Michelle, the Fashion Icon

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Note: This post is in response to beloved fellow May’s comment to my previous post, Again, the Bare Arms.” 😀
Q: Who would wear a belt under the boobs instead of around the waist?
A: Why, only a Fashion Icon would!


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0 responses to “Michelle, the Fashion Icon

  1. Its either-
    A) She is trying to keep her boobs from falling off
    B) They don’t make a belt large enough for her waist
    C) Both A & B

  2. Yeah…I was going to say that maybe her bra just isn’t doing a good enough job holding them up!

  3. My mom says she needs to go to fininshing school-LOL

  4. 5 minutes in a Goodwill or my favorite consignment stores with me. Just 5 minutes. I’ll have her looking like a First Lady instead of a shopper in a thrift shop.
    She’s a prime candidate for the show, “What NOT to Wear”.

  5. Ah, the high-waisted look… unlike many other Democrats who favor the high, wasted look instead.

  6. All I can do is shake my head….. WTH is wrong with this woman!

  7. Steve,
    I do think you’ve figured out why she wears the belt under her boobs! She wears it high to distract attention away from her butt and to create an optical illusion that it’s smaller than what it is. Alas, all she accomplishes is to make herself look really really odd and make people wonder if she’s mental. LOL

  8. There is one other possibility we might consider.
    Is it possible Moochelle is with child?

    • Doubtful she is pregnant…all the women I know, they immediately star wearing loose & comfortable clothing. Last thing they want is a belt by their belly! Besides I believe these pics were taken over a period of time & she’d really be showing by now if she was indeed pregnant…

  9. DCG,
    Glad to hear it, as the last thing we need in this world is another spawn of Obama. :-O

  10. yes you’re right….and that’s the mistake’s kind I do not accept……

  11. I agree with everyone that she wears it there because it’s the only place it will fit. I think her ass goes that high up.

  12. Hey, Steve, I am so impressed! What a guy! You figured out the fashion illusion! I have to remind Eowyn that if I ever do something like this to please, please shoot me!

  13. Yes! I have made Eowyn promise me that if I start wearing pink and purple polka dots (now I’ll add a belt under my boobs), that she must shoot me. My dear Mother told me years ago that if she ever had such fashion misgivings and poor taste, to shoot her (jokingly of course). I promised her that I would carry out her wishes. I am holding Eowyn to it! And, when Eowyn starts wearing clear glass-looking high-heeled sandals, I am to shoot her! LOL

    • Ahem, don’t forget the thick lipliner, Joan. I am to shoot you or, at the very least, commit you to an institution, if you ever wear thick lipliner that instantly transforms you into a “ho”. LOL

  14. Wow, Eowyn, how could I forget! The lipliner thing goes onto the list too! I am so glad you remembered! (LOL) I’ll never forget the lipliner incident! What a riot! I’ll be watching you for those glamorous, see-through “vain” high-heeled sandals, Cinderella!


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