'Midsomer Murders' actor exploits fame to bash Brexit

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I no longer watch American TV shows because so many actors, directors and producers are far Left in their politics. I boycott them because I object to their politics and because, simply put, I cannot suspend my disbelief when I watch them on TV or in movies.
That’s why I subscribe to Acorn TV and BritBox because:

  1. Unlike Hollywood, many British actresses of a certain age don’t get botoxed and face-lifted beyond recognition.
  2. I don’t know the actors’ politics.

One of the British TV shows I’ve been streaming is the long-lasting, quite ridiculous (because of the high body-count) Midsomer Murders, which is into its 20th season with a new detective at its helm, DCI John Barnaby, played by an actor named Neil Dudgeon.

Alas, I can no longer watch Midsomer Murders, having just discovered that Neil Dudgeon is another arrogant actor who exploits his fame to spout his left-wing politics.
In a recent tweet, on April 6, 2018, Dudgeon equates Brexit with “handing over control to the far right,” and the 17,410,742 Brits who had voted for Brexit “the far right” who are political allies of the dastardly Steve Bannon and Breitbart.
In another tweet, on March 14, Dudgeon equated Brexit with being like North Korea:

“The only way to have ‘all’ your sovereignty is not to participate in the globalised world. Not to compromise or agree or join in. Like North Korea maybe. That’s clearly a roaring success. And it’s because they have ‘all’ their sovereignty!”

On March 15, Dudgeon retweeted an American’s tweet that referred to President Trump as “that idiot in office now”.
On March 9, Dudgeon retweeted some Brit’s tweet claiming that his tax statement shows that the cost to him of remaining in the EU is paltry — 50 pennies a week. Addressing the 17,410,742 Brits who had voted for Brexit, Dudgeon disdainfully writes:

“Saving 50p a week for all this shit. You are out of your minds.”

On March 2, Dudgeon retweeted a tweet attributing the UK’s problems to the Tories, instead of immigrants.
On February 23, Dudgeon tweeted that a women’s art group that does “profane” embroidery is “A really fine thing”:

After calling Brexit voters “the far right” who are “out of your minds” and who want the UK to be like North Korea, on January 27, Dudgeon sanctimoniously and without a trace of irony retweeted James Melville’s tweet that:

“The Holocaust didn’t begin in the gas chambers. It began with the words of hate. Words matter.”

I can go on with more examples from intolerant, hypocritical Neil Dudgeon’s Twitter feed, but you get the point.
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0 responses to “'Midsomer Murders' actor exploits fame to bash Brexit

  1. It’s pretty easy to see what this is all about. Either you want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats and have no rights or sovereignty or you don’t. I remember back in the EC days that this was a profoundly bad idea.
    This is all part of The Plan. These sycophants hope to be rewarded for selling their fellow countrymen down the river.

    • lophatt . . . . Bravo! That was an excellent, short explanation of exactly what is going on with the European Union. I recently saw a show, where one of the members of the British Commonwealth had lost the entitlement to fish the waters off their shores. It had been “given to” another nation in the EU. Anyone who actually knows just exactly what is going on, should look to their own family or neighbors, and do what is right for your own country and citizens.
      Here you have some fool who earns his living by playing someone else and being filmed for doing so . . . he doesn’t have to worry that the EU is claiming fishing rights that have always belonged to the country they boarder. How dumb does someone have to be. This actor is certainly a dillweed that he doesn’t really know what is going on.
      I am grateful that Great Britain took this step rather than trying to wait another 5, 10, 15 years before waking up to the fact that other nations were given the right to “pick your bones.”

      • Thank you, Lulu. Yes, I hope they can leave. Every delay makes it harder for them. It is really telling to watch some of them fight to stay in the EU. They want to be part of that New World Odor for certain.
        When this began I wonder, “why would a democratic country want to be ruled by autocrats”? They used largely the same excuses that the UN used when they formed. Look how that has turned out.
        They regulate EVERYTHING. Then they divvy up the spoils among themselves after punishing the intransigent. Every detail of life is controlled. Not only should they “exit”, they should hang any of their leadership that suggested staying in it.

        • lophatt . . . I agree with everything, particularly about what should happen to the traitors who lobbied for staying in the EU. None of it was for the benefit of the citizens of the United Kingdom–the other’s just wanted to pick their bones.

  2. TV is a waste. The days of quality entertainment have been on the wane for a good 40 years.
    Too much other stuff out there to spend time on.
    I just heard a report that another (FF) “Syrian chemical attack” has occurred, conveniently when Trump is talking about leaving. Hasn’t hit the wires yet, give it an hour. In the meantime, look at all the TeeVee stars who promoted the earlier fake attacks as “truth”. All mindless bots respewing their lines.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Isn’t that the whole point? Reasonable freedom loving people do not want a “globalized world”. That was the problem with Babel.

