Michael Obama's massive Trapezius muscles

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If you need more evidence that the mainstream media are corrupt political whores, here it is.
After 7+ years of Obama’s ruinous rule and his spouse’s countless vacations that cost already severely indebted America countless millions of dollars that we don’t have, Time magazine can still publish a fawning article with this nauseating title, “Everyone Is in Love With Michelle Obama’s Amazing Vera Wang Dress.”
The butt-kissing article is all about Mooch wearing a gown designed by Vera Wang for White House’s state dinner for Chinese Communist president Xi Jinping on Sept. 25, 2015. Most of the article consists of picture after picture of M.O., like this one:
Mooch in Vera Wang1
If Time magazine actually reported the truth, the headline instead should read:

Everyone Is Agog At Michael Obama’s New Wig That Only Half-Conceals His Massive Trapezius Muscles.

Here’s a close-up of Michael. His massive Trapezius muscle is circled in white:
Mooch in Vera Wang
Here’s a pic of Mooch’s back Trapezius muscles (on her left is Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese commie prez):
Mooch's back Trapezius muscles Sept 25 2015
From I Draw Fashion‘s tutorial on how to draw males and females
male vs. female trapezius muscle
Let’s remove race and athleticism as possible explanatory factors by comparing Mooch with black tennis players Venus and Serena Williams:
Comparing shoulders of Michelle Obama, Venus & Serena Williams
Venus and Serena Williams are professional athletes with strong shoulders and arms, but they don’t have Mooch’s Trapezius muscles.
Michelle Obama is not a professional athlete, but “she” has shoulders wider than the Williams’ and bulky Trapezius muscles typical of males.
It doesn’t take a logician to arrive at the logical conclusion.
I also have this question: How can Mooch go from being flat as a pancake to sporting bodacious boobs? Did he get breast implants?
mooch-with-no-boobs 2013 to Mooch with boobs 2015
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0 responses to “Michael Obama's massive Trapezius muscles

  1. Wonderful Post

  2. Should the question be asked whether Mrs Barack Obama and Mr Michael Obama are actually human beings?

  3. “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” Daniel 11:37
    According to scripture the Antichrist is homosexual

  4. You naughty, naughty people! I’m in with you – Oh – did you see a hint of Adam’s Apple in this? And I think she’s had a “little” work done.

  5. I’m guessing her’s is bigger than Barry’s…..trapezius, that is.

  6. That is a gorgeous dress . . . if only we could have seen it on a feminine creature. Who pays for these designer dresses? Are they donated by the designer as a PR gimmick? Do the Obama’s pay from their personal funds? Or, do We the People foot the bill? I am almost afraid of what the answer might be.

  7. The only thing that makes me think she may be a woman is the voice. Compare it to Brucie Jenners. Hard to change that voice.

  8. There are several media photos and stills showing an almost unmistakable “cup” under his dress at his crotch. And have you seen the media clip video of BHO calling him “Michael and I…” ?

  9. TrapeziustrapeziusstillIdonotundersandyourmethods@math.co.uk

    Well in all fairness to Mooch, my old lady has trapeziuses to shame hers and still managed to bear me a couple of very fine sons!

  10. Great Dress though – and the hairpiece down the right side of its head compliments it rather charmingly – the turqoise one it wore to greet the pope at AAFB was also nice, although, the skirt on it was a bit too much (I am a seamstress) – too long as it were – perhaps it it had to “cover up” stuff ? Just guessin’ 😉

  11. There’s one way to settle this, once and for all: Obtain DNA samples from the specimen. Not to worry: Progressives can argue with THAT, too!

  12. There’s probably some Executive Order that bars any “outsiders” retaining anything that could provide DNA evidence-Can’t be having some Foreign Government Cloning the First “Family”,can we?

  13. The sudden growth in a bosom is confusing, when she wore a similar dress, she was flatter than a pancake. Miracle bras I guess.

    • My thought exactly!
      Mooch with no boobs
      How can a miracle bra create boobs where there aren’t any? I’m confused.
      Maybe the Obamas are both shape-shifters! 😀

      • Apparently, there really are miracle bras because some cross-dressing men manage to squish what they DO have into a reasonable facsimile of cleavage.

  14. Things that make you go, huuuummmm (or eeeeewwwww)

  15. I have heard for years that Michelle is a male so I checked, and checked, and checked, and checked. First I dug to find any photos of Michelle when she was younger, I did and they look just like her. Then I dug again to find a photo of Michelle pregnant and I found one of those too. My conclusion is: I don’t think Michells is a tranny….

    • Then I dug again to find a photo of Michelle pregnant and I found one of those too.
      Then you succeeded in finding one when all others had failed. URL of the photo, please.

  16. Unless Mooch drops the drawers and gives us a looksee we will always be skeptical of its gender. I don’t consider Mooch at all but I will say that I have seen tons of black women and whatever Mooch is, it’s not a pretty sight.

  17. Just look to his hands, his ring finger is way too long to be a females’. Can’t fool mother nature. Proof enough for me.

  18. Yep, just one o’ the guys.

  19. I don’t know if Michelle is trans-sexual or not…don’t care….but just on the basis of the 2 photos provided…I’d say she/he had some cosmetic surgery…maybe even not some…..maybe….substantial….to the face and breasts and so on……so…..maybe , thus….all those “vacations?”

  20. It can be argued that Venus & Serena are also trannys.

  21. You can also tell by the knees and hands too. “Manly” hands and large knee caps also can give it away.

  22. Oh, hey for you or anyone who’s interested, check out the possible ‘real’ father of Bill Clinton who may be- Nelson Rockefeller. There is also a picture somewhere of young Billy hanging out with H.W. Bush at a Disney opening. Not sure if it’s true, but it would explain a LOT….https://cliffordshack-article-archive-storage.blogspot.com/2012/01/bill-clinton-was-born-on-august-19-1946.html

  23. Here’s a picture of “Bruce” Jenner after his transformation, he’s got a huge trapezius muscle just like “Michelle” Obama: https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/caitlyn-jenner-studying-womanhood-more-192100481.html

  24. I typically do not add comments to blogs; however, this entire site is extremely racist and ignorant. Never in my life would I have imagined that our country in this day and age has people who are such bigots, racists, and completely uncultured and classless. I believe in freedom of speech, but the things I have read here are completely absurd. People have a right to like or dislike anyone based on their own personal preference, but to degrade someone because of physical features speaks to the level of class and grace of the person speaking/writing. I grew up in a very diverse environment where I embraced differences as uniqueness and richness, but after reading this and encountering people like you all, I am no longer proud of my country, You should be ashamed.

    • “this entire site is extremely racist and ignorant.”
      1. You are equating criticism with racism. If Obama were not half-black, I would still criticize him — for his policies and ideology.
      2. Ignorant? Point to just ONE thing that is untrue in this post. I dare you.
      It is commenters like you that make me ashamed of and despairing about this country.

    • “I believe in freedom of speech, but the things I have read here are completely absurd.” Freedom of speech doesn’t have to fit your standards.


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