Michelle Obama Violated Election Law

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Michelle Obama violated Illinois election laws when she went to vote early at a polling place in Chicago Thursday morning.
As reported by Jessica Puente of The Daily Caller, October 14, 2010, “Election laws in Illinois prohibit anyone from engaging in ‘any political discussion within any polling place,’ or ‘within 100 feet of any polling place.'” But the First Lady of the United States reportedly spoke with other voters in the polling place and urged them to keep Obama’s agenda going.
Charles Spies, an election attorney with Clark Hill, PLC, said that “Even if her conversations didn’t constitute electioneering, they almost certainly violated the broader Sec. 17-29 ban on engaging in ‘any political discussion within any polling place’.”
Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, a non-partisan public-interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, wryly remarked: “Technical violation, perhaps. But what are mere technical violations of voting laws to the Obama administration!”
H/t beloved fellow Tina.
Indeed, what’s a mere state election law to Michelle when her husband, The Fraud, flouts the very Constitution of the United States of America? Eh.

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0 responses to “Michelle Obama Violated Election Law

  1. Do as I say, not as I do. That’s her motto whether she’s campaigning or stuffing a burger and fries in her while in Milwaukee…

  2. She recently told the “Fraud” that the American people weren’t “Worthy” of him for a second term. ROFLMAO! I’m planning on the whole lot of them being behind bars “Awaiting”

  3. Don’t you just love those double standard? She should be fined. I have grown up knowing that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. I believed that a judge would throw the book at me if I said, “Golly Gee Judge, I didn’t know that what I did was illegal!” But all of a sudden when it comes to this administration and their wench, anything goes. And America just keeps on keeping on! I’m with Tina hoping that SOMEDAY justice will catch up with them.
    And did she really say we weren’t “worthy” to have him a second term? OMG! That is unbelievably arrogant! I can bet there will never be another black, half black, polka dotted black, black striped or any other variation of black man for president again in this country. He has screwed it up for any good candidates. He is a poster child for Negro stereotypes. How sad for that.
    Oh, off the subject. To those of you who are still wearing their tin foil hats like I was…..take it off! I wore mine for 3 days and now I have a perm that just won’t quit! No aliens but alot of Shirley Temple curls!! It’s not worth it man. Just let the aliens take you. At least you’ll be presentable. Anyone know of a good hair straightner? hahaha.

  4. Once you have the all-important “D” behind your name, you are free to rape, pillage and plunder to your hearts content, as no one in the SCM* is going to lay so much as a finger on you.
    It’s all about the almighty “D.”
    *State Controlled Media.

    • You are 100% correct! I’m beginning to think that Michael Savage is right when he says that liberalism is a mental disorder because there is just no comprehending these people. Imagine them controlling the world when the NWO creeps upon us. Woe to the people of earth.


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