Michael Steele Plays the Race Card

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I know it is human nature not to admit our inadequacies or failures. Psychologists have a term of it: it’s called denial. Carl Jung called it our Shadow — those attributes and aspects of ourselves which we dislike and are then suppressed into our subconscious. The problem is our Shadow refuses to stay suppressed but ineluctably “bubbles up” to cause trouble — we project our flaws onto others. That is called scapegoating.
So, for our own mental health and the wellbeing of others, it is best that we are honest about ourselves — warts and all. As Shakespeare wrote: “To thy own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, thou cannot then be false to any man.”
But our liberal culture of victimhood gives certain groups a ready pass or excuse for their failures. While not all members of “victim” groups engage in this practice, too many “people of color” claim racism; too many women blame “the patriarchy”; too many gays attribute their problems to homophobia.
It is true that Michael Steele had a rather daunting task when he took over the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee after the GOP’s debacle in the 2008 election. But to attribute all criticisms of him to racism stretches credulity. 
I’m sure Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. never thought many blacks and other people of color are the ones who continue to judge themselves by the color of their skin instead of by the content of their character.
From WhoRunsGov, a Washington Post online publication:
In a new interview, Steele bluntly suggests criticism of his tenure — and all the media coverage it’s garnered — may be motivated by racism.
The story, called “Up in the Air,” is in the February issue of Washingtonian magazine, and it isn’t online yet, but here’s the key passage, buried way at the end of the piece, on page 96 of the mag:

Steele acknowledges that at times he has a tendency to take things too far. “And I get checked on that, just as when I was a young boy and I pushed the envelope too far and my Mama was there to check me.”
But there’s an edge to his voice when he talks about a double standard that he believes has been applied by his critics, and he posits racism as the cause: “I don’t see stories about the internal operations of the DNC that I see about this operation. Why? Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?”

The larger context of the story is the tension created by the fact that Steele continues to take constant criticism, despite the GOP’s undeniable gains and the likelihood of more advances in the future.
There are two ways of reading Steele’s stab at an explanation: Either Steele is suggesting the media gives more ink to the RNC’s inner workings becausea black man is chairman, or he’s suggesting that fellow Republicans are leaking damaging info about the RNC because a black man is chairman.
Either way, it seems at odds with his claim back in November that he doesn’t “play the race card” or “play the race game.”

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16 responses to “Michael Steele Plays the Race Card

  1. Damn it, damn it all to hell! I can’t believe he did that, I can’t believe he went there F*%$#K of all the people I did not think the SOB would go there!
    and sorry Eowyn but that statement “For cryin’ out loud, will “people of color” ever stop using that perennial boogeyman “racism” to excuse their own inadequacies and failures?” is a little to “all inclusive” for my taste. I’m not saying you have to change it but for the record I don’t like it.

  2. Please don’t take it the wrong way Eowyn.

    • Will,
      I trust you know that I don’t include you among those who play the race card. For the record, I am not white, but of Asian descent. So, I too am a “person of color.”
      Your protest is justified. I went back to the post and revised it. Take a look and tell me what you think!

      • Eowyn as strange as this may sound it was okay to let it stand. This is why you created this site so we all can comment in a non-pc way. It was just a disagreement not a “shot” or make you to change your heading. Remember (like you need to be reminded of since this is your site) we are here to discuss, chat, debate communicate about politics or whatever happens to cross our mind and well sometimes disagreements happen -which technically it wasn’t a disagreement just a comment on my part. Please don’t change anything again everything you do has always been great and well thought out changing things make it seems your succumbing to the PC mantra.
        And yes I do remember you are not Caucasian I remeber you have a few spactacular run ins with some knot heads over at Gio’s site.
        I love you to death Eowyn you are kind of like a sister to me…a sister I can borrow money from…speaking of which you got 20 bucks until payday? 🙂

        • Will,
          Just so you don’t fret: I wasn’t succumbing to the Tyranny of Political Correctness. You were right — I over-generalized. Not all blacks resort to the race card. I was being unfair and inaccurate.
          I don’t go and change what I had written simply because someone disagrees with me. I revise when I’m wrong and you’re right! LOL

          • Okay before Monte comes slinking in here going AHA! let’s get this show back into high gear, and back on subject! Now where did I put my hip-hop CD’s, 40 ounce old English and my pack of Newport cigarettes!
            It was a joke! 😉 Okay a bad joke but I caught you smiling!

  3. Eowyn,
    LOL – I don’t care if you are purple, with green polka-dots, and orange hair. 🙂
    I supported Michael Steele early on, but he seems to be more interested in writing books than forging a winning strategy for stopping Obama’s coup in its tracks next November.
    I believe next November’s mid-term election will be THE watershed moment for America as it was founded.
    Either we will all wake up November 3rd in the United States of America, or somewhere else.

    • Dave as stated above and I agree with you 100% I don’t care about color either…I really don’t. As a matter of fact I will be the first to have Micheal Steele ejected. He has officially became no use to the GOP. Instead of becoming the “sail” of the GOP party he as transformed himself into the proverbial “boat anchor”. Time to cut him loose.

  4. Will,
    Yep, we have one chance left to prevent America from becoming Amerika.
    -At least via the voting booth, anyways.

  5. Understanding Michael Steele is a little easier when you find out who’s coaching him:

    • This is not a site to advertize your so-called satire skit, which is PROFANE.
      I am Catholic and I do not appreciate your mockery of Catholic beliefs or the divinity of Christ. So your self-promoting link is deleted. See this blog’s rules in “About.”
      You and your male partner are sick men to so hate Christ and Catholics. Get help.

  6. It’s not hard anymore Steve…it used to be but not any longer. It’s survival of the fittest now I can only say so much and if folks don’t want to listen so be it. I only concern myself with me and my immediate family (Mother, brothers and sisters)
    The uncle Tom’s, sellout, blah, blah, don’t phase me. As long as those yelling it keep their hands to themselves it’s still a free country…but if they put their hands on me…all bets are off. Death is assured.
    Look I joke a lot it what keeps me sane, I have far to much other crap in my life to worry about then some ass hat telling me I’m not Black enough to be black. Like its a card -or a driver’s license- and if you don’t adhere to the rules like a driver’s license your black card can and will be revoked. Whatever.
    That change of mentality starts from within Steve and if people don’t want to change they won’t.
    Okay I got to work in the morning and I’m sleepy and I don’t know what the heck half of what I’m saying so if it sounds good fine if not…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Thank you, Eowyn, for your response to the Christ and Catholic haters. I am also Catholic, and my Faith is my greatest Treasure. No one gets away with being profane towards the Triune God. Those who follow this practice should remember that they will be accountable to the Triune God for their actions.

  8. Whew!
    LOL – Remind me not to ever cheese off Eowyn.


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