Michelle Obama wants to legalize partial-birth abortion

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A U.S. federal statute defines “partial-birth abortion” as any abortion in which the fetus is extracted “past the navel [of the fetus]… outside the body of the mother.”

Instead of other abortion methods such as suction (“vacuum expiration“) and dilation-curettage, in a partial-birth abortion, the fetus must be “extracted” for a simple reason: The fetus is already so developed that those other methods can no longer be used. Instead, removal of the baby now requires dilating the mother’s cervix in a procedure called “Intact D&X” (Intact Dilation and Extraction).

Under the Intact D&X method, the largest part of the baby’s head is “reduced in diameter” to allow vaginal passage. According to the American Medical Association, this procedure has four main steps:

  1. Usually, preliminary procedures are performed over a period of two to three days, to gradually dilate the cervix using laminaria tents (sticks of seaweed which absorb fluid and swell). Sometimes drugs such as pitocin, a synthetic form of oxytocin, are used to induce labor.
  2. Once the cervix is sufficiently dilated, the doctor uses an ultrasound and forceps to grasp the baby’s leg. The fetus is turned to a breech position, if necessary, and the doctor pulls one or both legs out of the cervix, which some refer to as ‘partial birth’ of the fetus.
  3. The doctor subsequently extracts the rest of the fetus, leaving only the head still inside the uterus. An incision is made at the base of the skull, a blunt dissector (such as a Kelly clamp) is inserted into the incision and opened to widen the opening, and then a suction catheter is inserted into the opening. The brain is suctioned out, which causes the skull to collapse and allows the fetus to pass more easily through the cervix.
  4. The placenta is removed and the uterine wall is vacuum aspirated using a cannula.

That is why partial-birth abortion is also called late-term abortion. A late-term abortion refers to an induced abortion procedure that occurs typically after the 20th week of gestation, although the exact point when a pregnancy becomes late-term is not clearly defined. The procedure is usually used in the second trimester, from 15 to 26 weeks, some of which occur before and some of which occur after viability.

Here are pictures of what a human person looks like in the 20th week of gestation:

Here’s a description of the 20-week-old human person:

The baby weighs about 9 ounces and is about six inches long. The uterus should be at the level of the belly button. The baby can suck a thumb, yawn, stretch, and make faces. Soon — if you haven’t already — you’ll feel your baby move, which is called “quickening.” (WebMD) By week 20, your baby [… is] filling out. His organs are getting into their proper places. His kidneys are now in position with their familiar bean shape. His testes (or ovaries for girls) have reached their position. His brain continues to form and grow. His teeth are beginning to appear, and he can swallow. (BabyZone)

Since 1995, led by Republicans, the U.S. House of Representatives and  Senate tried again and again to ban partial-birth abortions. During the Clinton administration, Congress passed two such measures by wide margins, but Bill Clinton vetoed those bills.

In 2003, late-term abortions finally became unlawful in the United States when the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (PBABA) was signed into law. The House passed it on October 2 with a vote of 281-142, the Senate passed it on October 21 with a vote of 64-34, and on November 5, 2003, President George W. Bush signed it into law.

PBABA includes two findings of Congress:

(1) A moral, medical, and ethical consensus exists that the practice of performing a partial-birth abortion… is a gruesome and inhumane procedure that is never medically necessary and should be prohibited.

(2) Rather than being an abortion procedure that is embraced by the medical community, particularly among physicians who routinely perform other abortion procedures, partial-birth abortion remains a disfavored procedure that is not only unnecessary to preserve the health of the mother, but in fact poses serious risks to the long-term health of women and in some circumstances, their lives. As a result, at least 27 States banned the procedure as did the United States Congress which voted to ban the procedure during the 104th, 105th, and 106th Congresses.

Immediately after the passage of PBABA, America’s death cultists began their tireless efforts to overturn the federal law. Beginning in early 2004, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Abortion Federation, and abortion doctors in Nebraska challenged the ban in federal district courts in California, New York, and Nebraska. All three district courts ruled the ban unconstitutional and their respective federal courts of appeals—the 9th, 2nd and 8th Circuits—affirmed these rulings on appeal.

The three cases were all appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, and were consolidated into the case Gonzales v. Carhart. On April 18, 2007, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act by a narrow decision of 5 (Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas) vs. 4 (Breyer, Ginsburg, Souter, Stevens). [Source: Wikipedia]

Despite partial-birth abortions being “a gruesome and inhumane procedure that is never medically necessary,” that is EXACTLY what Michelle Obama — the First Lady of the United States of America, who is the mother of two young daughters — is determined to restore.

Here’s the proof.

Recently, a 2004 campaign letter signed by Michelle Obama, urging Illinois voters to elect her husband to the U.S. Senate, surfaced. In her letter, Michelle specifically mentioned the repeal of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act as a desirable objective and as a cause to which a Senator Barack Obama will be devoted:

Not only does Barack Obama share Michelle’s determination to overturn the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, Obama does her one “better” — he doesn’t even want babies who survive a “botched” partial-birth abortion to live.

When he was a senator in the Illinois State Senate, he voted three times against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 — a federal law, signed by President George W. Bush, which extends legal protection to an infant born alive after a failed attempt at induced abortion.

What happened to ADOPTION as an alternative?