    • Kevin . . . Amen and Amen to that!

    • Presumably, unless the people who, allegedly control their governments ask for such a thing, how is it happening? I didn’t ask for this, did you? Why is the default position “globalization”? I don’t want it and refuse to acknowledge it.

  5. The English more now than ever looking down on us, and we continue to kiss their asses – Oh, the Queen”. “Oh, Harry & Meghan Markle” and some drool over the latest news while they continue to snub and ignore us and invade us with their leftist commentators, the BBC, and inundate our market with their merchandise. Let’s not inflate their ego, they don’t contribute anything to us.

  6. Dr Eowyn . . . Thank you for binging this article to us. I had Acorn for some time, I think it is fabulous. As you said, the people acting in their series are actually people you might find in real life–warts and all.
    Unfortunately, I gave it up, due to the fact that I had seen just about everything they had that I wanted to see. I thought I would give it another year and then subscribe . . . perhaps they will give them time to bring on features that I had not already seen.
    Looking into my ancestry, on my Mother’s side, we have a certain percentage of peoples who hailed from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales . . . somehow I just think their is something that pulls at my heart-strings with British tv programing. It is for sure that when comparing the knot heads leading men from America . . .DO NOT COMPARE WITH PARTICULARLY some of the leading men hailing from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand. Their men appear to have rugged handsome looks . . . . compared with our actors appearing rather like “Pajama Boys.” This was not always true, in decades gone by, we had John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Charlton Heston, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglass, Yul Brenner, Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood . . . there are so many more, I just cannot name them all. Compared to the crop of today’s actors, I am left thinking most of the male actors are short a quart or two of testosterone. When you think of the male US actors of several decades ago, they were not “pretty boys,” but they certainly were the ideal “American hero” types, warts and all! I must say I sadly miss that.
    Dr Eowyn, I think that you will find other British tv shows that you will really, really enjoy. There needs to be a time when we can just shut down, remove ourselves from “real life,” and indulge in something that just entertains us for a few moments out of our hectic, and careworn lives. After seeing the picture of the new lead in “Midsomer Murders,” i cannot even imagine this joker as a suitable replacement for the last guy, he was just utterly charming in a quaint, non-assuming manner.

    • Get a few Inspector Morse, Poirot etc. DVD’s
      Brit TV was wonderful, but don’t trust the Beeb any more to not subtly introduce nefarious messages. As reference, I submit the change in the long-running Dr. Who series. Up until the fifth Dr., there was clarity. Afterwards it became a slow descent into “it’s our fault for not embracing malevolent alien culture”.

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    Sorry to learn Neil Dudgeon is such a rat. I had already decided to stop watching “Midsomer Murders,” as the quality and subject matter have declined, and so has the acting. Neil Dudgeon is phoning it in, and the dog is now the best actor. The initial lead, John Nettles, was better.

  8. We’ve gone from high dudgeon to LOW dudgeon in one season, it seems. Another leftist jerk….

  9. “The Holocaust didn’t begin in the gas chambers. It began with the words of hate. Words matter.”
    Hymm I wonder if all the words of hate towards Whites on tweets, in college classrooms, and in White Privilege lessons matter? Naaaah, what was I thinking!!!
    I watch about zero TV. When you have lived through genuine drama in your own life enough is enough, and I don’t need or like being manipulated into an imaginary emotional journey through the boob tube. Besides almost without exception even on the off chance these shows are well done, they always are subliminally if not overtly purveying some type of PC propaganda.
    I agree with what this guy has to say about it all as well…

  10. Shoot all the Leftist collaborators first.

  11. Anyone who pays for the obscenity laced, very bad embroidery items must needs be a Fool! I cannot imagine any normal person displaying garbage such as that! What am I missing???

  12. I watch the program on Netflix, but when Barnaby retires, I won’t watch any longer.

    • The first DCI Barnaby, played by John Nettles, is already “retired” — at the end of Season 13.
      The new DCI Barnaby, played by pro-EU pro-open borders Neil Dudgeon began in 2011 with Season 14.

  13. The new man Dudgeon is not a patch on John Nettles whose portrayal was most endearing.

  14. Orang Yorkston

    In just one of Dudgeon’s episodes I noted the following;
    1. The intelligent doctor had to be a Black;
    2. The Black doctor was in a homo relationship with the town’s undertaker;
    3. The intelligent forensic scientist was a curry Indian;
    4. The super rich successful character was a curry Indian chasing after the family’s daughter;
    5. The intelligent curry female forensic scientist was being encouraged to hook up with the young hero assistant detective ;
    6. The Anglican minister is female, and had an adulterous affair with another character, who turned outtobe the villan;
    7. The daughter of the rich family was living with a character out of wedlock with a son of the rich family in the mavillan
    I could go on but I think this shows what BBC television is like now.


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