor people. Dear God please hear our prayers.

        • Thanks Bro… For us natives it’s spring time in Oklahoma. I’ve lived here all my life, except the 6 years in the USN and would be hard pressed to move. As you have seen from the coverage the people here are great. When the TV or radio says ‘tornado here and moving this way’ we go outside and look for it. Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

          • hujonwi, I guess. We’re coming up to hurricane season so same thing I guess.

            • Yep been there to Bro, Key West, Orlando, Nofolk and got to ride out the one that hit Hawaii in 83. Was at sea on an Aircraft Carrier for that one, then got to help with the clean up. Ya know they are coming, not like an earth quake… been through a tremor in CA, I’ll take tornados or hurricans any day of the week. Stay save.

              • Yikes at sea? For some reason (knock on wood) where I live
                (NW of Tampa) we kind of get lucky and seem to get missed with direct hits.At least we get days of warning to watch and prepare. Earthquakes Yikes again. I want no part of them.
                Tornados are bad, not enough warning..
                You guys stay safe too.

                • Yep at sea… got some good stories from that one… We get good warnings on tornados… better than we use to. that’s why there is the low death count. Also got some stories from co-workers that went through it… One girl that works third shift, that was woke up by a warning on her phone that was ‘get underground or out NOW’ and when she opened her front door, saw the tornado headed her way. She hunkered down in a hallway, although I perfer the bath tub, and it just missed her place. Lots of debris and a 2″x4″ stuck into a wall. Tornados do strange things… If ya want something interesting to watch sometime go to youtube and check out ‘wog day afternoon’ that was the third time I crossed the Equator. i’m with you on earth quakes… although we just went through one here not to long ago… sitting at the puter, checking things out and the monitor starts shaking… I’m a native Okie, ain’t going no where… I’ve already traveled all the way around the world.

  2. The damage is devastating. I am praying for all the families. When we experience tropical storms here the wind is relentless at 50-80 mph. I cannot fathom the strength of this storm. Lord have mercy.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this post and thank you everyone for your prayers. I live in OKC and I’m safe, but this is just devastating. Sooooo many children lost…..And Jesus wept…………

  4. I heard this live on the radio while doing some errands today.
    They were talking to a storm-chaser in real time as it was happening.
    It was some incredible, not to mention scary, radio.
    Prayers for all those who perished or were injured today, as well as their families, and those who are still searching for survivors.

  5. Terrible! We’ve been riveted to the news since afternoon. Our prayers are going out for the many people affected by this, and particularly for the children and their families.

  6. Dressage Rider

    Will have to check on FB just to find out about my cousin in OK City area.

  7. Words fail! Come, Lord Jesus….
    Those precious children!

  8. To all in the area, you are in our hearts and minds and Prayers.

  9. had one of my dear girlfriends email me to after I wrote her asking if family was ok. She was so sweet and thanked me for asking saying all were well! Still thinking of the others caught in all of this!
    You guys are the greatest!!! :o)


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