The plain truth is THERE IS NO REASON to kill “born alive” babies who survive a partial-birth abortion. Most Americans favor adoption. U.S. federal government statistics show that as many as 30% of Americans have considered adopting, 60% of whom considered adopting an infant (as opposed to older children from foster care) in the United States (vs. from other countries).

Alas, voluntary placement of children for adoption is relatively rare in the United States. About 1.4 million children were born to unmarried women in 2003, comprising 34.6% of total births. Less than 1% of children born to never-married women were placed for adoption from 1989 to 1995; fewer than 14,000 children were voluntarily relinquished in 2003.

In other words, there is a great demand in the U.S. to adopt infants but an inadequate supply. Late-term or partial-birth abortions are cruel, gruesome, inhumane, and also risky to the health of the mother. Killing babies who survive a late-term abortion is infanticide. Adoption is the humane and safe alternative.

So why are Barack and Michelle Obama, the President and First Lady of the United States of America, so bent on killing instead of adoption?

Think about it.


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0 responses to “Michelle Obama wants to legalize partial-birth abortion

  1. The question of “why” puts us squarely into the mystery of iniquity. There is a spiritual evil over the White House at this moment that can only be broken by prayer, fasting and vigilance. We must vote, but we also need to pray.

  2. Homeschool Mama

    The strange fact is that most babies that are aborted are minorities, not white. I’m not a “one issue” voter, but if I were, this would be the “one.” God is the creator of life. To destroy life intentionally and without cause puts us in the place of deity. Abortion is the result of a narcissistic culture.

    • Wow! That is spot on, Homeschool Moma.
      I see no conflict between fiscal and moral conservatism, either. But if I did, I would protect the unborn without hesitation. No amount of fiscal common sense will protect us from the wrath of God if we allow this genocide to continue.

  3. Sick.

  4. In Michelle Obama’s letter, the words drip with blood of the innocent. She is as evil as her husband. Note that in the last part, she claims “Barack is a fighter”! Oh we can agree on that! He fights for everything evil and chose not to fight for his own people in Benghazi!! He let them die rather than raise a hand against his fellow Muslim terrorists! He would kill every white or non-Muslim, baby he could with no conscience (as long as he did not have to actually do the physical killing. ) Pray we will send these evil people back to Sodom & Gomorrah Chicago by Jan. 20!

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. The First Lady is absolutely heartless and she makes me sick, inasmuch as she supports an intrinsically evil procedure, partial birth abortion, having no compassion or empathy for the dear little baby who is killed. She essentially authorizes acts of homicide in order to gain women voters’ support for the king. And, this same king voted in Congress and in his own state, against the Born Alive Protection Act. Just this fact alone should immediately tell an individual everything they need to know as to why a person should never vote for him.

  6. Hardnox, nothing is sacred to the Left except themselves. Narcissists, all.
    There’s a special ring in Hell reserved for them.

  7. Dennis H Bennett

    In making some calls as an NRA volunteer, I listened to a long-time southern Democrat insist that the “embryo” is not a person. He insisted, on that basis, that it the perfect right of the woman to choose whether or not to have an abortion. I asked him who spoke for the baby’s right to live. “But its an embryo”, he said. “Well, then why did John the Baptist leap
    in Elizabeth’s womb upon hearing Mary’s greeting”. “Oh,…(silence)…”. The “conversation” moved on to the “right-wing-conspiracy-oriented-Republican coalition”. He really got worked up on how Obama and company are getting “misrepresented”, victimized by “misinformation” and Romney not telling the truth about what he was “really going to do after he got elected.” I told him my two pivotal issues were abortion and marriage. When I told him about Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama’s Illinois record on abortion, including supporting the barring of medical care to infants
    surviving abortion, he said, “Oh, I didn’t know about that.” Guess I shouldn’t be providing “misinformation” like that! It makes the ignorant mad to see the “conspiracy.” in real life. Oh, and maybe he could talk to Sean or Gianna or Sarah or Rebekah, “misinformation…Republicans in the conspiracy”, at https://www.teenbreaks.com/abortion/abortionsurvivors.cfm
    Nah, easier to live the lie…………..

  8. WithWingsAsEagles

    Actually the liberals do care about life – their versions, they chain themselves to trees to keep them from being chopped down, then stand on the corners the next day with signs saying abortion is okay. Or protest to take away farm land which is used to raise produce in order to save five guppies…Messed up. I also noticed in the letter that she speaks about keeping government out off women’s healthcare, isn’t that the opposite of obama care? They are nothing but evil!

  9. Apparently you can’t read, click on any of the links, or do any of your own research. Change the semantics, it’s still ripping a baby from the mother’s womb.

  10. WithWingsAsEagles

    The only thing I fear is God! Abortion is murder, no matter what age the fetus is.

  11. My husband was Pro-choice about abortion until the day we visited Oregon’s Science and Industry Museum and he saw the actual plaster castings of babies from 2 weeks up to 40 weeks gestation. When he saw how fully formed the babies were even at just 8 weeks, and at 10-12 weeks they looked like babies formed enough to be born but just smaller, well he totally changed his mind about abortion and is completely against it now. He can’t understand how women can see how formed their babies are and yet go ahead and kill them anyway. By the way, the 10 week fetus was sucking its thumb.

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  14. Reblogged this on Know What You Think and commented:
    Just a reminder to pray for wisdom and peace in the hearts of those in leadership.


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