Michelle Meets Chantal

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We’ve found a First Lady who has even worse taste than Michelle. She’s Chantal Biya, wife of Paul Biya, President of the central-west African country of Cameroon since 1982 (!). 

Spew Alert!

Small animals are living inside that mountain of wig hair

Source: Daily Mail, September 25, 2010

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0 responses to “Michelle Meets Chantal

  1. Chantal and Michelle are badly dressed drag queens with a fright wig and brillo on their heads. They are ready for Halloween ahead of schedule.

  2. Speechless!!

  3. Joseph E Fasciani

    A prayer for certitude in difficult situations
    Lord, why do you let the indescribably bizarre encounter the unrepentant gaudy? Only more bad stuff can come of close encounters of this kind! But surely you mean for us to learn what NOT to do from these strange creatures which somehow are from Your hands. Or perhaps they turned out not as intended, when you were distracted by some jungle mayhem?
    We shall never know with certitude, for Thy ways are mysterious, and some of your creatures surpass even those Mysteries! Protect us, then, oh Lord, from those terrible territories beyond our understanding!

  4. Did anyone see the “pinata” dress she was wearing too? I mean c’mon Michelle! Please stop embarrassing the US. I don’t care what this other woman looks like (which is horrible) but I do care about how our “First Lady” looks. She should be the “Last Lady”. Remember how beautiful Laura Bush always looked? She was such a class act. Even Hillary as First Lady always looked nice. M.O. is just a disgrace all the way around. You can take the trash out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the trash. I wanted to use a different word but I will let you guys use your imagination. I am so ashamed of her.

  5. Good grief, how can she stand up straight supporting that massive wig…horrific!

  6. really not sure here anymore,Hollowpoint,you are right about the GHETTO!

  7. Is Michelle pregnant?

  8. Steve,spew alert computer screen!!!!!!!! LOL!

  9. Eowyn,you crack me up!! that little guy looks like exactly what happened when I read Steve’s comment!

  10. geez who dressed these two clowns.. i guess if you cant make it ass a crack whore you have to find some moron to marry you.. and these two apparently hit the jack pot. wow. even male drag queens have better taste in clothing . but there is an old saying lipstick on a pig and its still going to be a pig.. and my apologies to swine all over the world as this pair should have been featured on the animal planet. no taste no brains no abilities no style no class


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