Michelle’s Africa Boondoggle Costs Taxpayers $800,000

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Michelle, mom, & daughters on safari in South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve

Boondoggle – n.: An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity.

America is broke. 1 of every 4 homes are underwater; 1 of every 8 Americans are on food stamps; unemployment is stuck at an official 9.1%; and our national debt is approaching $14.5 trillion. (For more on America’s indebtedness, see Tony Whitcomb’s blog here.)

But Michelle Obama thinks it’s just dandy to go on an African boondoggle that costs American taxpayers an estimated $800,000. And what was the purpose of the trip? — to promote “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in southern Africa, according to the White House.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports, June 28, 2011, that according to Whitehousedossier.com, Michelle’s trip to South Africa and Botswana last week could cost as much as $800,000 to taxpayers — those 53% of Americans suckers who still pay income tax.

This is how the $800,000 break down:

  • Michelle’s jet plane, Air Force 2, costs in the region of $12,723 per hour. When the distance travelled and flight speed of the plane are put together, the cost of Air Force 2 for the whole trip could work out to be a cool $430,000.
  • A military cargo plane usually goes with the First Lady on foreign trips in order to bring along cars and other large items. The DOD charges other federal agencies $12,723 per hour for the use of a C-32 plane, the same model as the one Michelle was ferried about on during her trip. That could easily add on another $200,000 to the cost.
  • Add to the above the cost of local transportation; Secret Service protection; food for Michelle, her mother, her two daughters and two of their cousins, and staff members; and the cost of pre-trip preparations.

As Michelle Marie Antoinette would say: “Let them eat cake!”


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14 responses to “Michelle’s Africa Boondoggle Costs Taxpayers $800,000

  1. the entire obama reign is a boondoggle if there where only a way to keep her there. shoudn’t she be promoting education, health and leadership in this country first before foisting herself off on a foreign country?

  2. Why?

    As in, why did they go? Why was this necessary? What is the return on investment for the American People?

    Until those questions are answered, boondoggle it shall remain.

    As for eating cake, the reference actually is to the most nutrient rich mix that keeps bread going, which is almost equivalent to sourdough starter. Marie Antoinette was not referring to those little tea cakes that show up at Buckingham Palace at 4 pm, after the cucumber sandwiches. And the dress debacles.

    I wonder what was accomplished in this trip, other than causing Desmond Tutu to engage in some rather embarrassing behavior, but might have helped define his biceps. Of course, his mental muscle is so imposing, no one has ever thought he needed arm muscles at all. He can cause lesser brains to wither simply by walking into a room and uttering a simple insightful sentence.

  3. and Momma, the kids and two cousins went along for the ride and we paid for it. It was another vacation and she gave a little speech so it could be paid for by the tax payers.If you add all the cost it was way over what is quoted here.
    she read The cat in the house to some school kids. wow.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of french fries.


  5. Absolutely sickening! As St. Thomas More said of Sir Richard Rich, the individual who lied and betrayed him and made the Attorney General of Wales as a reward to do so, said of him, “I would not bare to let such a man as this know what I think.” Michelle O. is one of those “such a woman” as this individuals. I dislike her immensely and what she stands for. God help us!

  6. Promote health and wellness? Yeah, riiiiight.

  7. Can I get my portion of that 800K back?
    I haven’t had a vacation in 5 years, I really don’t care to pay for Michelle’s.

  8. She has no smile on her face. She wants her limo. How dare they put her fat ass in a jeep.

  9. You guys are a bunch of cracker jack, crack pot white supremest morons

    • 1) Truth hurts, huh? You are ok w/her spending our tax dollars that way?
      2) You might want to invest in a dictionary.
      3) Calling us racist? Can’t you be more original than that?

    • And you are a government-educated ignoramus of the first order.

      Care to guess which one of us will become a slave to tyranny first?

      Somehow I don’t think it will be us here at FOTM.

      And I am pretty sure if Laura Bush were blowing this much taxpayer money on vacations, you would be among the first to cry foul.


    • Racist, again? How boring. Y.A.W.N.

      You libs are so uncreative….

      P.S. I have a Ph.D., and I’m not “white”. Who’s the moron now.


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