Migraine treatment under Obamacare

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After the Tuesday Night Massacre, we can sure use a laugh.

This is hysterically, politically incorrect funny.

Sure, we’ll be called the R-word, but then we’re called that no matter what we do or say, anyhoo.

The trick is to inflict so much pain, you forget you have a migraine! LOL

H/t FOTM’s Lady Wendy


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0 responses to “Migraine treatment under Obamacare

  1. Oh, that was good! Thank you (ahahahahahahahahaaaa..)! :0)

  2. ROFL!

    I just love that guy in the background that is cracking up laughing the whole time.


  3. Hilarious!

  4. I think they just found out the poor guy voted for Romney.

  5. Gave me a headache just watching it! LOL

  6. Oh boy I’m feeling funny!

  7. Thanks, I needed a good laugh. I feel so numb still.

  8. Hahahahaha nice to see my future doctor! By the way…that hut in the background? Next year’s luxury housing.

  9. When they run out of enemas I guess they’ll have to slap the sh$t out of you!

  10. I hate to see what they will do for hemorrhoids… 😉


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