Michelle in Spain: 30 Rooms for 4 Days

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Who made her queen?

Yesterday, a White House source told the German Press Agency dpa that Queen Marie Antoinette Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha will spend 4 days next month vacationing in Spain’s southern resort of Marbella. Reservation has been made for THIRTY rooms in a 5-star hotel near Marbella.
This is obscene.
The U.S. national debt is over $13.24 trillion, and counting. Millions of Americans are unemployed; 1 of 8 Americans are on food stamps. But Michelle and Sacha require 30 hotel rooms for a 4-day holiday, August 4-8.
The Sociopath will not be going even though his birthday is August 4. Interesting that Michelle won’t be with her husband for his 49th birthday, isn’t it? Not to worry: he has Reggie Love! 😉
H/t beloved Fellowship co-founder Steve.

Michelle booked 30 rooms at Spain's most exclusive hotel, the Villa Padierna on the Costa del Sol near Marbella

Michelle Obama to Vacation in Spain,” Earth Times, July 26, 2010:

Washington/Madrid – US First Lady Michelle Obama and one of her two daughters will take a summer break in Spain, a White House source said Monday. Mother and daughter would come to the southern holiday resort of Marbella on a “private visit in the company of old friends,” the source told the German Press Agency dpa. US President Barack Obama will not accompany his wife, the source said.
Spanish media reports said Michelle Obama and her younger daughter Sasha, 9, would be on Spain’s Costa del Sol between August 4 and 8. There had been speculation that Barack Obama might also come to Spain to celebrate his 49th birthday on August 4.
Michelle Obama has reserved about 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said.

Let’s hope Michelle won’t be packing these clothes for Marbella. So much money, so little taste…. (Click pic to enlarge)




…and my favorite, the way-too-tight-for-her-big-butt skirt:

And let’s not forget Queen Michelle’s $1.25 million White House staff, HERE.

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0 responses to “Michelle in Spain: 30 Rooms for 4 Days

  1. And today CNN breaks news of the bedbug invasion – It can happen anywhere, anytime and they are now in the White House because of Joe Biden’s recliner.
    We can only hope…

  2. Again, another sickening waste of America’s money and another injustice for the struggling Gulf Coast!
    LOL Joe Biden’s recliner! I’m sure that if anything, the Obama’s and their group are probably bringing the bed bugs to Spain.

  3. What the hell is wrong with these people? I realize MO didn’t grow up with a pot to pee in, but this is ridiculous. Thirty rooms for their entourage. I think a European hostel would be more appropriate. When we went to Spain, we noticed how older women always dressed their age–many wore suits out to stroll and to dinner. If MO doesn’t get some help with her wardrobe ASAP, she will certainly be made fun of. Those Spanish matrons can stare you down if you are different. It happened to us regularly there because of the blonde hair and blue eyes. They will stare at her because she looks like a freak!

  4. Terry from CO

    Doc’s Wife,
    I remember you mentioning about how you follow Michelle’s style parade. You are right about her not having much taste in clothes, whoa, it really is bad! Still, I recall a previous comment I had made about all of those assistants she has. I just don’t get it, we pay good money as citizens to these people, and what do we get? I hope that the designers are not looking to her for ideas, that’s all I can say. As far as those Spaniard matrons, I give them a thumbs up for anything they can do for her!

  5. she probably needs the extra room for her shoes. oh wait a minute that was imelda marcos. 3000 pairs of shoes.. never mind lets just get the guillotine ready and lets do some chopping so they can do no more shopping.

  6. Did anyone else hear the phone call to Laura Ingraham’s radio show ….It seems ( the call was traced when the irate caller let slip that she was calling about “her daughter, realized , then hung up.) Laura was speaking of this obsenity of profligate spending on the American people’s dime when this woman called and Laura traced the call. It was Michelle’s mother, I hear!!!!!!
    Gee, Moms calling Laura Ingraham, The Fraud himself on The View…..what is this…must be Reality TV…..
    how embarrassing!

  7. Michelle Obama is all ass, no class.

  8. well, not as bad as palin would have been, we know she’s a diva on an expense account. The Obama’s haven’t impressed nor lived up to expectations, just more of the same. Why are the people complaining after their coronation/inauguration, it was like royalty being acclaimed, then we complain when they act like it. Ditch the pomp and ceremony, get down to business then we have aleg to stand on. p.s. I like big butts!

  9. How do you know Palin’s a diva w/expense accounts? The RNC offered that expense account which was grossly mischaracterized by the SRM to distract you from her character. Remember Alinsky’s rules…
    Heck, more people knew about how much the RNC spent on her clothes than they did about the admin in office (see howobamagotelected.com). I surmise that the SRM will keep this hidden as well to protect their “royalty”. Leftists heads would be exploding if a Republican spent $ like this admin does…

  10. I don’t get it. Why were the republicans complaining about her spending and claiming she was going rogue to the media? to hide her character, I can only imagine what that is like. I’m all for family values, but for her to hold her family up as an example is dumbfounding. her kids are hard into underage drinking, drugs, teenage, underage sex and pregnancy. Whose baby is trig by the way?

    • Trig is her and her hubby’s, no she was not behind Michael Jackson’s death either. Yes, she’s the first VP candidate hot enough to inspire a porno movie (jeez, thank you, Larry Flynt) etc., but that does not make her trailer trash or anything else. I’m sure she’s definitely happy her daughter and Levi got back together and will get hitched after all, though.

    • Where’s your proof that her kids are “hard” into underage drinking and drugs? (You might want to google to see what the VP’s son has done w/drugs). Underage sex, yep that happened. At least she didn’t abort the baby.
      Nice try, you sure do practice Alinsky’s Rules…the subject hear is queen Michelle and the amount of taxpayers’ money she is spending on herself. Her husband tells us to live within our means and make sacrifices…again the elitists telling us one thing and doing another.

  11. Dr Piglet-Swineherd

    Very long comment is deleted by this blog’s administrator because:
    1. Commenter is rude and offensive, calling us “bastards.” You are a guest (from London! not even an American) on my blog and you call us “bastards”! How rude. How grandiose.
    2. The comment is a tediously long essay, poorly written.
    You, Swineherd (aka “my name is Legion”), whose IP address is in London, go get your own blog.

  12. Thanks for this site, I’m sooo sick of the pref. treatment these “commies” get from the “4th estate” re. 5th column!

  13. I’d like to hire-on as her b00ty support specialist. I’ve much experience as my clientel includes Diana Ross, her sister ellis Ross. Also Iris Chacon and Carmine Russo.


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