Michelle, the Mummy

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Why is the First Lady of the United States of America dressed like an Egyptian mummy?


Michelle O, with actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Jill Biden, at a DNC fundraiser, NY, Oct. 18, 2010

An Egyptian mummy in the Vatican Museum

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0 responses to “Michelle, the Mummy

  1. Multiple choice test:
    Q.: Why is Michelle Obama dressed like a mummy?
    a. Because she’s saving the witch outfit for Halloween.
    b. Because she worships the same gods of the netherworld that the Egyptians worshiped
    c. She’s not dressed like a mummy, she’s dressed like a monkey that wants to be a mummy
    d. It is very insensitive and mean-spirited of you to compare mummies to Michelle Obama

  2. This outfit says “Donna Karan”–she was at one of these fundraisers. Her clothes are almost always stretchy-jersey stuff that are supposed to be designed for REAL women to help conceal flaws. WTH is this!!!! Way too much of MOO is revealed and it ain’t good.

  3. You silly people! It is not a dress. It’s one of those underwear body slimming sort of things that women are supposed to wear UNDER their clothes when they have big ol’ legs like Michele. It is the REAL dress that made her look fat that she obviously didn’t wear ! Hey, didn’t she give up fast food and high calorie stuff just like she told us we had to do? Hmmm…..Guess it is not working for her. Well Michele, NEVER SAY DIET. Just hope for change, hope for change, hope for change!

  4. Just goes to prove, being the FLOTUS doesn’t buy you class. She hasn’t mastered the Glam “dont’s” no way, no how…

  5. Three useless and overpaid women are in that picture.

  6. Zorro:
    Three useless, overpaid women who won’t be participating in Obamacare.

  7. My grandmother had a saying:You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  8. fs-LOL that’s right!


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