Michael Moore wonders if a Broadway show can take down Trump

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Michael Moore: Infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome

Um, no.
From Playbill: Academy Award-winning filmmaker and bestselling author Michael Moore is set to make his theatrical debut with The Terms of My Surrender, a subversive new solo play and cross-examination of America’s political climate, that will take aim at the current administration. The show will open on Broadway this summer with direction by Tony winner Michael Mayer.
The Terms of My Surrender is set to begin a limited 12-week engagement July 28 at the Belasco Theatre, ahead of an August 10 opening.
“I think what the world needs right now is Michael Moore standing on a Broadway stage sharing his hilarious stories and incendiary political perspective, creating the kind of dialogue that can only happen in the theatre,” says Mayer in a press statement.
The Terms of My Surrender will be performed by Moore live each night, and will feature his signature wry, satirical humor. The show will pose the question: “Can a Broadway show take down a sitting President?”
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0 responses to “Michael Moore wonders if a Broadway show can take down Trump

  1. This dog need to crawl pack into the hole he came out of. One day the left will finally accept their loss, realize that President Trump IS the President of this Great Nation. That is when all this crap that Moore is spewing to make himself look good will come back to bite him in the ass!

    • This obnoxious fat pig needs to have someone pop him with a sharp needle, hoping it will go through the grease he packs, and deflates up up and away like a balloon and on his way down settles on a prickly bush. What a bastard!

  2. I have an alternate point of view q , : Can a 10 ton crane pick this lard ass up ? Here’s another : Can a Broadway stage hold this pack of lard ?

  3. Hell, I wonder if Moore will lose any weight.

  4. Why does he not preview his mindless ramblings in the heartland ? Scared of being panned , could be ????????????????????

  5. Michael Moore is an embarrassment to his race and his country. He
    has sold his soul for a few shekels and donuts.

  6. Is he a homo? Has the looks of it!

  7. Lol… 😂
    Michael Moore Claims He Will Take Down Trump With A Broadway Play

  8. Same subject matter different author/link/take…
    Michael Moore Claims He Will Take Down Trump With A Broadway Play
    May 2, 2017| by Brian Anderson
    There used to be this silly premise in old-time cinema where great social change could be achieved by putting on a play. This concept was updated in the 1980’s where a totally rad dance number could take down the evil bad guys. It is of course preposterous to think this is how things work in the real world, but Michael Moore has announced that he will destroy Donald Trump with a Broadway play. This is honestly how pathetic the anti-Trump resistance has become.
    Fresh off his interview where he said he was rooting for North Korea to annihilate America in a nuclear war, below-average documentary filmmaker Michael Moore announced his next assault on common decency. The Guardian reports that Moore will be staring in a Broadway play titled The Terms of My Surrender. I’m guessing those terms would involve endless popcorn shrimp and a couple of cases of raw cookie dough.
    The promotional poster for this play asks: “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting president?” According to Moore, yes it can.
    After running through a series of questions ranging from “why?” to “WTF?” the big noodle-scratcher that comes up here is: Does Michael Moore actually expect people to pay Broadway show prices to watch his fat ass rant and rave about how much he hates Trump when they can see it for free on CNN, MSNBC, and Bill Maher? The answer sadly is: well yeah, kinda. But don’t worry, Moore is promising some more dazzle dazzle.
    “We’re 10 blocks from Trump Tower, we’re in the corporate capital of America, we’re in the financial capital of America, we’re in the media capital of America. If one was going to stand on a stage and do the things that I’m going to do, there’s only one place to do it, and it’s here in this city and it’s right here at the epicenter of creative expression and free speech,” said Moore.
    The play’s director Michael Mayer (weirdly similar name, eh?) gave even more insight into this ground-breaking piece of theater:
    “It’s a humorous play about a country that’s just elected a madman – I mean, there’s really no other way to put it,” said Mayer adding it is a “very developed piece of entertainment for people who like to think.”
    If any part of the anti-Trump movement appealed to people who like to think, it wouldn’t be as stupid and directionless as it is. Intelligent people don’t think they can get rid of a sitting US President with a moronic play starring a morbidly obese pain-in-the-ass.
    Let’s not forget that Moore released a film before the election called TrumpLand that he said was going to decimate Donald Trump. Instead of doing that, it actually made a pretty good case that he should be president over Hillary Clinton. What makes him think his play is going to pack more of a punch?
    A silly recount, an inept Electoral College revolution, fake news, Russian conspiracy theories, and liberal temper tantrums have all failed in taking down Trump, but Michael Moore thinks a play will do the trick. Instead of trying to take Trump down, he should worry about getting his cholesterol and weight down. I’m being serious. The guy is dangerously unhealthy and being furious about everything isn’t helping things because stress is as big of a killer as saturated fats.
    Now that I’ve written that, I’m thinking “Saturated Fats” would be a great nickname for Michael Moore. He gets way more exposure than he deserves and he’s plump and jiggly.
    Source link –

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  10. If will probably be a sell out to the Hollywood goons. They will use it as a tool in their attacks.
    Expect the skies to be full of all those global warming nuts flocking to NY in their private jets.
    To the common man, not so much.

  11. why does Michael Moore and the rest of his liberal outsider friends insist on delegitamizing Pres Trump… Fat Bastard already called out his liberal media friends for getting it wrong, and he himself made the same proclamation, I think it high time for all these “RESIST” shit to end … we need to focus on reality… 24 years, of over reach is over.. undermining our role in the world over.


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