Michelle's Great-Grandma and Harrison J. Bounel?

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The coincidences keep piling up!  This man’s name is certainly in the ballpark and he was from Connecticut.  He would have been very elderly by the time Social Security was enacted in the 1930s. 
I wonder if he had a son and if there was a Harry Bounel, Jr? 

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  1. And I thought I was the only conspiracy theorist in the group! HA!

  2. lowtechgrannie

    It’s an odd name that had to come from somewhere! What better than great-grannie’s boarder? The question is, why are Obama’s and Bounel’s names both attached to the same social security number and street address?

  3. Wow…I actually sat and listened to the entire previous video……..
    and got up and went back to work feeling a little crazy, now this.
    The chances that this is a coincidence and unfounded seem infinitesimally minuscule…the coincidence a bit uncanny…unlikely, if untrue…..
    There seems to be absolutely no chance that the source of obama’s alias is anyone other than Michelle’s relative’s lodger…I guess they figured no one would notice if they stole the old duffer’s identity……..
    my big question is “now what?”

  4. lowtechgrannie

    If I were a computer programer, I would come up with a fantastic role-playing video game based on all this and make a fortune!

  5. I think the CT SSN was used while he was at that law school near Boston (where as Ed. of the Law Rev., never wrote an article for the publication), and that was long before he met Michelle in Chicago.
    Coincidence? Probably.
    Oh my yes.

  6. I listened to the interview sponsored by trunews.com and am in a state of shock! This skip tracer person named “Al” did an exhaustive background search and was able to fit all these pieces together quite well. Who is gonna be the brave one to get the ball rolling on getting this fraudster, imposter, tax evader, identity thief, lier, cheat, White House squatter out of the WH?


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