Mike Gallagher Takes On Birther Issue

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He’s Talking About Rush. The first 7 minutes are what’s important. He says what a lot of people think about skippidy do da. I don’t think Rush is one of the deniers though. He could give it more play, but he does not call people kooks like some others.


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0 responses to “Mike Gallagher Takes On Birther Issue

  1. First time listening in to Mr. Gallagher. Although too little too late, I do like his enthusiasm in getting to the bottom of the Birther issue.
    And speaking of that… I do proudly accept the title, however I’m not sure the name fits the circumstances very well. I think everybody agrees that Obama at some point in our history was “birthed,” even though the details are somewhat sketchy.
    Instead of Birther, seems more appropriate to be called a Long-Former.

    • Anything that gets to the bottom of this assault on our Constitution Steve…
      I’ll take it, Truth Seekers works for me also!

  2. On the subject of tags like ‘Birthers’ and ‘Truthers’ etc… these are hung on people like scarlet letters. They serve to reduce their causes… to simplify the issues and to identify them as a group rather than recognize them as individual Americans from all walks of life.
    On Obama and high orbiting liberals…
    I realize that in the case of Obama and his birth certificate, politics are indeed germane; the equation could not be considered without them. But because of this truth, there are those who will, undoubtedly, ignore the issue even if it is someday proven that he was not eligible for the office he now holds.
    There will be a hard line of defense that will say… so what if he wasn’t born here?
    At that point… if we should ever arrive there, and if those who then support and defend this man rather than the US Constitution, get to have their way, it will be the Constitution that is put on trial and not the man who so grossly violated it.
    That’s scary. We can’t allow that kind of thing to happen.

  3. Regardless of Trump’s candidacy, I am grateful to him for bringing this subject out from under the rock where it’s been relegated by self proclaimed “rational” people.
    There is simply no denying that a person who spends 2 million dollars hiding the verification of their entire personal history has something to, well, hide.
    Something is obviously WRONG
    I am glad to see more and more people questioning this, in this way. People know this in their bones. I am certain that it has been a policy at places like Fox News that everyone there toe the “I’m sure he was born in America” line just as now everyone is toeing the “Trump is just in this for publicity” line.
    We shall see but the more that these talking heads refuse to “question with boldness” the existence of the 1K lb gorilla in the seat next to them, the more credibility they will lose when the Truth comes out.
    Obama who is not an uber wealthy individual would not spend 2 million dollars for no reason.
    I believe the cat is now out of the bag and MSM is trying so hard to discredit Trump so they may continue disparaging those who question Obama’s eligibility

    • Regardless of Trump’s candidacy, I am grateful to him for bringing this subject out from under the rock where it’s been relegated by self proclaimed “rational” people.

      Absolutely! Those who have legitimate concerns that the constitution is being adhered to… or even respected from a distance, are immediately trounced by the media and then fallen upon by that huge flock of cackling crows that always seem to be around with this subject surfaces in public.

  4. I would like for O’Reilly on Fox News to say what was said here – Fox has disappointed their listeners – are they fair in their debates as they claim they are??????????

  5. When Obama Sr died he laments in DFMF,that he does not have a BC listing Sr as the babydaddy.I bet it says unknown or is blank.Also when did Barry legally become Barack??Why the Ct ssn?

  6. The way the media and our government (all branches) have handled this issue raises so many questions beyond Obama himself.
    I can’t help but think that the 2008 election was an attack on A2S1C5 of our Constitution. The term Citizen is used many times throughout regarding eligibility for positions in our government, but NBC only once in particular for the qualification of POTUS.
    So much effort in the media sine 2008 has been placed on a birth in the United States to qualify one as a natural born Citizen with no regard to the citizenship of the parents. Their efforts seem so overt in conditioning the public to this idea.
    Trump appears to be pushing this idea also which concerns me. He continues to make statements about a birth location without ever mentioning the citizenship of O’s (supposed) father.
    Like many, I would like to know much more about Obama’s hidden past in addition to his birth location. But could this entire birth certificate distraction really be that simple? To forever change the definition of natural born Citizenship without having to amend A2S1C5?
    If the citizenship of your parents is taken out of the NBC definition… what’s next in store for US? The location?

  7. Tom from Collingswwod

    Mr. G.,
    I am pretty sure that you did in fact discount the Birther issue when I called in to your radio program roughly 1-2 months ago. I call upon the internet community to research your claim that you have never discounted the Birthers. I think that it would be more helpful if you would acknowledge that you and virtually every other talk radio/tv conservative have at best, discounted the importance of this issue, and most of the time, squelched and insulted the Birthers. I have personally been told that my position is “Idiotic,” divisive, etc., etc. all while I was prevented from making my simple point that he is not a “natural born citizen” due to his dual citizenship. A simple apology would be proper, rather than falsely and self-servingly distancing yourself from the valid criticism. You and all the other “know it alls” are belatedly welcome to the Birthers, but please acknowledge your fault.

  8. “Where was baby hussein born”?

  9. Case in point… Look at this absurd Wikipaganda garbage on A2S1C5.
    “By the time of their inauguration, the President and Vice President must be:
    * natural born citizens, OR CITIZENS (emphases mine), at the time of the Constitution’s adoption
    * at least thirty-five years old
    * inhabitants of the United States for at least fourteen years .”
    Can you believe that? In Wiki’s words, you can be the POTUS as long as “By the time of their inauguration…” you are 35 years old, became a citizen and inhabited the US for the last 14 years. You can’t make this stuff up folks!
    And more Wikipaganda on the term natural born Citizen itself.
    No mention what-so-ever of the Law of Nations which was used at the time by our founders in drafting the document. A direct assault on A2S1C5? You decide.


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