Mighty Mouse

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One of the winners in the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual photographic competition is this expertly-timed photo of a leaping mouse, taken by John Cocks.

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There were thousands of entries from around the world for the competition.

H/t Daily Mail


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  1. No wonder: look at its show-stopping form!

  2. i remember years ago a mouse got into one of the 50lb dog food bags and tried to jump his way out but kept coming up short and this is around 11 or 12 o’ clock at night and i’m in bed trying to sleep and i hear this odd scraping sound so after awhile of this strange noise i get out of bed to investigate finally walking into the pantry and hearing the sound right below me in the dog food bag so i look inside and there looking up at me is this mouse now i’m joined by bear (igors dad) and i say get him the dog looks at me gives me a look of royal distain and if he could talk would have said “get him out of my food what kind of establishment are you running here” so anyway i figure the vacuum cleaner could suck him out of there and that was that…


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